M89SR Sniper Rifle by wuyunqing


									M89SR Sniper Rifle

WEAPON                                    ROF      DAM      PEN                  BLK                MAG            SS/BRST            RNG
M89SR                                     SA       4        2-3-nil              4                  See below      4/-                125m
M89SR w/stock                             SA       4        2-3-nil              5                  See below      3/-                125m
ROUND             See below
MAG               See below
WEIGHT            See below
The Technical Consulting international (TCI) Model 89 Sniper Rifle (M89SR) introduced in the mid 1980's. M89SR is an Israeli made bullpup
version of the American made M14. The M89-SR is designed as a dual purpose weapon. Designed for both urban anti-terrorist operations as well
as a battlefield sniper rifle. The rifle is based on the M-14 rifle in a Bullpup configuration. 7.62x51mm NATO Similar to the AWC G2, the M89 is a
bullpup conversion of surplus US M14 rifles. Actually, the semi-prolific (but not entirely successful) firearms designer Dr. Nehemiah Sirkis started
the ball rolling with his bullpup conversion called the M36 in Israeli service. However, these were not entirely ideal and TCI was tasked with
upgrading them. The upgraded rifles became known as the M89. There are two models: the iron sighted M89AR intended for battlefield use, and
the scoped M89SR intended for CT/HRT deployment. Even with the addition of a sound suppressor, the overall length is still less than many
standard rifles without a suppressor.

                                     Caliber                                7.62x51mm NATO
                                     Operation                              Semi-Auto (M-14 action)
                                     Length                                 85 cm
                                     Length w/suppressor                    103 cm
                                     Weight                                 4.5kg
                                     Barrel Length                          56 cm
                                     Stock                                  Composite
                                     Magazine Capacity                      5, 10, or 20
                                     Designed Effective Range               1000 meters

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