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									Volume 58, Issue 7                                          Thule Air Base, Greenland                                        July 1, 2009

                                          AF revises fitness program
                                          Tech. Sgt. Amaani Lyle                             ness standards 365 days a year, said Lt. Gen.
                                          Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs          Richard Y. Newton III, the Air Force deputy
                                                                                             chief of staff for manpower and personnel.
Inside this issue                             WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- The need for a               “With these program revisions and en-
                                          “clear, understandable and simpler” fitness        hancements, we encourage a culture of fit-
CC says farewell
                                          program will mean significant changes to the       ness, empowering all Airmen to take respon-
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                                          Air Force’s current fitness program, said the      sibility for being physically mission ready,”
                                          service’s top officer during a senior leadership   General Newton said.
UEWR online
                                          conference held June 4 through 6 at Wright-           General Newton added that the new Air
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                                          Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.                    Force instruction, projected for publication in
                                              Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton           July 2009, will better emphasize the service’s
Birth of a nation
                                          Schwartz met with the service’s other four         fitness expectations of its Airmen. Who will
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                                          stars at CORONA TOP where one of the key           conduct the testing, when and how Airmen
                                          agenda items was Air Force fitness.                will test are among the most significant revi-
VCSAF visit
                                              His intent was to fine tune fitness testing,   sions to the fitness program, which takes ef-
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                                          promote a year-round fitness culture and           fect January 2010.
                                          send a clear message that health and fitness          Perhaps the most significant difference in
Witch burning
                                          are critical to mission readiness.                 fitness testing will be its frequency, Air Force
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                                              “Fitness is a vital component of Air Force     officials said. Full-time active-duty Airmen will
                                          culture,” General Schwartz said. “These chal-      now test twice each year, and most reservists
                                          lenging times underscore the importance            or guardsmen will continue to test once per
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                                          of properly caring for our most valuable re-       year.
                                          source: our Airmen.”                                  To maximize testing objectivity, the AFI
Calendar of events
                                              The Air Force’s top enlisted leader agreed     designates trained civilian proctors to conduct
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                                          that good fitness is a fundamental require-        fitness tests administered at new centralized
                                          ment for Air Force warriors.                       locations called fitness assessment cells.
                                              “Maintaining the proper fitness levels is         Aerobic fitness is the best indicator of cur-
                                          really about maintaining combat capability,”       rent and future health risk, followed by body
 Thule Times Editorial Staff
                                          said Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force        composition, said Lt. Col. Scott Arcuri, the
      Col. Thomas Peppard                 Rodney J. McKinley. “Being fit can make the        chief of promotions, evaluations, and fitness
821st Air Base Group Commander
       1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
                                          difference between life and death for Airmen       policy at the Air Staff. Because of this, the
       Chief, Public Affairs              when actions require concentrated physical         aerobic run will now account for 60 percent of
                                          activity on or near the battlefield.”              the test (previously 50 percent), body com-
This funded Air Force newspaper is
an authorized publication for mem-            Chief McKinley explained that Airmen must      position will account for 20 percent (previ-
bers of the U.S. military service over-   constantly hone their fitness abilities to with-   ously 30 percent), while sit-ups and push-ups
seas. Contents of the Thule Times
are not necessarily the official view     stand and overcome the demanding rigors of         remain at 10 percent each.
of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Govern-      deployment and combat.                                “We developed evidence-driven, health
ment, the Department of Defense or
the Department of the Air Force. The
                                              “Airmen must present the proper military       based criterion standards for aerobic fitness
editorial content is edited, prepared,    appearance and project to the American pub-        and body composition and muscle fitness,”
and provided by the Public Affairs of-    lic our ability to defend our nation and its in-   Colonel Arcuri said. “Airmen can be confident
fice of the 821st Air Base Group, 21st
Space Wing, Air Force Space Com-          terests,” the chief said.                          the new standards and corresponding points
mand, Thule Air Base, Greenland,              While commanders have responsibility of        have sound rationale behind them.”
APO AE 09704. All photographs are
Air Force photographs unless other-       their unit fitness programs, each Airman is                                        ------- Fitness,
wise indicated. Articles can be sent      responsible for meeting and maintaining fit-                                          See page 8
                                                  Thule Times                                                         July 1, 2009

Commander says farewell to Team Thule
Col. Thomas Peppard                es Squadron continues the
821st Air Base Group               long heritage and tradition
commander                          of defending our critical re-
                                   sources and protecting the
   My time as a base com-          Thule Defense Area, work-
mander is rapidly approach-        ing hand-in-hand with the
ing its end, and this assign-      Danish police inspector. The
ment has been nothing short        defenders have moved into
of phenomenal.                     their new alarm center, and
   It was clear to me early        they are just weeks away
that Team Thule is more than       from moving into a state-of-
a slogan; it is a way of life at   the-art armory.
Thule. We are a multination-          We continued to improve
al community consisting of         Thule’s quality of life by
Danish, Greenlandic, Cana-         completing an upgrade to
dian and American military,        our outstanding Sports and
contractors and civilians.         Fitness Center. We have
We all work, live and play         moved the Airmen’s Cen-
together 700 miles inside          ter to the Community Cen-
the Arctic Circle, sharing a       ter for all of Team Thule to
unique “Top of the World”          utilize with eight flat screen
experience while exchang-          TVs for gaming. We are in
ing cultural activities.           the final stages of construc-
   Numerous dignitaries vis-       tion of our Professional De-
ited Team Thule over the           velopment Center that will
past year to include the vice      provide our Airmen with a
chairman of the joint chiefs       much improved educational
of staff, vice chief of staff      classroom. We also began
of the Air Force, Air Force        upgrading our dayrooms in
Space     Command         com-     the enlisted dorms.
mander and chief master               We recently provided a
sergeant of the Air Force,         technical solution for our
just to name a few. They all       number one QoL issue: in-
came to see the mission and        ternet access. We have cre-
the people, and they all left      ated 100 web educational
with a strong sense of Thule       accounts that will allow our
pride and a commitment to          Airmen government access                                                    Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman

