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                                                                                                         “Who’re you?!” cried the criminal as he motioned his pistol further into the girl’s skull.

                                                                                                         “I see…25 police officers on the top of the 34-floor Elizhé building, a Bank Robber with a 45-
[不 滅 Fumetsu ]                                                                                           Caliber Pistol, and a beautiful young lady – identity unknown as a hostage.” exclaimed the
                                                                                                         mysterious man from the back as he swiveled his head side to side to check the surroundings.

                                                                                                         He was wearing a white bandana in his head with the Japanese kanji “不滅” printed on the
Chapter 1 [The 34th Floor Dive]                                                                          center. His multicolored hair tilted back, his sleeveless army shirt, his earrings, and his dog tag
                                                                                                         made him look like an ex-marine who ventured into crime.
“Put the gun down!” cried the commanding officer as he pointed his M16 Rifle at the criminal
who was pointing a gun at his hostage.                                                                   “I can’t see why you can’t handle him officers. He’s too stupid to be shown on TV.”

“Ya think I’mma let this one go without the money? You should consider your priorities first!” with      “Whoever you are kid, get the hell outta here. We got the situation under control.” said the
a smirk, he sank the nose of his pistol into the girl’s head. The girl twitched a bit as a reaction to   commanding officer.
the pain she felt in her head.
                                                                                                         “Situation under control you say? In my opinion you guys are having a hard time convincing Mr.
“Put the friggin’ gun down!!! We have your money so let the girl go!”                                    Criminal to let the girl go.” jested the man.

“I ain’t stupid Mr. Officer … Put the money on the floor first, and then maybe I’ll let the princess     “Hey! Mr. Criminal…Wait, I know you! You were the one who hijacked a bus with a toy gun!!
go.”                                                                                                     Hahaha!! How marvelous! I’m guessing you’re holding one right now too eh?”

“Tssk! Squad 13! Ready your positions!” shouted another officer. As soon as his command was
heard, ten S.W.A.T. soldiers positioned themselves as if ready to fire.                                  “What?! How did you…!! I was wearing a mask!!!” screamed the criminal.

“Now what?? You guys are going to shoot me?! Seriously…Did you even consider that I could                “Oh right you were…But actually I didn’t know that you were the Hijacker. You just said it. Just
bring this little missy to hell with me?!” taunted the criminal as his grip on the girl’s neck           now.” Grinning, he took a couple of steps forward.
                                                                                                         “You Freak!!! Take one more step and I’ll….-”
“Hold your fire officers!” a sinister voice came from the back of the scene.
                                                                                                         “Be my guest. She’s not my sister or anything.” explained the mysterious man.

“What in the world are you saying!!!? You could get her killed!!!” shouted the commanding                 “He’s unarmed!! Snipers, Shoot!!” an officer screamed and motioned his rifle towards the target.
                                                                                                          “NO!! Hold it!!” shouted the commanding officer. “He’s right! In that position he can easily throw
The mysterious man stopped, looked back and smirked at the police officers. He was giving a               the hostage away. Let’s wait for an opportunity.”
hint of actually saving the girl but his message didn’t get through them somehow.
                                                                                                          “Geez officers. Are you guys stupid or something? Why didn’t you order your snipers to shoot a
“Now then, you could kill her for all I care. And I’m pretty sure no one will. Just so you know she       little while ago? Why now?” asked the mysterious man.
ain’t a model, or a superstar. She’s just one pretty normal girl. Ya can’t get anything from killing
her.”                                                                                                     “Tsk. You police officers weren’t convinced enough that it was a toy gun? That he could shoot
                                                                                                          her if I taunted him enough? ...That’s why you guys fail. Because you lack anticipation. You lack
The girl, still pinned in the criminal’s arm suddenly went furious. But she couldn’t talk because it      faith. Those snipers would have been successful shooting him in the head while we were in that
might just get her killed.                                                                                conversation. One opportunity taken away is a great loss for the next few seconds.”

