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									                                                                                                               ISSUE #4

                                                                                                               JULY 14, 2008

K&L Media
P.O. Box 507                                                                                             Links/Tools
Au Sable Forks, NY 12912
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Phone: (518) 534-4919

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 Some of you may have no-          keeping our clients informed      content or maybe you want to
ticed a new perk with your         of what’s going on within the     add a page (content page only,
website hosting account. We        world of internet marketing.      does not include form pages).
are now giving a full year of                                        Refer a customer to us that
search engine submissions if       If you are new to our newslet-    orders 3 to 4 pages and re-
your invoice is paid within a      ters, you might want to look      ceive 2 hours of website man-
certain amount of days. Since      at past issues to see what you    agement which will include
we began this back in March        have missed so far!               text content changes, or
we have seen a great success       Do you know someone who           maybe an additional page.
and our clients who are re-        needs a website? As an unad-      (Can only be done for web-
ceiving this bonus incentive       vertised special we are offer-    sites we have designed and is
are also reaping the rewards!      ing the following referral        good for up to 2 hours of our          Inside this issue:
                                   perks:                            time.
Beginning at the end of this
month we will also be rolling      Search Engine Submission:         Free Form Page with               K&L Client Perks             1
out a 6 and 12 month search        Refer a customer to us that       email results configured.
engine submission package for      orders 1-2 pages and receive a    Refer a client who orders 5 or
those that have not qualified      full year of search engine sub-   more pages to us and receive
                                                                     a free form page which is con-    Limitations of a web-        1
for the incentive bonus.           missions for your website.
                                                                     figured to send form data         designer
Our search engine submis-          This will be added on to any
                                   submissions you might have        results to your email. Gather
sions are done monthly and                                           additional information from       Don’t Ask.. Tell!            2
each domain is submitted with      already.
                                                                     your potential client.
all URL’s within that domain       Free 2 hours of website
to over 10,000 search engines      management: Maybe you             For additional information on
                                                                                                       A better domain name         2
world-wide.                        would like to freshen up your     this referral service, email us
                                                                                                       comes along
Another perk of course is
                                                                                                       Five Internet Marketing      2
LIMITATIONS OF A WEB-DESIGNER                                                                          Techniques
Every once in a while a client                                       practically, while I know the
                                   medical billing companies.        business, your business is a      Common mistakes              3
will purchase a website and        Yes I know medical billing
immediately ask, “Where is                                           reflection of YOU and your
                                   and I also know website           services. I’m happy to guide
my website.” I completely          design. However I don’t
understand this question,                                            you and advise you on things      To flash or not to flash?    3
                                   know YOUR business. While         I think might need some re-
especially with a client that is   I am here to guide you in the
new to the business and                                              wording. Ultimately it is your
                                   steps in creating your web-       responsibility to write your      What’s in a color            3
does not quite understand          sites, I have my limitations
the steps involved with cre-                                         own content. Another thing
                                   due to legal liabilities. One     a web-designer should never
ating a website. I would like      of the things I can’t do is       do is take content or design      Are you checking your        4
to take this opportunity to        write your content for your       from another website re-          email?
clarify the position I take        website. Let’s look at this
when designing websites for                                          gardless of who supplies it.
 Page 2

  Having designed so many           tions, and low reimburse-          them what they want to do
 medical billers websites has       ments, XYZ Medical Billing         with that time, why not simply
 given me a great opportunity       Solutions is the solution for      state “Gain more time for
 to size up what works and          you.” This tells your site visi-   yourself and your patients by
 what doesn’t. I found that         tors that you are confident in
                                                                       using XYZ Billing Service!”
 some of the most common            your services, you don’t need
 marketing techniques apply         to ask the obvious.                Again you are stating a fact
 such as never starting out a                                          you are confident in and it        Don’t ask your potential
                                     Let’s look at another. Rather                                        questions. You are there
 paragraph or sentence with a                                          shows.
                                    than ask “Do you want more
 question. State facts, not ask                                                                           to educate and provide
                                    time to spend with your pa-        This can be said of all your
 questions. For example, why                                                                              your website visitors with
                                    tients rather than on tedious      marketing materials and not
 ask a doctor if he is tired of     insurance billing and prob-        just your website. These small
                                                                                                          the image of confidence
 claim rejections? Of course he     lems?” Well this is a loaded       statements of fact can be          and assurance.
 is tired of them! Rather than      question for sure. First of all,   powerful present and should        Don’t Ask… TELL!
 asking this mundane question,      doctors probably want more         be front and center on the
 instead consider stating a few     time period! So rather than        first page (home page) of your
 points such as : “If you are       be so descriptive by asking        website.
 tired of endless claim rejec-