Thule.                             to most college online cam-        Col. Thomas Peppard speaks with native Greenlander Rosa
   Winning the 2009 Com-           puses, and we are in the fi-
mander-in-Chief’s Installa-        nal stages of providing free     a flood that washed out the      of Greenland, the spectacu-
tion Excellence Award was          internet access to Airmen at     ballistic missile early warn-    lar sunsets, the ocean front
just another great high-           the Community Center.            ing site road, to successfully   view from my office and the
light for the 821st Support           Over the last year Team       passing the 2009 operation-      experiences of Thule Trip-
Squadron’s teamwork. Our           Thule has shared many ex-        al readiness and unit com-       pin.’
civil engineer team devel-         periences together, from         pliance inspections. What a         I thank Team Thule for an
oped the Base Consolidation        BOXTOP to BRILLIANT ICE,         year!                            unbelievable year; I appre-
and Energy Reduction Plan          supporting the resupply mis-        As I reflect on the last      ciate everyone’s sacrifices,
that will reduce use of 2.2        sions of Canadian and Dan-       year, I will remember the        and I wish you continued
million gallons of fuel annu-      ish outpost; from 24 hours       people of Team Thule and         success!
ally, save $9 million in oper-     of darkness to 24 hours of       how they got the mis-               Editor’s Note: Colonel
ating costs and repair aging       daylight; from a medical         sion done regardless of the      Peppard will be stationed at
infrastructure. The plan was       evacuation mission of a Na-      harsh Arctic weather. I will     Air Force Space Command
recognized as a 2009 Air           tional Science Foundation        cherish the friendship Team      Headquarters, Peterson Air
Force “Best Practice.”             team member from Camp            Thule provided me. I will        Force Base, Colo., as the di-
   Our 821st Security Forc-        Summit, to recovering from       remember the raw beauty          rector of safety.
                                                    Thule Times                                                                  July 1, 2009