“What’s your point...? I’m getting the money. That’s all that matters. The police care too much           “Now that he took my bait, I’m going to reel him in...”
for this city’s citizens that they are stupid enough to sacrifice a little amount of money for a girl’s
life.” “Now hand over the money!!”                                                                        The mysterious man suddenly rushed towards the criminal.

“Money huh? As of now you have only one way of killing her which is, to throw her off the 34th            “You stupid...!” the commanding officer cried out in panic.
floor of this building since your option of shooting her in the head wouldn’t work anymore
because you just exposed yourself as a toy-gun enthusiast. You do love that toy gun eh? Since             “You…...” as the criminal saw the man rush blatantly toward him, he pushed the girl off the
you’re letting your guard down by holding on to that instead of gripping the girl with both arms so       building fluidly, as if the girl was weightless.
that you could throw her away easily in case they didn’t give you the money.” explained the
mysterious guy in a psy-war.                                                                              “Ah!!” the reactions from the police officers were indescribable. They were scared and panicked
                                                                                                          at the same time.

“Fine!” as the criminal disposed of his toy-gun, he pinned the girl with both of his arms and             Moments later the mysterious man came to where the robber was standing. He punched him in
walked backwards near the edge of the building.                                                           the chin leaving him flying off the edge of the building too. But because of his great momentum
                                                                                                          from rushing in, he couldn’t hold himself together and fell as well.
“Now give me the freaking money or I’ll throw her out of this freaking building!!!”

“Darn it!! Squad 45! Ready yourselves at the bottom with a huge cushion! Her highness fell!!”         The truck didn’t stop and continued on its course towards the streets.
commanded the commanding officer to the squad over his communicator.
                                                                                                      Meanwhile the robber didn’t make it at all. He fell face down on the street with blood all over
Three figures were seen falling from the   34th   floor of the Elizhé building; the criminal, the     him. Falling from a 34-story building was a nasty sight and no one could have survived such a
mysterious guy, and the girl who was falling a bit further ahead since she was thrown first.          fall. Except him, maybe.

The mysterious guy positioned himself like a missile to decrease his altitude faster and went for
the girl. It was like he was a pro at air maneuvering. It was hard to catch up with the girls since   “Squad 45!! Her highness fell into a truck…a pillow truck to be precise! Car number 456-1222A.
he was late for a few seconds. But he had faith that a building that high could give him enough       Follow it with a GPS!!” screamed the commanding officer to his communicator.
time to get the girl.

A couple of seconds later and he caught up with the girl.                                             “They couldn’t be dead. It was a pillow truck.” exclaimed a junior officer.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” cried the girl.                                                   “Yes. They couldn’t be. The truck was delivering 20,000 pillows for featherbag.” replied the
                                                                                                      commanding officer.
“Shouldn’t you be thanking me missy?” replied the mysterious guy as they fell rapidly towards
the ground.                                                                                           “Where did you get that instant information?!”

“Why should I? It was because of you that I’m going to die!! I didn’t even get the chance to date     “I have my sources. Now let’s move!!”
a guy in my entire 21 years for crying out loud!!” said the girl in anger, as she simultaneously
hammered her elbow against the mysterious guy’s face.

“Ouch!!..Relax! There should be some kind of cushion waiting for us below. We ain’t gonna die.”                                                ↔
He hugged her tightly and moved himself so that his back was facing the ground where they
should be falling.

Just suddenly, a truck went zooming into the crime scene and with unexplainable timing; both
the girl and the mysterious guy crashed into the roof of the truck, and fell inside.

                                                                                                        “But … thanks…for saving my life.” said the girl with a voice so low that he could barely hear
*Cough! Cough!*
                                                                                                        “Waddya said?”
“Where am I? Pillows…Pillows saved me?! Wait … That guy.” the girl raked her fingers into the           “Never mind. Anyway, can I have your name??”
massive army of pillows. She can’t see anything except for the whole in the roof of the truck
where they fell and the hordes of pillows.                                                              “I don’t have one.” exclaimed the mysterious guy, still massaging his leg.

