Camera Support Strap Instructions by fdh56iuoui


									                 Camera Support Strap Instructions
Attaching the Camera Support Strap

1. Locate the straps with the snap clips         2. Put the Slik Clip through the upper
labeled “CAMERA SUPPORT STRAP.”                  loop of the shoulder strap.

3. Use the technique shown to close              4. To disconnect the Slik Clip, position
the Slik Clip securely.                          your fingers as shown.

Attaching ONE Camera

1. Put the camera strap around your              2. Use the round metal rings to attach     3. Adjust the camera up or down.
neck.                                            either side to the shoulder straps.

Attaching TWO Cameras                                                     Positioning a Long Lens Vertically
                                           Use the same                                                    The camera strap can
                                           method but attach                                               be used to provide
                                           the round rings                                                 support underneath
                                           from the same                                                   the camera body and
                                           camera strap to the
                                                                                                           to rest the camera
                                           same side of the
                                           backpack. Addition-                                             pointed downward.
                                           al Camera Straps
                                           can be purchased
                                           for this purpose.


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