Radar upgrades move nation closer to possible MDS
1st Lt. Lisa Meiman                 fense and space surveillance
821st Air Base Group                missions,” Colonel Meteyer
Public Affairs                      said.
                                       “The upgrades definitely
    The first complete shift us-    make it easier to utilize the
ing the upgraded early warning      weapon system,” said Capt.
system software took place the      Keith Harrigan, another crew
night of June 23 through the        member on the shift. “It al-
morning of June 24, making          lows you to visualize what
Thule’s ballistic missile early     the radar is seeing much
warning radar the third radar       better than before. Now we
to complete its upgrade.            can better see where the
    The upgrade completes an-       objects are going and what
other step toward a fully-oper-     path they are taking with an
ational missile defense system      interactive 3D interface.”
for the United States and its          Previously, the radar had
                                                                                                                          Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
friends and allies.                 operated under a software
                                                                    Capt. Keith Harrigan, 12th Space Warning Squadron, performs missile warn-
    “We’re making history here.     program that had more
                                                                    ing and space surveillance missions in the new upgraded early warning
We’re the first crew that did the   in common with the “War         radar missile warning operations center June 24 at Thule’s ballistic missile
mission differently here than       Game” movie than the 21st       early warning system. His shift was the first fully operational shift run en-
the crews in 1987,” said 2nd        century. Operators used         tirely by UEWR. The UEWR system introduced flat screen computers, color,
Lt. Talaya Jones, 12th Space        a large desktop monitor         computer mice and increased computer memory and computing speed.
Warning Squadron and one of         with monochrome screen,
the crew members on UEWR’s          light pen—the precursor to          “This is not your father’s mis-          The UEWR system still re-
first shift.                        the computer mouse—and          sile warning system,” said Capt.         quires a three-person crew
    While UEWR will be in a trial   relied on thick binders of      William Weiford, the third mem-          as did the old system, but will
period for the next few months,     information to effectively      ber of the crew. “The interface is       ideally require less mainte-
the operators of the 12th SWS       track missile launches and      much more user friendly.”                nance and trouble-shooting to
plan never to return to the old     space objects.                      UEWR also provides more ac-          sustain operations.
1987 system, referred to as            The UEWR system intro-       curate identification of object              Thule’s    radar    primar-
“Legacy” by its crews.              duced flat screen comput-       parts, separating, for instance,         ily watches the skies over the
    “The UEWR system now            ers, color, computer mice       a missile’s re-entry system from         North Pole for land- or subma-
continuously feeds informa-         and increased computer          its launch components. This im-          rine-based missile launches. An
tion to missile warning, missile    memory and computing            proved capability is the primary         important secondary mission
defense and space surveillance      speed to a new missile          reason for the upgrade and is            is tracking about 10 percent
agencies back in the States,”       warning operations center       critical to ensuring the success of      of the world’s space catalogue
said Lt. Col. Dave Meteyer,         where operators work 24/7.      any missile defense engagement.          or about 475 objects per day.
12th SWS commander. “How-              “I enjoy the new system      However, another major advan-            The radar is powerful enough
ever, if the new system were        because it is something         tage of the upgrade is it signifi-       to spot a softball-sized object
to go down for any reason, we       I can relate to as part of      cantly improves the unit’s ability       3,000 nautical miles away, or
can still fall back on the Legacy   my generation,” Lieutenant      to conduct space surveillance op-        from New York to Los Angeles
system, which is on standby.”       Jones said.                     erations. This improvement is due        comparably. This information
    The UEWR upgrade process           The comparison between       to both a more effective operator        is critical in preparing space
included no external hardware       the new and old systems         interface and substantially more         launches to avoid collisions in
changes to the radar. In fact,      is impressive. Instead of a     capable data processing capabil-         space.
no one would know looking at        mere 23 megabytes of ran-       ity.                                         “The completion of the up-
the radar that there had been       dom-access memory, UEWR             The UEWR system did not come         grades means we’re going to
changes. The upgrades were          provides 16 gigabtyes with      online with the flick of a switch.       be at Thule for years to come.
primarily internal and related      a four terabyte hard drive.     The 12th SWS spent nearly two            The site’s longevity has sig-
to data-processing hardware         The old system had a 10-        years preparing for the new sys-         nificantly increased,” Colonel
and software.                       megahertz central process-      tem to include construction, test-       Meteyer said.
    “It’s a more advanced sys-      ing unit; UEWR boasts 32        ing and crew training. More per-             The two other radar sites
tem that allows operators to        one-gigahertz CPUs. UEWR        sonnel were stationed at Thule           that already implemented the
see more information and            also provides real-time re-     to cover the additional workload,        UEWR changes are in Beale Air
more effectively accomplish         cording data from the two       but the squadron still worked long       Force Base, Calif., and Royal
missile warning, missile de-        radar faces.                    hours and several weekends.              Air Force Fylingdales, England.
                                                 Thule Times                                                            July 1, 2009

Birth of a nation
        Thule witnesses historic event in Greenland
1st Lt. Lisa Meiman               rule influence starting in
821st Air Base Group              1979, to today where it enters
Public Affairs                    a new era with self govern-
                                  ment,” said Royal Danish Air
   Team Thule witnessed a         Force Lt. Col. John Blågreen,
historic day in Greenland         Danish Liaison Officer. “It’s a
June 21 as native Greenland-      big challenge for Greenland
ers celebrated taking charge      with practicing economic re-
of their own domestic affairs     sponsibility and extending
during the annual Greenlan-       and improving their educa-
dic National Day celebration      tional system.”
in nearby Dundas Village.            “This is not something
   “It’s Greenland’s Indepen-     you think you are ever go-
dence Day,” said Rosa Kanut-      ing to see,” said Canadian
hsen, Greenland Contractors       Forces Capt. Craig Chiasson,
employee and native Green-        12th Space Warning Squad-
lander. “It’s very important to   ron. “You don’t think in high
me. It is as important to me      school that you are going
as July 4th is to an Ameri-       to see a new country being                                                    Photos by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
can.”                             formed.”                                                                Above: The Greenland flag is
   Hundreds of Greenlanders          The quasi-Independence                                               raised for the first time over
from the area of Qaanaaq,         Day took place on the tra-                                              independent Greenland June
Greenland, traveled by boat       ditionally important day of                                             21 in Dundas Village. Green-
and plane to Thule Air Base       June 21, the longest day of                                             land’s parliament now has
to participate in the ceremo-     the year. When Greenland                                                full control over domestic
ny.                               Home Rule, Greenland leg-                                               affairs. The increased sover-
   They were joined by the        islators in Danish parliament                                           eignty came as a result of a
                                                                                                          2008 referendum. June 21, a
Danish, American and Ca-          and in Greenland cities and
                                                                                                          historically important day for
nadian residents of Thule         towns, was created in 1979,                                             Greenland’s native popula-
to experience the remark-         June 21 was chosen to rep-                                              tions, was chosen as the day
able event. While Greenlan-       resent Greenlandic National                                             the referendum’s decision
dic National Day has served       Day, a day to celebrate na-                                             would take effect.
as an important opportunity       tional identity and common                                              Left: Two Inuit drummers from
for Team Thule and native         cultural values.                                                        Qaanaaq, Greenland, perform
Greenlanders to share their          The celebration began in                                             native songs and dance us-
cultures and visit with one       the Top of the World Club on                                            ing a traditional drum made
                                                                                                          of animal bone and stomach
another in the past, this         Thule Air Base during an in-
                                                                                                          skin during the Greenland Na-
year’s celebration was par-       formal dinner June 20. Native                                           tional Day dinner at the Top of
ticularly important as Green-     drummers and a band from                                                the World Club June 21.
land gained control over their    Qaanaaq provided entertain-
domestic affairs from Den-        ment to the multinational            “I enjoyed learning more      Denmark in a 2008 referen-
mark.                             crowd. On June 21, the Qaa-       about the Greenlandic culture    dum. A decision that took
   Ms. Kanuthsen was so ex-       naaq visitors and Team Thule      and food, especially on such     effect June 21 when Green-
cited that she wore her na-       drove to Dundas Village to        an important day in their his-   land Home Rule transferred
tive Greenlandic apparel to       participate in a flag-raising     tory,” said Maj. Matt Morand,    decision-making       authority
the celebration June 21—          ceremony and traditional In-      12th SWS director of opera-      and self governance to the
clothes she hadn’t worn in        uit meal.                         tions.                           Greenland parliament elect-
four years.                          The meal included narwhal         Previously,     Greenland     ed June 2.
   “It’s a milestone in Green-    blubber, fried herring, musk      had been a protectorate of          The Danish government
landic history—from being         ox, halibut and guillemot—a       the Kingdom of Denmark,          will still maintain Greenland’s
a Danish colony until 1953,       common bird—and some              but Greenlanders voted for       foreign diplomacy and se-
where it became part of the       Danish dishes including pas-      increased political and eco-     curity and will give a block
Danish kingdom with home          tas and Danish meatballs.         nomical independence from        grant to Greenland.
                                                 Thule Times                                                         July 1, 2009

