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                                                Blackwell Public School
                                               Blackwell Avenue, St Clair. 2759
                             Ph: 96705080 Fax: 98344368 Email:

   Wednesday, 5th November, 2008

                                   S2D Andrew Parker              S2A    Arena McLellan
                                       Bailey Borg                S2D    Dana Smith
                                       Jarrad White               S2L    Jakob Mourkos
                                   S2L Zoie Muscat                S2M    Isabella Anderson
                                       Jermaine Whitley           S2P    Lindsay Smith
                                       Ryan Nelson                S3B    Jordyn Berger
K-2 Merit & Virtue Awards          S2M Mitchell Eckford           S3C    Kira Tosswill
Week 2, Term 4                         Brielle Sharkie            S3S    Taylor Bryant
KB    Mitchell Heckenberg              Sophia Valenti             S3T    Abbey Olivares
      Kristian Kuzmanovski         S2P Serena Mizzi               S3W    Janine Wellard
      Natalie Peel                     Alfred Iva
KC    Georgia Nicolle                  Tamara Evans               STOP WORK WEDNESDAY
      Sam Rogers                   S3B Cassie Jackson             19th NOVEMBER
      Nilisha Buksh                    Sanduni Ratnappuly         Continued Industrial action is to
KL    Hayley Maddock                   Mitchell Tunbridge         take place in all government
      Brandon Zorbas               S3C Paige Dutton               schools on Wednesday 19th
KP    Riley Franklin                   Jake Brown                 November for the first 2 hours of
      Melena O’Shea                    Sean Davis                 that day. The school will remain
      Hayley Barsby                S3S Honey Tarawa               open but normal classes will not
S1CW Halee-Mai Choi                    Damien Roche               commence until after recess. To
      Emiley Cole                      Lauren Stanshall           ensure the safety of students could
      Madison Andrew               S3T Ashleigh Maxwell           you assist by either sending
S1G Caitlyn Callow                     Lauren Fessey              students at the normal starting time
      Sara Faraj                       Shaydon McGuire            or at 11am. I am again sorry for
      Sharon Dunn                  S3W Amber Spencer              any inconvenience this may cause.
S1WH Ethan McAnulty                    Jordan Chalmers
      Bartool Beydoun                  Steven Climan              JUNIOR SRC CHRISTMAS
      Jakob Nicolle                                               RAFFLE FOR KIBATU
S1H Matty Lockyer                  PRINCIPAL’S AWARDS             The Junior SRC are having a raffle
      Rosie Dews                   Week 3, Term 4                 to raise money to support Kibatu,
      D-Jay McCarthy               KB    Georgia Fraser           the Ethiopian student Blackwell
S1J   Jake Vukelic                 KL    Georgia Riley            sponsors through World Vision.
      Todd Ward                    KC    Bailey Fischer           1st & 2nd prizes are Christmas
      Jakob Gimson                 KP    Reese Robinson           hampers
S1LC Joshua Chapman                S1CW Alyssa Brown              3rd prize is 2 tickets to the movies
      Joseph Hanna                 S1G Cheyenne Hilaire           in Penrith and
      Farisha Hussein              S1WH Jade Spark                4th prize is a box of chocolates.
                                   S1H Unity Pasili               Tickets are being sold from the
Week 4, Term 4                     S1J   Jessica Bartolo          front of the school on
S2A Aidan Murray                   S1LC Bianca Nikolic            Tues/Wed/Thurs of this week and
      Dylan Burke                                                 next week.
      Caitlin Hale
Tickets are 50c each or 5 for $2.       A special big thank you to Mr            Tiarna McDonald and Matthew
The raffle will be drawn at the         Woolard and Miss Paterson for                Thrush 2nd Gypsy Tap
combined assembly in Week 6.            their time and effort in preparing
                                        the students for the competition.      Stage 3 Progressive team 2nd Place
On Tuesday afternoon a female                                                     Overall winning school:
student from Erskine Park High                           The following            Blackwell Public School
was approached by a man in a dark                        couples competed
blue Commodore in his late 30’s to                       on Tuesday 4th        KINDER ENROLMENTS
40’s. Parents please remind your                         November at The        Notes have been sent home last
children about stranger danger,                        Sydney West Dance       week to all our 2009
make sure your children go directly     Sport Championships. The               Kindergarten students with
to their destination and walk with      championships were held at             details regarding the
someone else where possible.            Erskine Park against 4 other           Kindergarten Orientation Day.
                                        schools JEPS, Hassall Grove, St        Orientation Day will be Week 6,
SYDNEY WEST DANCE                       Clair and William Dean. It was a       Thursday 20th November, 2008
SPORT                                   great day of Ballroom Dancing          with follow-up visits in weeks
The Sydney West Dance Sport             action. All the Blackwell students     7 & 8.
Championships is a Ballroom             danced very well.
Dance Competition between                Congratulations to all students you   IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY
primary schools.                        were brilliant!!                       CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS OR
Stage 2 and 3 students competed in      Here are some of the results           FAMILY DETAILS, PLEASE
a variety of events, including                                                 COME IN TO THE SCHOOL
teams, mixed events (different           Emma Skorup and Jarryd Tucker         OFFICE OR ADVISE THE
schools are partnered for the dance                                            OFFICE OF ANY CHANGES IN
and their selected events) as well as   Maddison Hurley and Jarrad White       WRITING AS SOON AS
competing students, parents and                  1st in Samba                  POSSIBLE.
spectators also had the opportunity
to participate in social dancing         Hayley Nelms and Ryan Nelson          STAGE 2 CAMP –
throughout the day. There were six               2nd in Samba                  BREWONGLE - A reminder that
couples in each of the stages                                                  the $45 balance for the Stage 2
representing their schools. Stage 2      Meg Kaminski and Brodie Burn          Camp was due TODAY.
students competed in the Slow
Rhythm, Samba and the Australian           Jazmin Kennedy and Jayden           TOGETHER FOR HUMANITY
Barn Dance. Stage 3 competed in               Barsby 2nd Gypsy Tap             WORKSHOPS
the Waltz, Cha Cha and Gypsy                                                   Free Workshops – Thursday, 6th
Tap.                                      Wulandari Southern and Leon          November for Stages 2 and 3
In our inaugural year 2007, the            Massey 1st Slow Rythym              In their innovative syllabus linked
SWDS had three schools – William                                               workshop, students engage and
Dean, Hassall Grove and                  Katelyn Duffy and Adam Hurley         laugh with Christian, Jewish and
Blackwell. 2008 saw this increase                  2nd Waltz                   Muslim role models of living in
to five and hopefully in 2009 we                                               harmony. Students are invited to
will add another two or more              Sara Mitchell and Corey Dehn         see beyond stereotypes to a vision
schools. The program develops                                                  of common humanity, shared
students’ confidence and self-            Mica Blanco and Daniel Brown         values and Australian identity.
esteem, as well as respect and team                                            This will have direct links to our
work.                                    Brittney Castle and Aidan Tucker      School Values Program.
A special thank you goes to those                                              This is a FREE workshop and will
parents who came and supported            Madalyn Shearer and Brayden          be attended by all of our Stage 2
the students by being in the                 Keating 1st Cha Cha               and 3 students.
audience.                                                                      If you DO NOT want your child to
                                                                               attend, please notify the class
                                                                               teacher, in writing, today.