“Yaaaaaaghhh!! My Leg!!” a male voice from below the pillows startled her. It was faint, but she        “What? Seriously? Everyone has a name you jerk.”
could hear him clearly.
                                                                                                        “I seriously don’t have one!”
“Where are you?” asked the lady.
                                                                                                        “Okay! Fine! Then do you have something else that I can call you with?? Like a code or
“Under!”                                                                                                something??”

“Under where?!”                                                                                         *sigh* “People call me Undying or Immortal or Indestructible. What other silly names would be
“Under you!!!”
                                                                                                        “It’s because of this bandana. It reads “fumetsu””.
She motioned herself so that the place where she was lying would be exposed, and there he
was. The mysterious guy with multi-colored hair with a white bandana was crouching and                  “Fumetsu huh? …”
grasping his right foot. He was obviously in pain both from his sprained ankle and the weight of        “Bah! They can call me whatever they want as long as I have the money I want.”
the girl who was lying on top of her before she got conscious.
                                                                                                        “Money?” asked the girl in suspicion.
“Oh! I’m sorry…” she helped lift him up from the pillows.
“Darn it! That was a nasty fall… tsk!” complained the mysterious guy.                                   “You don’t know what money is?”

“Well…it was your fault to begin with. Geez, jumping off from the 34th floor of a building is crazy!”   “Of course I do! It’s not that! –.”

“Wait…Where are we now??”                                                                         “Hey! How did you know I was…. Wait?! Handcuffs?!!”
“I don’t know we’re inside the truck so –.”                                                       “You’re my hostage now.” he stated followed by a sinister smirk.
“Let me check.”
                                                                                                  “Wait. Wait. I…My father can give you the money you need. You rescued me didn’t you?... I
He carefully stood up and grabbed the ledge of the hole they made when they fell. Just as he      suppose you have some kind of reward waiting for you at—“
was able to stand up, the girl interrupted him.
                                                                                                  “Ransom money is always larger in amount than Reward Money.” exclaimed the nameless man.
“Hey! What the heck are you doing?! Your foot!”                                                   His jokes were unreal at first but the girl was getting a hint that he was actually serious.
“Oh? It’s quite fine now. Don’t worry. Hmm… 3rd street huh? We might be able to jump off this     Followed by an evil grin, he strapped the handcuffs unto the girl’s hands that were positioned at
truck as soon as we arrive at the next alley.”                                                    her back; crossed.

“What? Wait…how?! Wasn’t it broken??” screamed the girl.                                          “Wait! Wait! –“
“Close enough. Now get up. The alley’s close enough. We don’t want to miss that.”                 “What.”
“How the hell did you fix your foot so quickly?!”                                                 “Why do you have to use handcuffs?!” exclaimed the girl as she tried to wriggle her hands out of
“Shut up and just follow me.”                                                                     the handcuffs. Obviously, it was the first time she was handcuffed and since she was the prime
                                                                                                  minister’s daughter, the situation was pretty insulting to her.
They both climbed up the hole and carefully waited for the next alley. As they passed by the
alley, they jumped and crashed into a huge garbage bin.                                           “Follow me.” He led them both through the alley filled with huge garbage bins at the side of the
“Ugh. My Arm…”
“That’s what you get for jumping into grotesque situations.” Exclaimed the girl as she stood up
and sniffed her clothes that were covered with trash.

                                                                                                  “Sire, we lost them. We followed the truck to the company’s warehouse but her highness and
“Where are we?” asked the girl.
                                                                                                  the unknown man weren’t found anywhere near the truck’s perimeter.”
                                                                                                  A finely built young officer came running in to report the chase. His black suit under the bullet
“Hehe! Lookie here! I now have the Prime minister’s daughter as a hostage!” he exclaimed. His
                                                                                                  proof vest made him look manlier. But the face he was wearing was terrified.
hands reached into his pockets and revealed a couple of contraptions to the girl.