AF announces FY10 force structure realignments
    WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Air Force of-       space -- today and in the future, given         The announcement specifies the
ficials here announced June 26 its pro-      available resources.                         force structure changes experienced by
posed force structure realignment for           “The force structure announce-            the total force: Air Force active duty, Air
fiscal 2010.                                 ment reflects our best effort to meet        National Guard, and Air Force Reserve.
    The announcement addresses the Air       the expanding Air Force mission areas        Implementation of these actions will oc-
Force’s force structure, realignment and     and growing joint demands,” said Gen.        cur only after completion of appropriate
management actions supported by the          Norton Schwartz, the Air Force chief of      environmental analyses.
president’s fiscal 2010 budget and sum-      staff.                                          For more details about the Fiscal
marizes the civilian and military person-       The announcement does not include         2010 Force Structure realignment, read
nel changes as well as the reassignment      programmatic actions in fiscal 2011 and      the Fiscal Year 2010 Force Structure
of aircraft at bases for the upcoming fis-   beyond.                                      Announcement at
cal year.                                       “We’ve made some hard choices,”           shared/media/document/AFD-090626-
    It reflects adjustments which will       General Schwartz said. “However, we          085.pdf or review the Fiscal Year 2010
provide unsurpassed global vigilance,        believe this is the best overall design to   Force Structure Briefing at http://www.
global reach and global power ... to fly,    meet America’s national security needs
fight and win in air, space and cyber-       and support to the joint fight.”             090626-084.pdf

AFSPC resources increased by FY10 force structuring
Tech. Sgt. Kimberley Harri-      according to the USAF Force        highest priorities.               Kehler said.
son & Maj. Vanessa Hillman       Structure announcement.               “A balanced approach              MISSION: AFSPC provides
Air Force Space Command              “The proposed Air Force        means finding the right bal-      an integrated constellation of
Public Affairs                   end strength supports its          ance between prevailing           space and cyberspace ca-
                                 emerging Total Force mis-          in today’s operations with        pabilities at the speed of
   PETERSON AIR FORCE            sions to provide unsurpassed       today’s capabilities, while       need. This unique capacity
BASE, Colo. – The Air Force      Global      Vigilance,    Global   simultaneously investing in       and perspective, fielded by
released its proposed FY10       Reach and Global Power…to          new capabilities and force        a battle-ready, responsive
force structure announce-        fly, fight and win in air, space   structure to meet tomorrow’s      and forward-thinking team
ment today, supported by the     and cyberspace. It also com-       threats,” said Secretary of the   of America’s best, is the en-
FY10 President’s Budget, re-     plements AFSPC’s recently          Air Force Michael B. Donley.      gine behind precision strike,
sulting in an increase in per-   released vision statement”            According to the report,       global awareness and data
sonnel throughout Air Force      he said.                           the force structure changes       connectivity capabilities cru-
Space Command, civilian and           VISION: Vital to today’s      will enhance the Air Force’s      cial to the Joint Forces and
military.                        fight and the future of US         ability to create, protect and    key to the future US military
    “The proposed increase of    national security, Air Force       sustain all air, space and cy-    advantage.
approximately 700 positions      Space Command will be the          berspace forces across the           Operating within the cy-
across the command will          leading source of emerging         full range of military opera-     berspace domain has become
help AFSPC meet our ongo-        and integrated space and           tions and will help the Ser-      an increasingly critical re-
ing commitment to space and      cyberspace capabilities to         vice meet Joint and Air Force     quirement for our networked
cyberspace missions,” said       deliver responsive, assured        recapitalization benchmarks.      force. The force structure
General C. Robert Kehler,        and decisive power to Amer-           “America’s ability to op-      changes will better reflect
commander of AFSPC.              ica and its warfighting com-       erate effectively across the      the missions AFSPC Airmen
   Final decisions will be       mands.                             spectrum of conflict is en-       are accomplishing, such as
made only after the appro-           The force structure an-        abled by our space and cy-        providing early warning,
priate environmental analy-      nouncement is a result of the      berspace capabilities. The        space situational awareness,
ses have been completed and      continual review process en-       Air Force is “All In” today’s     military satellite communica-
the National Environmental       suring Air Force senior lead-      Joint fight and AFSPC is ful-     tions, positioning, navigation
Protection Act conformity re-    ers are using their manpower       ly engaged as shown in our        and timing and weather ca-
quirements have been met,        positions and assets for the       mission statement,” General       pabilities.
                                                     Thule Times                                                                   July 1, 2009