If you have any questions regarding    In receiving a nomination,            PINK RIBBON
the workshops, please don’t            Blackwell has been recognised as      A big thank you to
hesitate to ask.                       excelling in these categories. This   staff and parents
Regards - Robin Lockie, ESL            is a fantastic achievement for all    who purchased Pink
Teacher                                students involved but a special       Ribbon
                                       congratulations and                   merchandise last
YEAR 7 SELECTIVE HIGH                  acknowledgement to all the            week. We raised
SCHOOL – 2010                          dedicated staff who continue to       $232 for a very worthy cause.
If you would like your child to go     ensure our students have access to
to a selective high school in Year 7   such programs.                        BLACKWELL 2008
in 2010 you will need to apply                                               TALENT QUEST
soon. Application forms will be        WALKATHON                                School
available from this school shortly     All students did their walking last          Spectacular
and should be returned to this         week as part of “Caught You                  Friday 12th
school as soon as possible, but no     Walking’ Week.                               December.
later than 14th November, 2008.         All sponsor cards and monies
The Selective High School              should now be returned to school.
Placement Test will be held on the     Students returning monies will
morning of Thursday, 19th March,       receive a ‘prize’
2009.                                  voucher which can be
Please complete the slip below if      claimed each
you would like an application          Wednesday
package. Applications must be          morning in the
made on the original printed           library.
application form. For any further       To be eligible for a                 CanTeen
enquiries, please contact Mr           prize, all monies must                On behalf on CanTeen and its
Woolard at the school office.          be returned by Wednesday, 26th        members thank you for
                                       November. Thank you in                participating in National Bandanna
SUPER SITE NOMINATION                  anticipation of your continued        Day 2008. Our school raised $801
Blackwell Public School has been       support.                              for this worthy cause, by buying
nominated for the annual SW Super                                            267 bandannas. It was an awesome
Site Award. This award was             NEW POOL GATES                        site on Friday 31st October seeing
established to highlight best          All parents and students are          all those children wearing
practice and recognise the             advised that a new front gate (pool   bandannas. Thanks again!!
outstanding contribution made by       gate) has been installed at school.   Miss.J.Lawrie – Organiser
schools and out of hours care          From now on this front gate will be
services (OSHCS) to the co-            closed at 9.30am and can be           HEALTHY HAROLD
ordination and delivery of the         accessed after this time by lifting   BREAKFAST
Australian Sports Commission’s         the mechanism – the same as for a                              We will be
Active After School Communities        pool gate.                                                 having Healthy
(AASC) Program.                                                                                     Breakfast on
The award was evaluated against        STUDENT BANKING                                                Friday 14th
the following criteria:                There will be NO student banking                               November
     Adherence to program             until further notice, due to our                                    2008.
        parameters                     volunteers not being available at
     Program co-ordination            this present time. If any parents     Details will be in next week’s
     Program promotion                can spare an hour or so on Friday     bulletin.
     Innovation/special initiatives   mornings to assist the student
In Term 4, 150 students have           banking volunteers, please contact    SIGNATURE BEARS
enrolled on two afternoon sessions     the school office.                    ‘Signature Bears’ can now be
of Hip Hop and Gymnastics.                                                   ordered for the end of the year
                                                                             farewell for Year 6.