                                   A BETTER DOMAIN NAME COMES ALONG
     I just found out that          If a better name comes along       website. That’s the simplest      you the most traffic.
     my company name is            that’s great, but do you            solution and the most cost
                                                                                                         I have approximately 80 do-
    available as a domain          scratch the one you have or         effective.
                                                                                                         main names all pointing to 5
                                   create another website? No
      name but I already                                               As an added bonus you can         or 6 current websites. Do-
                                   that’s not very practical. Your
    have my website, what          website if you took the time        even submit the new URL’s to      main names are very inexpen-
             do I do?              to market it is already out         the search engines since they     sive ($8-$10 a year) and add-
                                   there in the search engines,        forward to your website           ing a forward is just a few
                                   the last thing you want to do       that’s already out there. No      dollars more.
                                   is lose that presence. So what      harm , no foul. You can even
                                   can you do? Register as many        use the additional submissions
                                   domain names as you want,           to submit to different catego-
                                   visit the login of your domain      ries and track the results in
                                   registrar and simply “point”        your website statistics. See
                                   those names to your current         which categories are bringing

                                    FIVE INTERNET MARKETING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK
                            1.    Track and watch your website 2. Link to non-competing but               tion fresh and informative.
                                  traffic! Most hosting providers      quality companies in your 4.       Stand out! Create a web
                                  offer traffic statistics for their   industry. This is pretty           presence for your business
                                  customers. If you are a K&L          straight forward advice.           that stands out and calls
                                  client, your stats can be found      Some good links for a medi-        visitors to action. Create
                                  within your control panel.           cal billing company would be       offers, incentives or maybe
                                  Particularly you want to analyze     links to claim forms, coding       even a contest!
                                  your stats for such things as;       books, or publications that
                                  where your visitors are leaving      might interest physicians.   5.    Compare your site to other
                                  your site, where are visitors                                           sites that rank higher in the
                                  coming from. Perhaps if they       3. Keep your content fresh!          search engines. Find out
                                  are leaving mostly on a particu-     Many internet browsers will        what they are doing to rank
                                  lar page, consider revising that     mark a page to re-visit. You       higher and see if you can’t
                                                                       want your website to be one        learn a trick or two!
                                  page or freshening it up a little.
                                                                       of them. Keep your informa-
                                                                                                                                              Page 3

                                                                                                                                          ISSUE #4

 Naturally, I have seen a few common or                 but you don’t want to sound too            pricing is determined.
 not so common mistakes made on web-                    small, stick with “we” and “us”
 sites and some I have made myself. Below               and/or “Our company” If you are 4.         Copying someone else's website or de-
 I will outline some of the more common                 looking to portray a more person-          sign! This happens much too often for my
                                                        alized service, consider just using        taste and trust me when I say that doctors
 mistakes. Some are not so obvious.
                                                        your company name rather than,             or office staff looking for a medical billing
 1.   HIPPA or HIPAA? They sure look                    we, us or “I” Above all, be consis-        company have probably noticed this. Cre-
      similar don’t they, however this mis-                                                        ate your own unique presence and don’t
      take is probably the biggest one I’ve                                                        take such an incredulous and libelous risk.
      seen and made myself. Watch for            3.     Stating your fees and/or being too
      spelling errors!                                  detailed with your pricing. This is 5.     Don’t use annoying pop-up ad’s, especially
                                                        sort of dangerous in our industry          be careful about linking to sites that con-
 2.   Using both the first person and sec-              since there are so many variables          tain pop-up ad’s.
      ond person inconsistently. This is                needed to price our services. It’s 6.
      another common error made.                                                                   Don’t use free hosting where your domain
                                                        best to stick with such wording as         name is ridiculously long and the hosting
      Choose how you want your company                  “cost efficient”, “affordable” or a
      to be portrayed. If you are a small                                                          provider is more interested in advertising
                                                        simple statement on how your
      company or a one-person business                                                             than anything. You get what you pay for!