“Tsk. Were the heck could they be. Check the whole city! They couldn’t have gone too far.”          “Lieutenant General, doesn’t he always do that?” replied the driver.
Replied Lieutenant General Remir Ferril as he sturdily walked towards the front of the building
where a white police car was waiting.                                                               “Yes, quite. But that was the craziest thing he did ever since I heard of him. Darn him.”

“Yes..Sir.”                                                                                         “I wonder what kind of magic he uses. Things like these are humanly impossible.” murmured the
                                                                                                    lieutenant to himself as his brown hair swayed with the wind that was blowing against the fast
“What’s with your face? You should smile more y’know.”                                              motion their car was making.

“Sire, how could I? No one at home would ever believe me if I told them that a man just jumped                                     --------------------------------------------
right off the 34th floor of this building and unexpectedly survived...I’m lucky if it was
broadcasted.”                                                                                       “Lt. Gen. Ferril, its good you made it here safe. Welcome to the Southern Headquarter.” a red-
                                                                                                    haired middle aged man wearing a normal police uniform with several badges hanging on it
“A lot of us were quite shocked, yes. But that’s expected of him. He never dies.”                   approached Ferril as he got out of the car.

“You – know him sire?”                                                                                        The Southern Headquarters was a tad bit smaller than its Northern counterpart, in
                                                                                                    which Ferril was permanently assigned. The three-story building could not be compared to the
“Most of us in the upper, yes. But I only heard rumors of him. Anyway, continue the search. We      fortress the North had, which made Ferril twitch his tongue in disgust as he inspected it with his
can’t let the Prime minister know of the situation until we get a hold of her daughter.”            own eyes. Several officers were standing near the outpost and the metal gate. Most of them
                                                                                                    were lower in rank, but the way they hold their rifles made them look lower than new recruits. As
“Aye, Sir!”                                                                                         what Ferril had noticed.

                                                                                                    “Funny. Do you guys train your soldiers right?” Ferril asked the officer.

                                                                                                    “I beg your pardon Lieutenant General?”

                                                                                                    “Hmm. The way they hold their guns. That, could get them killed.” He motioned his arms in a
                                                                                                    way to show the officer how to hold a rifle properly.
“Geez. That stupid kid. Why does he have to do that reckless thing?” complained Lt. Ferril at his
driver who was starting the car’s engine.
                                                                                                    “This way, you could fire your rifle more accurately.”

                                                                                                       “Remir, I know you have little faith on that brat. But I entrusted my life to him 2 years ago.” the
“I see.” ‘What an arrogant bearded fool.’                                                              chief cut Ferril’s words.
                                                                                                       “Yes but, it was different today.”

“What’s wrong? You just stared at me like you were going to hit me in the face.”                       “Hmmm… Melkin, could you leave us for a bit?”

“Eh? ‘And sharp too.’ No I didn’t. I mean… the Chief is waiting for you Lieutenant General, Sir.”      “…S-sure chief.” Jonath Melkin, the red-haired officer who was also the chief’s assistant left the
                                                                                                       room while fixating his eyes on Ferril until the door closed.

                                                                                                       “…Where were we? Ah! Yes. That boy. He’s been serving the law enforcement ever since he
Ferril arrived at a fancy room which was located at the third floor of the building. It had a nicely   came to Italia Ferril. Well, not at first of course. He was a runt; Tried to steal food from the HQ’s
curved ornamental oak door. The red-haired officer who greeted him at the gate opened the              kitchen hahaha!.”
huge door slowly.
                                                                                                       “I know. Still, that was a 34th floor jump for crying out loud! We can’t know for sure if they both
“Chief, Lt. Gen. Ferril has arrived.”                                                                  survived! Let alone the Prime minister’s daughter!” exclaimed Ferril.