 The bear comes detailed with our        We have limited storage facilities      Don’t miss out on a great day out!!
school colours. Purchase cost is         and can only purchase new stock as      ………………………………………
$20 with $5 being donated to the         the stock on hand is sold.              LEGEND SHOPPING TOUR
Year 6 Farewell dinner for every         Please note the uniform shop is a
bear sold.                               service to provide parents/carers       Name:______________________
Order forms can be collected from        with quality uniforms with value        Student Name & Class
the School Office. There is a            for money. It’s run by mothers who      Contact:_____________________
‘Signature Bear’ on display in the       give their time for free so manners     ____________________________
foyer.                                   and patience are appreciated.           Contact
                                         We’re open 8.30 – 9.15 on               Number:_____________________
UNIFORM NEWS                             Tuesdays and Fridays. Order forms       Amount
It’s week 4 already and uniforms         are available from Front Office.        Enclosed:____________________
are selling well. Some parents have      Orders can be filled and delivered
already started buying up for their      to child’s class or parents/carers      NB: A deposit of $26 is required
kids next year.                          contacted to collect from office for    (non-refundable) or payment of
We encourage parents/caregivers to       larger orders.                          full amount is welcomed!
buy uniforms before the end of           We can only accept cash or              Please place form with money in
year to avoid last minute chaos.         cheques payable to ‘Blackwell           Blue P&C Box.
Store the uniforms and check for         P&C Uniforms’. Please see price
sizing in January 09, a week before      list in this newsletter to make your
school re-commences. If uniforms         selections.                             Request for Selective High Schools
fit, then they can be laundered.                                                 Application Package
If an exchange is required, we can       LEGENDS SHOPPING TOUR                   Please send me an application for
                                         It’s time for our annual Shopping       entry into Year 7 at a selective high
only do this when returned with
                                                                                 school in 2010.
bags, tags intact and items have not     Tour!! Time to ‘shop till you drop’
been worn or washed.                     hassle-free. Our shopping tour will     Student’s
If exchanges or refunds are              be on                                   Name:…………………………………
required and you can’t make it           Sunday 16th
during open times, please return         November,                               Class:…………………………………
item with a note to Front Office.        2008. It will
The ladies at the Office are very        be a fun filled
helpful at ensuring orders and           day of shopping and socialising.        Signed:………………………………
exchanges are completed.                 We will be visiting places like                    (Parent/Carer)
As per P&C policy, refunds over          Corning Ware, Galwards,                 Date:………………………………
$10 will only be paid by cheque, so      Manchester, Home & Gift
please advise cheque payee name,         warehouse, Handbag Factory, KB
if required.                             Toys and one of my favourites –
This is preferred as it allows us to     Dolci D’oro Chocolates just to
monitor the stock and replenish in       name a few. Morning and
time for re-opening in the New           afternoon tea will be supplied and
Year. Our suppliers are also very        lunch is at Mascot RSL. Cost for
busy at this time of year, so it takes   this great day out will be $46.
longer for our orders to be               Please fill out the form in this
completed.                                               newsletter and leave
Please avoid last minute buying in                           in Blue P & C
the New Year. We can’t help                                  Box in the Office
parents/carers being disgruntled on                          Foyer.
Pupil Free day next year if they                             Further enquiries
have to wait 2 hours to be served or                         please contact
if uniform supplies run out.                                 Cathie-Lee
                                                             Portelli on
                                         9670-3610 or 0414 434 418.

            COMING EVENTS
    6/11     Together with Humanity
    7/11     K-2 Assembly
    10/11    3-6 Assembly – S2M
    14/11    Healthy Harold Breakfast
             K-2 Assembly


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