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           OCLC Cataloging &
            Metadata Services
                an introduction

                                          Kathy Kie
                                      December 2007
   Cataloging Options
– CatExpress
– Connexion
– Z39.50
                           – Batchload

• Custom cataloging
   • Contract cataloging
   • Retrospective conversion
  – Web-based interface for copy cataloging
  OCLC Connexion
  – Full range of cataloging functionality
  – Web browser or Client software
  Z39.50 for cataloging
  – Search and download records through
    compliant local library system

Connexion browser
 Access through web browser
 – Any workstation with Internet access

 Access to OCLC’s WorldCat™
 Copy & original cataloging functions
 – Authority File…and more
    • Constant data
    • Online Save file
Browser features
  View multiple record formats
  – Dublin Core for bibliographic records
  Links to WebDewey
  Use Express for copy cataloging
  Use Pathfinders or Digital Archive
  Create & manage Local Holdings
  Access to WorldCat Selection
Find a Bibliographic Record
  If item found, use existing record for
  cataloging (95% of the time)
  If item not found, create an original
  record to add to WorldCat
   –   Derive new record from existing record
   –   Extract data from a Web site
   –   Start from a blank workform
   –   Import record from ILS
Browser Documentation
Browser Training
OCLC Online Computer Library Center

          Connexion Browser
Connexion Client
 Install software
 – Online/ offline
 – Non-Latin scripts
 – Multiple interface

Connexion Client
 Recent enhancements
 – Metadata extraction (includes MP3 files)
 – Export bibliographic records in Dublin Core
 – Z39.50 access to records created in your ILS
 – Authority history for LC Names and Subjects
 – Access to Institution Records

 Current versions supported:
 – Client 2.00 and Client 1.72
Client features
  Work online or offline
  – Batch processing options
  Create macros
  Support for Non-Latin scripts
  Links to Local Holdings
Client Documentation
Client Training
OCLC Online Computer Library Center

               Connexion Client
  Z39.50 Cataloging Service
Libraries access
  WorldCat to search
  and retrieve records
  to transfer to their
  local systems.

Most libraries batchload
 records to OCLC to
 set their holdings.

Some use Extended
  Service Definition
to set holdings online.
Z39.50 for Cataloging
  – streamline cataloging workflow,
  – reduce staff training
  – decrease costs.

  Access to:
  – WorldCat for cataloging
  – LC names and subjects authority file records
  – Institution Records

  Options for:
  – non-Latin scripts in bibliographic records.
  – Unicode UTF-8 for bibliographic and authority records.
Batch Processing
An efficient way for institutions to maintain
  their holdings and add records to
  WorldCat offline.
Batch Processing
 The volume of Batchload activity is climbing
  – Since July 1, 2006,
  – Nearly 336 million records have been processed from
    39,000+ files,
  – More than 204 million holdings have been set
  – More than 56 million records have been added.

 Actual production accommodates more than 2
 million records per day
 OCLC is investigating re-working the Batchload
 process to accommodate this increasing volume
Batch Processing
 RLG migration is nearing completion
  – All records have been loaded from RLIN
  – Few files of unresolved records remain to be
Batch Processing
  Update holdings on bibliographic records
   – Records from other sources
   – Records exported at point of acquisition
  Add original bibliographic records to WorldCat
   – Add records created in your local system
   – Includes duplicate detection
  Delete holdings on bibliographic records
Batch Processing – Types of Projects
  Retrospective projects
   – Common for new OCLC members
  Reclamation projects
   – Sync holdings in WorldCat with holdings from ILS
   – Remove holdings for items no longer in collection and add
     holdings to items currently in collection
  Ongoing projects
   – Maintain holdings in WorldCat through regular batchloads
  Group projects
   – Single file of records from many libraries
   – Holdings are set based on information in each record
Batch Processing
  Input is file of bibliographic records from local
  system for OCLC to process offline
  Non-MARC records converted to OCLC-MARC
  Optionally, receive WorldCat records from OCLC
  For more information
Batch Processing – Local Holdings
  Input file of summary serials holdings information
  from local system for OCLC to process offline
   – Input may be MARC or Non-MARC
  Maintain Local holdings in WorldCat
   – useful for FirstSearch and Resource Sharing
Bibliographic record snapshot
  Formerly Local Database Creation
  Enables libraries to obtain subset of
  their records from OCLC
   – By date range
  Enables libraries to obtain a complete
  file of their records from OCLC
   – From initial use of WorldCat to present
  Useful for ILS migration / updates
Orders & Documentation
  Ordering process
  – Complete Batchload Order Form
  – Complete EDX Assessment Form

OCLC CatExpress
 Fast, efficient cataloging
 Access to OCLC’s WorldCat™
 Access through web browser
 – Any workstation with Internet access

 Easy to learn, simple to use
 – no knowledge of MARC necessary

 Interface is in English and French
OCLC CatExpress
 2,128 subscribers,
 – individually, and in 83 groups.

 In FY 2006/07 CatExpress subscribers set
 over 1.8 million holdings.
 Subscriptions start at 250 titles per year
 – 500 titles, 1,000 titles – 7,000 titles
CatExpress Benefits
 Enables libraries to
 –   Search for all types of materials
 –   Acquire bibliographic records in MARC format
 –   Maintain holdings in WorldCat™
 –   Perform limited record editing
 –   Print spine and pocket labels

 Robust Help: field definitions,
 explanations of available options
How CatExpress works
 Log onto OCLC CatExpress
 Search WorldCat™
 Choose preferred record
 Add local information to record
 OCLC-MARC record available same day
 or next day
 Transaction reports monthly
CatExpress Documentation
CatExpress Training

OCLC Online Computer Library Center

Custom Cataloging
• Contract cataloging
  • Special projects (formats or languages)
  • Ongoing cataloging
• Retrospective conversion
  • To make collections available online
 OCLC has been a leading provider since 1976
eSerials Holdings Service
   Automatically maintains holdings for
   eSerials on a monthly basis
   – and provides reports of titles added, deleted
     or unresolved, and merged records.
   Four vendor partners:
   – EBSCO, OCLC Openly 1Cate,
   – Serials Solutions and TDNet.
   The automatic delivery of associated
   bibliographic records coming soon
WorldCat Cataloging Partners
  Basic service—automated copy cataloging
   – Included in Cataloging subscription
  100% record delivery
   – Custom quote, based on cataloging volume
  Custom record delivery
   – Custom quote, based on cataloging volume
  Current partners:
Custom Cataloging
  Sample projects include:
  – Cataloging of digital materials
  – Reclassification for LC and Dewey collections
  – Physical processing to make items shelf-ready
  Holdings comparison;
  – OCLC staff compare a library’s database to
    WorldCat to identify holdings
Orders & Support
  Custom Cataloging Request for Proposal
  Conversion Request for Proposal

  Success Stories
For more information…
     Kathy Kie
 +011 614-761-5183

          For technical assistance:
          Customer Support Desk
            +011 614-793-8682
Thank You!

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