                                                                                                                           Photos by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman

General William M. Fraser III, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, meets with 821st Security Forces Squadron Airmen beginning their
Guard Mount June 15. General Fraser visited Thule for the first time June 14-16 to learn about the mission, people and daily life at
Thule. He spent much of his time visiting with Airmen in their work centers and hearing their perspectives on the challenges and
benefits of being stationed at Thule.

Vice Chief visits Thule Airmen
1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
821st Air Base Group Pub-
lic Affairs

   The Air Force’s second
highest-ranking military offi-
cer paid his first visit to Thule
June 14-16 to better under-
stand the mission, daily life
and issues facing Airmen sta-
tioned there.
   “Thule is one of the most
unique installations I have
visited,” said Gen. William
M. Fraser III, Vice Chief of
Staff of the Air Force. “The
challenges Airmen face here
are unlike any in the rest of
the Air Force. And the same
is true for the opportunities
                                    Staff Sgt. Mike Eickhoff, 12th Space Warning Squadron, asks General Fraser about the future of missile de-
they are presented.”
                                    fense during General Fraser’s commander’s call in the Top of the World Club June 15. After speaking about
                                    the five Air Force priorities and the importance of the space based missions at Thule, General Fraser answered
              ------- VCSAF,        several questions from the audience spanning from the status of GPS to the recently released uniform board
                 See page 7         results.
                                                 Thule Times                                                          July 1, 2009

              ------- VCSAF,
               From page 6

   General Fraser visited with
Airmen across Thule, shar-
ing meals with members of
the Rising VI, Top 3 and CGO
council organizations. He
also held a commander’s call
where he discussed, among
other things, the five Air Force
priorities and the importance
of the space surveillance and
the satellite command and
control missions at Thule.
   “Most importantly, though,
during your short time here,
you need to leave Thule a
better place than when you
arrived for the benefit of not
just the Air Force but also
the Airmen who will be sta-
tioned here after you,” Gen-
eral Fraser said. “That’s key
                                                                                                              Photos by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
for this and any assignment
                                                                                                       Above: Capt. Mike Balzotti,
you have in your Air Force
                                                                                                       821st Support Squadron
career. It should always be                                                                            flight operations flight com-
one of your goals to leave an                                                                          mander, discusses the Thule
assignment better than when                                                                            runway, the Air Force’s only
you arrived.”                                                                                          white runway, to General
   He also took questions                                                                              Fraser during an airfield tour.
from the audience about a                                                                              General Fraser visited nearly
wide range of topics includ-                                                                           all of Thule’s facilities includ-
ing the recent uniform board                                                                           ing three types of dormito-
                                                                                                       ries, two power plants, the
results and the status of GPS
                                                                                                       fitness center, dining facility,
and other space systems.                                                                               community center and the
   The Vice Chief of Staff                                                                             operational sites during his
spent two days touring the                                                                             stay.
base, visiting Airmen where                                                                            Left: Staff Sgt. Cedric Hill,
they work and witnessing the                                                                           12th Space Warning Squad-
missions in action. He even                                                                            ron, demonstrates the up-
participated in an activity                                                                            graded early warning radar
done by nearly all Thule Air-                                                                          system to General Fraser
                                                                                                       in the UEWR missile warn-
men: Thule Trippin’. He visit-
                                                                                                       ing operations center June
ed the polar ice cap less than                                                                         16. General Fraser also wit-
20 miles from the base, vis-                                                                           nessed the Legacy system
ited P-Mountain—the site of a                                                                          currently used for radar op-
former Thule tenant unit—and                                                                           erations. The switch from
toured the ice caves.                                                                                  Legacy to UEWR is sched-
   “The Airmen here are just                                                                           uled for this summer.
like those in the rest of the
Air Force: responsible, cour-
teous, professional and ex-        he returns to Washington       working closely with his staff   place with many opportuni-
perts in their field,” General     with a better sense of the     to find solutions to these       ties for Airmen to develop
Fraser said. General Fraser        unique challenges the remote   challenges.                      both professionally and per-
assured Airmen at Thule that       location faces, and would be     “Thule is a remarkable         sonally,” General Fraser said.
                                                 Thule Times                                                                            July 1, 2009