“Oh! Come on in!”                                                                                      “A man of the north can’t possibly be in synch with a man of the south. You weren’t here for
                                                                                                       several years, Ferril. Serving the north would be the most challenging task a soldier could ever
The chief was an old man, probably at his 70’s. He was sitting on a lounge chair while his arms        have. Miracles don’t happen there. The strengths and skills of the soldiers are the things that
rested on top of his desk near the window. The tobacco on his mouth was still omitting whiffs of       make the north a formidable fortress.”
                                                                                                       Ferril just stood firmly.
                                                                                                       Unsure of his feelings.
“It’s great you arrived at a time like this Ferril.”                                                   Wanting to talk back.

“Yes, well. I was at the crime scene. As reported, your squad hasn’t found the Prime minister’s        Nevertheless he just listened to the old man.
daughter yet.”
                                                                                                       “But it’s different here. We tend to apply humanism more. As to the boy, you need to trust him
“Yes, Yes. I heard the boy got him so I’m a bit relaxed now.”                                          more; because I have, and he never failed.

“…Still, Japan’s Prime minister is an important guest of Italia. His and his daughter’s lives are         “Ferril …I think you have to witness that with your own eyes. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t
fragile assets to our society… if they got hurt…”                                                         believe me.”
“Yes, yes. I get your point.” the chief got off of his chair and started fiddling the books in the mini
library beside his desk. He took out a folder; files that were used to record an individual’s identity    “I was kinda late so by the time I arrived at the crime scene, squads were already at the chase
in the society. He opened the folder and showed it to Ferril.                                             of the pillow truck.”

“This is…”                                                                                                “Too bad. You didn’t get a chance to see that crazy feat.”
“Yes, his records. Or rather, his records of which are 70% empty.”
“Empty, yes.”                                                                                             “…I know I only heard rumors of him back in the north but… it seems like this young brat is
                                                                                                          hiding something from the world that we normal humans could not swallow so easily.”
Ferril inspected the files. His eyes were bewildered as he read through.
                                                                                                          “You’re probably right. Or maybe he doesn’t know what he’s really capable of yet, that kid.”
Name: Unknown.
Gender: Male
Age: Possibly at his early 20’s.
Height: 5’8.                                                                                                                                        ↔
Weight: Unmeasured.
Race: Probably Japanese.
Place of Origin: Unknown.
Background History: Unknown.
Chief’s Review: “We call him Undying because he just doesn’t die. Literally.”                             The guy called ‘The Undying’ pushed her through the slums of the 12th district. It was a nasty
                                                                                                          place. One of royalty such as the Prime minister’s daughter could easily detest the vile smell of

Ferril was speechless, but reading the file thrice forced his lips to move.                               the area. Regardless, she couldn’t do anything as Undying made sure to grasp the handcuffs on

“I-Is he…like…Immortal or something?”                                                                     her hands firmly.

“No, no. He ages remember? He gets injured; he breaks his bones, bleeds, just like a normal               “Hey! Hey! Where are you bringing me to?” all this time she sealed her lips, believing that this

person.”                                                                                                  man was truly a kidnapper. Her body was covered in sweat and she smelled almost the same
                                                                                                          as the slums. It was four hours of ‘pure walk and no talk’ after they got out of the pillow truck.

“I wonder how you could trust a man with no identity so irrationally.”                                    The thick smoke of burning garbage went through her nostrils. Several times, she wanted to

“Don’t worry. I’mma Contact your fancy little father and tell him that I need a couple of billion   “Are you?!...” the girl cut her words as thoughts scrambled inside her head. Some utterly
bucks in exchange for your life as soon as we get there.”                                           perverted and crazy thoughts were the highlights. Of course she would think that way. A
                                                                                                    beautiful young lady such as herself, brought into a room with a crazy guy who was playing the
“What?! Isn’t that too much??!!”                                                                    role of a kidnapper; the two of them. Only them.