 There is no question that if       customers frustrated. If you have your          design is floating around in cyberspace quite
used correctly Flash Anima-         entire website in Flash be sure your            a few times over! With website building
tion can make your website          web designer keeps in mind that you             software on a hosted service provider most
sing! The trouble is going          want your site to be search engine              likely your site is proprietary to that hosting
overboard. While flash helps        friendly and the code should be clean!          solution which means if you want to switch
improve the look of your                                                            hosting providers you can’t take your design
website there are some down         STAY AWAY FROM SITE TEM-
                                                                                    with you.
-sides to using it throughout       PLATES AND WEB SITE BUILD-
an entire site. One such down       ERS!                                            If you must use flash, keep it simple
side is functionality and search                                                    (remember in our last issue… KISS!) a door-
                                    While the price might be right and the          way page or a small animated portion done in
engine friendliness.        Flash   templates might be nice to look at,
code tends to get a bit messy                                                       flash can be just as effective as a full website in
                                    there are many pitfalls to templates and        flash, your customers will appreciate the fast
when it comes to meta tags.         website builders. First remember that
Flash can also cause pages to                                                       loading time and search engines will pick up
                                    these are site templates so the same
load slower and leave dialup                                                        on nice clean code!

Colors are often the first thing people no-           Consider keeping your text in the whitest area of your
tice when they visit a website. Bright colors         site. Remember to try and stay away from animated
can easily cause a person to leave your site          clip art or clipart that is too distracting.
immediately. Loud backgrounds are espe-
cially annoying since they divert the eye             Try to remember that your color scheme is not just
from the content and focus of the website.            about what your favorite color is, keep your website
Even the most well written website can tank           visitors and market in mind when choosing a color
                                                      scheme. Blue for example is very professional, how-
                                                                                                                        Choose colors
if colors are off. Try also to stay gender
neutral with your colors, stay away from              ever COBALT Blue is too bright and very distracting.              that are sooth-
too many pinks, mauve’s or purples and if             Likewise the color “red” can invoke frustration, anger,          ing, professional
using neutral colors such as blue, try to stay        if using red be careful to choose a darker more neutral          and not so hard
with navy bkue or sky blue and break up the           red and only as a contrast color, it should not be the
                                                      only color an eye picks up on. I can usually get a feel-
                                                                                                                         on the eyes!
color with another color. Your content
should be clear and easy to read and the              ing about color after I talk with a potential client and I
eye should float naturally to the content.            like to give suggestions on various color schemes.
                                                                               Do you have an idea or something you
                                                                                would like to see in our next issue?
                                                                                Email me at

               Technical Support
                                        Phone: (518) 593-4919


 I’ve seen this many times. A           business. Utilizing your domain          an email to your account for example
client who has never had a              email is simple. If you prefer get-      “” you won’t be able
website and maybe has had the           ting all your mail at one spot, con-     to reply from your website email ac-
same email address with AOL             sider an email client such as Mi-        count but rather from that AOL ad-
for years, obtains a website,           crosoft Outlook or Outlook Ex-           dress, and in many cases that might not
sets up their domain email, the         press. Both have features that           be very professional or appropriate.
email is displayed on the web-          allow you to configure unlimited
site, forms are setup to gather         email accounts, mail from any            Consider all your options before you
data and send it to that email          account you want and download            decide which email address you wish
and the client never checks             mail all in one spot. If you are         to display professionally. Also consider
                                        constantly on the road or away           the method you want to use the most
their email.
                                        from home, then you might want           and how you want to manage your
It’s fine if you prefer to have all     to consider using your hosting           email. I particularly like the organiza-
of your mail directed to an             providers web based email client.        tion that Microsoft Outlook offers me
email address you have been             Just be sure you understand that         as I can setup many different folders,
using steadily over the years,          these web based clients can be           tasks and even reminders. It also inte-
but if that’s the case, display         very generic and lack some bells         grates nicely with my contact manage-
THAT email on your website              and whistles you might find helpful      ment software. If I am on the road I
or you are going to miss out            in arranging and organizing your         like to use LogMeIn so that I don’t
on potential customers!                                                          have to go all over the internet to get
                                        business mail.
                                                                                 my mail from my hosting provider and
In addition to missing impor-           Another solution is to forward           ISP’s web based email client. I simply
tant email, not checking your           your website email account to the        log in and get my mail from my work
email allows the email box to           account you are used to checking         computer. For more information on
get cluttered and depending on          frequently. Again there are some         LogMeIn, visit for
the space allocated to you by           down sides to this method as well.       more information on Microsoft Out-
your hosting provider it                For one spammers love mail for-          look, visit
wouldn’t be too long before a           wards because it allows them to
potential client receives the           loop through several locations to
dreaded “Mail Delivery Fail-            get to you. Second, if you receive                   Visit Past Issues of our newsletter at:
ure” and that is never good for                                                             
                                                                                                       Click on “Clients”

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