                        ------- Fitness,
                         From page 1

    Colonel Arcuri also stated that the
points awarded within each component
directly reflect health risk and fitness
and are designed to reward incremental
fitness improvements.                                                                                                                Thule members
    Senior leaders said in order to pass                                                                                             participate in a
the test, Airmen will be required to have                                                                                            Sports Day June
a composite score of 75 but also will                                                                                                19 outside the fit-
need to meet minimum requirements for                                                                                                ness center. The
each component.                                                                                                                      day began with a
    Air Force officials said age range re-                                                                                           2-mile run around
quirements will be simplified to five cat-                                                                                           base and then an
                                                                                                                                     hour of activity
egories: less than 30, 30-39, 40-49, 50-
                                                                                                                                     inside the fitness
59 and 60-plus years of age. Additionally,                                                                                           center.
because overall fitness is a readiness is-                                                            Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman

sue, fitness results will be categorized     sibility on each Airman to get in shape                listed performance report for fitness and
using operational readiness or unit com-     and remain wartime ready year-round.                   receive an overall five rating.
pliance inspection-type ratings. Those          “Proper fitness is an important as-                     The rewritten AFI mandates that fit-
scoring 90 and above will be “Excellent;”    pect of an overall healthy lifestyle,” Chief           ness compliance be reported from unit to
those scoring between 75 and 90 will be      McKinley said. “When our Airmen are fit,               wing to major command for review.
“Satisfactory;” and those scoring under      eat healthy and reduce risk factors such                   General Newton asserts that while the
75 will be “Unsatisfactory.”                 as tobacco use and irresponsible alcohol               Air Force fitness AFI outlines Airman’s
    “The time has come for all Airmen to     consumption, their health will improve,                responsibilities, the Air Force Fitness
better integrate fitness into their daily    they will visit the hospital less, and in the          Management System will be enhanced
lives,” said Chief Master Sgt. Mark Long,    end, Tricare costs will be reduced.”                   to provide detailed post-test feedback
the Air Staff enlisted promotions, evalu-       Failure to comply with the new fitness              designed to help Airmen improve in tar-
ations and physical fitness chief.           standards could impact more than an                    geted areas.
    Chief Long said the new AFI will pro-    Airmen’s waistlines. The new AFI links                     Airmen will be able to view compo-
vide commanders clear guidance on rec-       unsatisfactory fitness test performance                nent scoring charts in the new AFI. Fur-
ommended actions based on the number         directly to enlisted and officer perfor-               ther questions on the program can be
of failed tests.                             mance reports. Chief McKinley said the                 directed to Colonel Arcuri, Lt. Col. John
    Chief McKinley noted that making a       upcoming revised evaluation AFI will en-               Giles and Chief Long at DSN’s 224-8270,
commitment to fitness puts the respon-       sure no Airman can have a referral en-                 222-4532 and 227-1661 respectively.

                                              Thule Spotlight
                                                                                          No witches were harmed iN the makiNg
                                                                                          of this boNfire
                                                                                          Team Thule celebrates midsummer with a witch-
                                                                                          burning bonfire, a Danish tradition, on Skt Hans (St.
                                                                                          John’s) Day June 23. After the bonfire, which used
                                                                                          a cardboard cutout of a witch figure, attendees en-
                                                                                          joyed a small barbeque cook out. In Denmark, Skt
                                                                                          Hans Day was celebrated before Christianity was
                                                                                          introduced; instead, the day celebrated Scandina-
                                                                                          vian gods Odin and Thor. The tradition then trans-
                                                                                          formed to celebrate the birth of John the Baptist,
                                                                                          who is recorded to have been born June 24, but
                                                                                          Denmark celebrates the night before. The figure
                                                                                          of the witch burning on the traditional bonfire was
                                                                                          added more than a century ago. It was rumored that
                                                                                          the night before Skt Hans Day, the witches of Eu-
                                                                                          rope had their greatest celebration of the year with
                                                                                          a feast in Germany, Iceland and Norway.
                                                           Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
                                                     Thule Times                                                      July 1, 2009

