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degrees and options                                                       program description
Bachelor of Arts
                                     The Department of Music is committed to providing the highest quality instruction
General Studies
                                     in an environment that nurtures the intellectual and creative development of the
Performance (emphasis                individual. Our goal is to provide a complete and specialized music education to every
   in voice, instrument, or piano)   student, regardless of his or her prior experience. Our classes are small, allowing us
Teaching Credential                  to offer an extraordinary level of personal attention to every individual.
   (B.A. in Music, leading to a      Music students have the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of ensembles,
   Single Subject Credential)        including symphonic orchestra, symphonic band, jazz orchestra, calypso band, steel
Minor                                drum band, opera workshop, choir, madrigal singers, vocal jazz, jazz combos, chamber
                                     groups, and more. Students and faculty collaborate regularly in performances, of
                                     which the music department presents more than 100 every year. A vibrant local music
                                     scene provides additional performance venues. Local clubs, community festivals,
statistics                           and frequent citywide events feature HSU music students regularly.
22 Faculty
                                     Nationally-recognized artists perform frequently at Humboldt State. In addition,
180 Students
                                     music students often have the opportunity to work one-on-one with guest artists
                                     in master classes. Summer chamber music workshops, which attract musicians from
                                     across the United States, provide still more opportunities for the serious performer.
career possibilities                 We have a comprehensive collection of chamber music—the most comprehensive
Choir Director                       collection of chamber music on the West Coast, in fact.
Composer / Arranger
                                     We offer private instruction in composition, voice, piano, guitar, and all orchestral
Credentialed Educator                instruments. Our highly qualified faculty members are active musicians and scholars
Instrument Technician                with a broad range of collective expertise. Their specialties include music technology,
Jazz / Commercial Performer          world music, conducting, jazz, musicology, music education, and performance.
Keyboard Accompanist                 The vast majority of our concerts and rehearsals take place in Fulkerson Recital
Music Critic / Reviewer              Hall, a 201-seat performance space located within the main music building.
Music Librarian                      Larger productions take place in the 750-seat Van Duzer Theater, located in the
Music Merchandizing
                                     neighboring Theatre, Film, and Dance facility. As a Humboldt State music student,
                                     you will have access to a computer-assisted instruction lab, an electronic piano
Music Publisher
Music Therapist                      lab, practice rooms, and a large collection of quality instruments which are loaned
Orchestral Musician                  to students at no cost. Our excellent pianos are expertly maintained by a skilled
Recording Engineer / Producer        full-time piano technician.
Soloist                              We offer degree options in Performance, Composition, Music Education, and a
Studio (private) Teacher             General Liberal Arts Option. Students may pursue more than one option, and
                                     our program allows you the flexibility to explore classes within any of the four
                                     options. Our core program provides a strong foundation in music theory, history,
                                     and ensemble performance, giving you the perfect base for either graduate study
                                     or other careers in music.
                                     The Department of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools
                                     of Music.

Some of the career possibilities                                                           for more information
listed may require additional or                                                         
specialized coursework.                                                                      Music Department 707-826-3531
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                                                                    Admissions Office toll free 866-850-9556, local 826-4402
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