“Oho ho ho!” laughed the Undying. “So you’ve finally accepted your role as a hostage eh?”           “Don’t worry I’m not a rapist or anything.”
“What do you mean?”
“Shouldn’t you say: Let go of me you molester! Or something like As soon as my father hears of      She released a faint sigh at the moment The Undying spoke those semi-assuring words.
this, I’m going to make sure you’re dead meat! Instead of What?! Isn’t that too much??!!.”          However, the doubt was still there. How could she not keep the doubt? A beautiful young lady
replied The Undying, as he mimicked the girl’s voice in a comedic skit.                             such as herself, smooth long black hair, above-average figure; much like a model’s, and the
                                                                                                    ideal three sizes. For a girl, thoughts like these are unusually weird. But she couldn’t think of
The Undying was a hard-to-catch kind of guy. Sometimes he blurts out in laughter, and               anything else. A woman of royalty in the face of danger is of course, in panic.
sometimes he just stays put and doesn’t make any noise. But this time his laughters were loud       “What. You really did think that I was gonna do something to you?. Pfff.” joked the Undying.
enough to attract fully capable assassins.                                                          “Well, what else could I think? Most of the crazy kidnappers do those things to their beautiful
“This isn’t the time to be joking.” replied the Prime Minister’s daughter. She was unhappy.         “Those things? Hahahahaha!”
Probably annoyed of Undying’s long and noisy puns which made her sick.                              “What’s so darn funny?!”
                                                                                                    “…You’re not my type, Shirakawa Remi.” exclaimed The Undying with a dead serious face.
“And this isn’t the time for you to be complaining. You’re a hostage remember? Keh!”                “I don’t care! I’m still a woman for crying out loud!!”
“Grrr.”                                                                                             “Then be a woman and be quiet.”

“Oh. We’re here. Feel at home your highness.”                                                       The Undying uncuffed Remi and left her inside the room, sitting in a bed. He closed the door
                                                                                                    behind him; locked from the outside, and went for the phone in his pocket.
It was a low class apartment.
Green painted walls.                                                                                RING RING RING
Cracks along with the peeling off of the paint in the wall.
Black wooden door which seems to be coming off anytime soon.                                        “The Undying Speaking.”
A few staircases up and they arrived at a Room 209.                                                 [Do you have her?]
Probably his room.                                                                                  “Yes quite. She’s a bummer, sheesh.”
                                                                                                    [Is she unharmed?]

“Yeah, yeah. She’s in good hands.”
[Very Well. I expect the delivery tomorrow morning.]                                              The Undying knew she was sleeping when she unconsciously kissed him but his heart was still
“And my pay?”                                                                                     throbbing and his hands were shaking.
[You’ll get it when you get there. His highness can’t wait any longer.]
“Yeah, yeah. Tell that Highness of yours to be patient. I’ll be there tomorrow morning with the   “Damn! What am I thinking? She won’t even remember it when she wakes up.”
[Don’t call her a baggage, young man. She’s worth all the money in the world. And you’ll only     He carefully sat on a chair and tried to close his eyes, trying to forget what had just happened.
have a portion of it so—]
“Oh Cut the Crap! Just make sure you got the pay ready, so the deal will be nice and clean. Got
[Got it. I’ll be waiting then.]


He went back in the room to check up on her.

Her exhausted petite curvy body laid down on the bed. Her smooth black hair scattered; strands
caressing her cheeks. The moonlight that shone from the window made her face glow like
porcelain, blasting with white light.

“Geez. She really IS a real looker ain’t she?” murmured the Undying, as he removed her hair
away from her glowing cheek.
Her reaction was sweet. Like a small child, disturbed from her deep slumber. As undying backed
away from her, she lifted her body, eyes still closed, wrapped her hands around The Undying
and gently pressed her soft lips against his.