New inprocessing program simplifies process
Staff reports                                       PIPS can be accessed via a secure           •     Advance Basic Allowance for
                                                 Web site application, eFinance, using       Housing
   The days of waiting weeks to com-             their common access card and pin.              •     Cost of Living Allowance
plete a permanent change of station                 “Once a user navigates to the PIPS          •     Temporary Lodging Allowance
in-processing voucher for active-duty            site, the system will use easy-to- un-      (Outside the continental US only)
Air Force members will soon become a             derstand question and answer sessions          •     Overseas Housing Allowance
thing of the past. The PCS in-process-           to take the member through the pro-         (OCONUS only)
ing system (PIPS) has been employed              cess of PCS travel from start to finish,”      •     Hardship Duty Pay–Location
in the Air Force.                                said Master Sgt. Ben Manalastas, 821st      (OCONUS only)
   The first sites to utilize PIPS for initial   ABG comptroller. “The “wizard” technol-        •     Imminent Danger Pay (OCONUS
operating capability were Altus Air Force        ogy will make it virtually impossible to    only)
Base, Okla., and Little Rock AFB, Ark.           overlook even the smallest detail when         •     Combat Zone Tax Exclusion
The PIPS program management office is            completing a PCS-In voucher.”               (OCONUS only)
currently working with bases to plan for            When a member starts using PIPS,            PIPS also has a briefing area where
future deployments.                              they will be asked whether they are PCS-    the local financial services office can
   PIPS offers a secure, paperless way           ing to an overseas location or within the   include a tailored briefing or provide
to submit PCS-related financial docu-            continental United States. PIPS will use    location-specific information for the
ments with automated assistance to the           this response to present a briefing con-    member to review. The FSO can supply
member. This process is accomplished             taining the correct information based on    base-specific contact information, hours
using a “wizard approach” to guide the           where they are going. Included in this      of operation or other information that
members through PCS in-processing by             briefing are links to entitlements, rates   customers may need.
presenting an interactive interview ses-         payable, and frequently asked questions        For members arriving at their new
sion that will explain PCS entitlements          relative to the PCS move. The informa-      duty station, PIPS will automate and
based on information provided by mem-            tion provided includes:                     standardize the documentation portion
ber.                                                •     Travel Entitlements: mileage,      of the financial services in-processing
   “Because we know this may be a con-           per diem and dislocation allowance          briefing.
fusing period in a military career, we fo-          •     Basic Allowance for Housing           “By using PIPS, members will be able
cused on the need for an accurate, rele-            •     Temporary Lodging Expense          to initiate and complete their financial
vant information exchange,” said Senior             •     Family Separation Allowance        services in-processing from anywhere
Airman Richard Armstrong, 821st Air                 •     Enlisted Meal Deductions           in the world using a CAC-enabled com-
Base Group finance office.                          •     Advance Military Pay               puter,” Sergeant Manalastas said.

AF updates uniform board decisions
Tech. Sgt. Amaani Lyle              optional.                         ing. Still prohibited is wear-   awarded the Army Parachute
Secretary of the Air Force             -- The green fleece former-    ing hands-free devices such      Riggers badge are authorized
Public Affairs                      ly worn only as the All-Pur-      as cell phones attachments       permanent wear on all uni-
                                    pose Environmental Clothing       worn on the ears.                form combinations. For the
   WASHINGTON (AFNS) --             System liner is authorized Air       -- Enlisted chevrons will     airman battle uniform and
Air Force officials today an-       Force-wide as an outer-wear       be worn on light weight blue     the battle dress uniform, the
nounced policy updates in the       garment. The addition of the      jacket sleeves instead of the    badge will be blue. On the
98th Virtual Uniform Board          name, rank and service des-       metal rank insignias on the      desert combat uniform the
decisions posted June 10.           ignators to the green fleece      collar effective Jan. 1, 2010.   approved color is brown.
   The following provides a         when worn as an outer-wear           -- The ends of boot laces        -- Wearing the black Army
snapshot of approved uni-           garment is authorized.            must be tucked into boots.       Air Assault Badge on the
form wear. Follow-on mes-              -- Airmen may use per-         Wrapping the laces around        battle dress uniform is autho-
sages will be released that         sonal cellular telephones         boot is authorized.              rized upon graduation from
contain detailed guidance           while in uniform and walk-           -- The length of airman       Air Assault School.
and instructions. All informa-      ing. Cell phones may be worn      battle uniform lower leg            -- Organizational ball caps
tion will be incorporated into      on either left or right side;     pocket will increase by ap-      are not authorized to be at-
AFI 36-2903.                        however, the cell phone must      proximately 1/2 inch.            tached to either lower leg
   -- Effective Oct. 1, 2010,       be a conservative color. Mili-       -- Upper sleeve pockets are   cargo pockets on the BDU
trousers on utility uniforms        tary customs and courtesies       authorized on fire-resistant     trousers.
will be tucked into boots and       are required and take pre-        clothing authorized for the         -- The female ABU trouser
give a bloused appearance.          cedence. Talking on a phone       Central Command region.          fly buttons will be the same
Tucking had previously been         is no excuse for not salut-          -- Airmen earning and         as on men’s pants.
10                                                             Thule Times                                                      July 1, 2009

                                                       Staff Sgt. Michael Eickhoff,
                                                       12th Space Warning Squad-
                                                       ron, and Staff Sgt. Michelle Ur-
                                                       diales, 821st Air Base Group,
                                                       cut the cake celebrating their
                                                       selection to technical ser-
                                                       geant June 19 in the Top of the
                                                       World Club. Staff Sgt. Robert
                                                       Miller, 821st Security Forces
                                                       Squadron, was also selected
                 Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman
                                                       for technical sergeant, but
                                                       was unable to attend the rec-
       Staff Sgt. Sada Jolley                          ognition ceremony .
                                                                                                                    Photo by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman

                      Thule Changes of Command

                       Photos by 1st Lt. Lisa Meiman

Lt. Col. Jack Oldenburg, 12th Space Warning               Capt. Kim Lee, 821st Security Forces   Capt. Mike Duncan, 22nd Space Operations
Squadron commander                                        Squadron commander                     Squadron Detachment 3 commander
11                               Thule Times                                        July 1, 2009

    Sunday         Monday
                            July EvEnts
                            Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday          Friday        Saturday
                                      1         2             3                4 Independence
                                                              Pituffik Poker
                                                              Tour CC          Softball tour-
                                                                               nament 1300

                                                                               Dundas golf
                                                                               1300 Mount

