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					     2007 Required Credits/Courses of the Department of Power Mechanical Engineering
                                 Undergraduate Program
                                         Subject                                                                       Note
                                                                              Fall          Spring
                    College Chinese                                                    2
                    Language Courses                                                   8             College English
                                  Core Courses                                       10-15
    NTHU                          Optional
                    Education                                                        8-10
   Required                       Courses
   Courses:                       Total                                               20
   30 credits                                                                                        Required Courses from the 1st to 3rd
                    Physical Education                                                0
                                                                                                     semester year
                    Student Service                                                   0              Required for two semesters
                    Moral Conduct Average Score                                                      Up to 70 points each semester
                    Calculus (I) & (II)                                        3              3
                    Engineering Mathematics (I) & (II)                         3              3
                    Thermal and Fluid Science (I) & (II)                       3              3
                    Applied Mechanics (I) & (II)                               2              2
                    Mechanical Engineering Lab.                                1              1
                    General Chemistry                                                  3
                    General Chemistry Laboratory                                       1
                    Programming Design                                                 3
                    Introduction to Engineering                                        2
     PME            Engineering Drawing                                                2
   Courses:         Work Shop Practices                                                1
   67 credits       Electric Circuits                                                 3
                    Electronics (I)                                                   3
                    Electronics Laboratory                                            1
                    Material Mechanics                                                3
                    Kinematics of Machinery                                           3
                    Manufacturing Processes                                           3
                    Machine Design                                                    3
                    Introduction to Materials Science                                 3
                    Life Sciences                                                      3
                   Physics-related Courses                                                           *note 1: Select two from the five
   Optional   Completed at least one out of the five
                                                                                      15             *note 2
   Courses:   program listed in note 2
  15 credits
  17 credits
                     Ba s ic Requ ir ed Cr ed its                                    129

       no te         Double-major students should acquire the 21 professional Optional credits.

*note 1: The five Physics-related courses are: General Physics (I) plus General Physics Laboratory (I), General Physics (II) plus General Physics
         (II), Engineering Optics, Electromagnetics, Introduction to Modern Physics.
*note 2: The five programs are: Mechatronic Integration Program, Signal Processing Program, Nano/Micro System Program, Energy Program,
         and Precision Machine Program.
           2007 Required Credits/Courses of Power Mechanic Engineering
                                 Graduate Program

Master’s Program:
Students are required to take the credits of thesis research, 2 or more credits of seminars.
                             Subject                         Credit                    Note
           Seminar                                          1       1
Required Thesis                                             2       2    For Master Program Only
Courses:                                                                 For Doctorial Program Only
         Dissertation                                           0
           Refrigerating Mechanical Engineering                 3
           Laminar Flow Theory                                  3
           Computation Fluid Dynamics                           3        Offered in English
           Heat Conduction                                      2
           Turbine                                              3
           Fuel Cells                                           3
           Solar Cells                                          3
           Linear System Theory                                 3
           Digital Control System                               3
           Sensing and Actuation in Miniaturized                3
           Biomedical Microsystem                               3
Optional   Opto-Mechatronics for Instrumentation                3
Courses:                                                        3
           Automatic Optical Inspection
           Electronic Circuits Analysis                         3
           Finite Element Methods                               3
           Elasticity                                           3
           Random Vibrations and Signal Analysis                3
           Theories and Applications of Ultrasonics             3
           Precision Machine Design                             3
           Design for Reliability                               3
           Process Diagnosis and Analysis                       3
           Nanoengineering                                      3
           English for Science and Technology                   3        Offered in English
           Viscoelasticity                                      3
                   Basic Required Credits: 26 Credits Plus Thesis for Master Degree;
                                           20 Credits plus Dissertation for Doctorial Degree

They also are required to complete a minimum of 22 credits excluding required courses i.e.
conducting research leading to a thesis.

Doctorial Program:
 Students are required to take 2 credits of seminars and pass a qualifying examination by the
  end of their 6th semester after the admission. Besides, before applying for the defense of
dissertation, students are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency.

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