The Undying was shocked. His eyes were wide open. He could clearly see that she was still
asleep, maybe even dreaming. After a few seconds of contact, her body fell in the bed, regained
her breathing, and whispered those soft, gentle words. “Thank you.”

Chapter 2 [Her Highness]
                                                                                                      The door closed.
                                                                                                      I felt relaxed… but not yet. That stupid kidnapper was just at the other side of that noisy door. I
When I woke up, it was still dim. The window beside me shone with a light bluish light. I kept
                                                                                                      tried to hang on to my smelly clothes while slowly walking away from the room.
looking at it. For a moment there I thought of it as the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes
on. Until I turned around and saw a monster’s body sitting in a chair, with his horrid face facing
                                                                                                      Alas! I found a bathroom not too far away from that cursed location. I had to change. Even if my
the ceiling and his mouth wide open with fresh drool sliding down his lower cheek.
                                                                                                      clothes were smelly and dirty, I still preferred it over the clean clothes I was wearing which aren’t
                                                                                                      mine anyway. They were men’s clothes. Probably his. The thought of it made me sick. Hence, I
The sight of the guy who kidnapped me, again, and stupidly saved my life, brought me a huge
                                                                                                      instantly changed into a dirty bagwoman. Or at least that’s what I looked like.
box full of different kinds of anger.
The feverish nightmare returned to me.
                                                                                                      The exit was on the first floor, which I had trouble getting to. All the people were still asleep in
I was scared and furious at the same time.
                                                                                                      that apartment. In my very transparent estimation, it was around four in the morning. A perfect
Yet I tried to calm down and fixed myself up, wiping the drool off my face and got out of bed.
                                                                                                      time for an escape. As I got out of that stinking apartment, I ran as fast as I could, away from
                                                                                                      that gruesome place. The smell of rotting and burnt garbage was still oozing, but I didn’t care
My clothes were crumpled but they were unexpectedly clean….Wait!!
                                                                                                      nonetheless. My whole mission at the moment was to get away from that molester. Standards
                                                                                                      were to establish at least 50km distance from him, and to get away as soon as possible, while
..These…these aren’t my clothes!!
                                                                                                      the sun wasn’t shining yet.
I looked around and there they were, both my very expensive turtle neck sweater and my pants
were hanging down from a wooden chair in the corner of the room. I instantly turned red. I
                                                                                                      In contrast to the situation, I had a very good sleep. So I had pretty much all the energy I need
wouldn’t have thought that he would even touch my body! How dare he change my clothes
                                                                                                      for running.
without my consent!! Err… How dare he change my clothes!! Wait….what if he…. No he
couldn’t have!

                                                                                                      2 hours later I arrived at a coffee shop. My legs were aching and I was sweating all over.
I was very furious. Like a volcano ready for eruption.
                                                                                                      Matching with the dirty, smelly clothes, I looked worse than a beggar. I hated it very much.
But I kept my mouth from opening. As much as possible I would like to prevent that guy from
waking up.
                                                                                                      Okaaay~ at least the coffee shop was fancy. The green Latin aura it radiated attracted me to the
                                                                                                      front door. As I slung the door open, the tiny bell above gave off a high pitched note and
Tip-toed, I grabbed my clothes and slowly walked out of the door, that door, which creaked while
                                                                                                      instantly, no, it was a few nano-seconds later, the manager came out with his big broom and
it moved even in the very slow motions that I made.
                                                                                                      shooed me away.

                                                                                                          On that instant, the face of the guy who calls himself undying went swirling in my mind. I
What an insult!! Don’t they know who I am?! … I’m … I … I pretty much didn’t look like the                suddenly got furious. My hands were shaking as if fully loaded and ready to punch him in the
Prime Minister of Japan’s daughter… At that moment, I really wished that I had stayed in Japan            face.
with my friends and went karaoke-ing whole summer. At least that’s all I could do, since I’m
done going to school and my father doesn’t want me to look for a job, even though I am most               ‘So these men were the guys whom he was planning on giving me to!’ I thought.
qualified for it. Argh! I hate this place. I can barely speak Italian, and I look like I’ve been living
inside a garbage truck for years! And I smell like one too!!                                              “What the heck are you stupid junkies waiting for?! GET HER!!”