                                                                               BBQ CC
5              6            7         8         9             10               11

                                                                               Trip to D-
                                                                               Launch CC

12             13           14        15        16            17               18

                                                              ABG/CC fare-     Cabin tour
                                                              well dinner      BBQ CC
                                                              1830 TOW

19             20           21        22        23            24               25

5&10K run                                       821 ABG CoC                    Site Manager’s
gym                                             1500 TOW                       Cup behind
                                                                               old hospital

                                                                               Tour de Thule

26             27           28        29        30            31

Softball                                        SPTS CoC
League every                                    TOW
Sunday CC
12                                                  Thule Times                                                          July 1, 2009

CORONA yields new requirements
    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR           ecutive Council.                   ing key doctrine and Air Force        “It is crucial the physi-
FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFNS) -              Because this was the first     Instructions to include cyber     cal fitness test be applied in
- Air Force senior leaders ad-     senior leader meeting after        operations.                       a consistent manner across
dressed numerous strategic         the release of the President’s        “Cyberspace is a con-          the force,” said the general.
and personnel issues, from         2010 budget request, the           tested domain which needs         “The changes to the testing
manpower re-alignment to           leadership was briefed on fu-      to be managed consistently        standards will be clearer and
uniform changes to nuclear         ture funding requirements as       across the Service,” General      more understandable and
enterprise initiatives, when       they relate to the fiscal year     Schwartz said. “As we bring       provide our Airmen with ex-
they met here for CORONA           2010 Presidential Budget           24th Air Force on line, we’re     plicit feedback on how they
TOP June 4 through 6.              and the development of next        going to see their work in cy-    can improve their fitness
   “This is a forum where we       year’s budget. The informa-        berspace is going to impact       level.”
need to address everything         tion and dialogue provided         all of us, and we all have a          As part of the Nuclear
from fundamental strategic         additional input for ongoing       responsibility to follow the      Oversight Board, senior lead-
issues to tactical challenges,”    Air Force discussions in the       standards they set for Air        ers received an update on the
said Gen. Norton A. Schwartz,      Quadrennial Defense Review.        Force networks.”                  status of the Nuclear Enter-
Air Force Chief of Staff, in his       “In a resource constrained        The senior leaders also re-    prise Roadmap initiatives. In
opening remarks.                   environment, we have to            ceived an update on recent        the last six months inspec-
   The senior leaders decid-       make tough choices on where        uniform initiatives, includ-      tions have been standardized,
ed there will be manpower          to make investments,” said         ing the new material for the      a central authority for nuclear
changes in a select number         Michael B. Donley, Secretary       physical training uniform and     weapons sustainment was
of Air Operations Centers to       of the Air Force. “Forums like     the sage green leather boot       established and key nuclear
balance resources based on         CORONA allow us to have            to be tested this summer. A       billets and required expertise
operational requirements and       frank, informed discussions        final decision on the heritage    were identified. In the near
limited resources. The most        about the strategic decisions      coat was deferred until 2010,     future, the Air Staff and Air
significant effort still under-    ahead, as our investment           after current uniform chal-       Force Global Strike Command
way is the study of Air Forces     strategy today will determine      lenges are resolved.              will align education, training
Central, the warfighting com-      our Air Force of tomorrow.”           “We owe it to our Airmen       and career development re-
ponent to the U.S. Central             “It was important that we      to fix or improve the uniforms    quirements to give personnel
Command.                           lay out the FY10 budget deci-      they are currently wearing        the necessary nuclear exper-
   The results of a recent re-     sions and fiscal guidance for      before we institute another       tise, create strategic plans
view of all rated staff officer    the future so we could all see     uniform change,” General          and long-term requirements
positions, which identified a      the full picture of where we’re    Schwartz said.                    for the nuclear enterprise and
significant gap in available       committing Air Force funds            Also of importance to Air-     support the Nuclear Posture
personnel, were also dis-          and what risks and oppor-          men will be the changes to        Review now being conducted
cussed. The leadership de-         tunities we’re considering in      the physical fitness program      by the Department of De-
cided to re-categorize about       various programs,” he said.        agreed to by the senior lead-     fense.
835 rated staff billets to non-        Leadership also identified     ers. Scheduled to start in            Additional issues which
rated positions, authorized        some of the key requirements       January 2010, changes to the      were briefed and require fur-
funding to augment approxi-        for the first 100 days of the      physical fitness test standards   ther study include the full
mately 350 military-to-civil-      new 24th Air Force, includ-        will include a requirement to     integration of Unmanned
ian conversions to fill some       ing establishing configuration     test twice a year. Testing will   Aircraft Systems and an op-
of the positions and endorsed      standards for the Air Force        also be consolidated on all       erator career path for the Air
the implementation of a rated      Global Information Grid, in-       installations within a Fitness    Force and the designation of
management process led by          stilling operations rigor in the   Assessment Cell, not admin-       certain irregular warfare or-
the Aircrew Management Ex-         Air Force network and updat-       istered within the units.         ganizations.

 “Conduct flawless missile warning and space control
 operations, provide unsurpassed installation support
 and protection, while developing and deploying
 Warrior Airmen to defend America and our Allies.”

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