However, I am a woman of great nobility, I cannot falter. If I fail now, what great disgrace would I      I didn’t wait for any second thoughts. I ran as fast as I could, vaulting over boxes and coffee
bring to my father and to my country?                                                                     tables where people were eating and sipping their coffees. My legs were fatigued, yes. But if I
                                                                                                          stop now, those men would drag me into their headquarters and...and… I don’t have time to
As so, I gathered myself up and started wandering around the area. People were tracing me                 think!
with their bloodthirsty eyes. I don’t know if it was because of adoration or because of disgust.
My Clothes were really wet, and I smelled like a wet dog. Curse that multicolored-freak! I hate           The sun was shining very hard on my face as I ran away from the huge guys who were after me.
him!! Because of him, I was downgraded from royalty to dirt!                                              It was an instant tanning, way I accepted it. Again, in my most transparent estimation it was
Much, much worse than dirt! Ultra-Mega-Dirt!                                                              around 10 o ’clock in the morning. No Police, No Bystanders, No Guard Dogs waiting around
My intense thoughts ran out when I heard strong screeching sounds.                                        the corners, just them and me, who was soaking wet of sweat and smelled like rotten pork.

Three Black shiny ford™ cars Stopped in front of me, and out came six scary men.                          The steps I made were very unexpectedly light, thus made me run faster than the average girl.
Two black dread-locked guys, Three Tattoo-covered macho-men, and a fat guy wearing a suit                 Maybe because, of Adrenaline, Yes. But those guys were even faster, I could hardly catch my
and the name “Boss” was written all over his face. That’s what I assumed him to be.                       breath.
The boss of those horrid men.                                                                             Heck! I even forgot I had asthma! No asthma now!! I had to run; if I could I would like to
                                                                                                          establish a 100 kilometer distance away from those guys. But then again, the huge difference
“Ohoho, so that’s why our little retriever wasn’t able to follow the deal eh?” Said the fat ‘boss’        between them and me was fatigue, hunger, and fear. My whole body was trembling, yet my
guy as he was swallowing his tobacco. Fortunately, I could understand a little Italian, so he was         thoughts and motives were focused on getting away as far as possible.
one lucky crook.
                                                                                                          I didn’t know I was this famous here in Italia. If I wasn’t, those men wouldn’t be so interested of
“He left the precious hostage roaming around town. How irresponsible. Now he can get neither              me. After all, the precious daughter of Shirakawa Koze is worth all the money in the world.
the money nor this pretty little flower.”                                                                 Perhaps. Well, that’s purely based on my pride as the daughter of a country’s leader.

‘Run and never look back’.

That was what I was saying to my self while I was desperately gasping for air while maintaining
a decent space between those men and me.

Lucky for me, I arrived at a semi-finished construction site. The bricks and metal platforms were
hanging and dumped everywhere. It smelled like fresh cement…Wait, when did my nose
become so sensitive??

But seriously, this was a big advantage for me. Considering that I weigh much less than those
guys, I could probably climb up and hide for the moment. Perhaps that would work, if I was lucky

Anyway, after all the hesitations I climbed up the building. My instantaneous fear of heights
would kick in every time I balanced on one of those platforms, of which were hanging and
connected to a single rope in the middle.

The sun was so fiery above, and the heat from the sun made the metal platforms heat
themselves up. I could even feel the sizzling sensation under my shoes. Just as soon as I
leaped over the next platform, three figures came running close to the site.
‘Just as I thought, they split up.’

I plastered myself behind a vertical bar and tilted a little of my body so I could see things below.


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