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									                                                                          By Daughter Cheryl Sims
June 27, 2010                                                             Gerard Miller
The Thirteenth Sunday in                                                  By Follet Family
Ordinary Time                                          10:30 AM Thomas B. Kelly III

MASS INTENTIONS FOR THE WEEK                                              By Ed Schultze

Saturday       June 26, 2010                                              Patricia Schultze

5:00PM           Nina Gram                                                By Ed Schultze
                  By HVE Friends
                  Biaquin Rodriguez                         CONTACT THE TRUSTEES
                  By Rose Gardella                     Do you have a question that you would like answered
                                                       or a comment that you would like to share with one
Sunday          June 27, 2010                          of the trustees of the Parish? You can now email
8:30 AM          Roy Kennedy                           them directly with your questions and comments at
                  By Frank and Eileen Chrzanowski
                                                       ALL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN YOU AND
                  Roy Kennedy, Jr.                     THE TRUSTEES WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL
                  By Frank and Eileen Chrzanowski
10:30 AM Happy 50 Wedding Anniversary

                  James and Eleanor Lynch
                                                       Liturgy Corner…
                                                       HIS WORD TODAY by Rev. William J. Reilly
                  By Family
Monday            June 28, 2010                        THIRTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
                                                       June 27, 2010
8:00AM           Rosaria Mannius
                  By: The Parish Family of St. Isaac   “For you were called for freedom, brothers and
                                                       sisters. But do not use this freedom as an
                              Jogues                   opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another
Tuesday           June 29, 2010                        through love. For the whole law is fulfilled in one
                                                       statement, namely, ‘you shall love your neighbor as
8:00AM           George A. Dinich                      yourself.’… ‘I say then, live by the Spirit…’
                  By Joe Gauthier
                                                       Jewish people pause five times each day and repeat
Wednesday         June 30, 2010
                                                       the basic teaching to love God with all their heart, soul
8:00AM            Kathleen D’Amore                     and mind. Moslems pause five times daily to pray. We
                                                       begin and end our day with morning and evening prayer
                  By Joe Gauthier
                                                       often planning our day and examining our conscience.
Thursday       July 1, 2010
8:00AM           Lena Coscia                           The great commandment of love of God and neighbor
                                                       summarizes the ten given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. (Often
                  By Margaret O’Mally                  artists place the first three on one tablet, the second
Friday           July 2, 2010                          seven on the second. The first speaks of our
                                                       relationship with God and the latter, with our neighbor.)
8:00AM            Para Liturgy                         Jesus tells us that love for one another is the single
                  Rosalie Marzulli                     great commandment.
                  By Annamarie & Linda Marzulli        Discipleship of Jesus is founded on one word
Saturday       July 3, 2010                            RESPECT or love. Learn the commandments this way:
                                                       I RESPECT God, His Name, His day. I respect
5:00PM           Mary and Vince Catalini               authority, life, my sexuality and that of others, property
                  By Sister Leah                       and the truth. I respect other people, their values and
                                                       am satisfied with God‟s gifts to me. All are positive
                  Rosalie Marzulli
                                                       statements for living the Christian life. It is not what I
                  By Linda and Annmarie Marzulli       cannot do, but what I am called to do.
Sunday          July 4, 2010
                                                       Jesus taught us the commandments through the
8:30 AM          Fritz Sims                            beatitudes, with a duty and a reward. For reason Paul
                                                       tells me today „live by the Spirit.‟
                                                                     Rather than denying Jesus a second time, he chose
           PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY                                    martyrdom and was crucified upside down during
                                                                    the reign of Nero.
               O God of Mercy, we beg You now to                             The story of St. Peter is truly the story of the
           protect in a special way those who are                   human family. It's about failing & trying again;
fighting for us and for the country we love. Bless them and         about faith overcoming fear; and about knowing that
take care of them. If they are tired, give them strength. If they   being a leader doesn't require perfection.
are wounded and suffering, give them comfort. If they are                    We all want to believe, but we find it difficult
lonely, touch them with Your gentle hand and let them know
                                                                    to push aside our daily worries and have complete
that You are near them. Grant them strength, wisdom and
help through Your power and Your limitless love. Amen.
                                                                    faith in God's love for us. Sometimes we fail and
                                                                    disappoint those who love us, but we can take St.
                                                                    Peter's example of resolving to do better the next
                                                                    time, knowing that the Lord will always forgive our
                                                                    failures. Knowing that we are never alone we also
                                                                    can conquer our fears and become leaders, too.
                                                                             The Church celebrates the Solemnity of St.
                                                                    Peter along with St. Paul on June 29 each year.

                                                                    Theresa M. Giglio
                                                                    Evangelization Ministry
                                                                     EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER SCHEDULE
   EVANGELIZATION MINISTRY                                          Extraordinary Minister Schedule- June 27, 2010
       St. Peter, The Rock                                          North 2:    Deacon Frank
                                                                    Rooms:      Sheila Lewis , Bob Schuster
         Very little is known about the life of Peter,              Care One:    Deacon
except that he was a Galilean fisherman, probably                   Rooms:       Dolores Richardson, Debbie Hammond
born in the village of Bethsaida or Capernaum and                   Care One Assisted Living: Martha Shiffer
his original name was Simon.                                        Extraordinary Minister Schedule- July 4, 2010
         At the start of Christ's ministry, He was                  North 2:    Deacon Frank
                                                                    Rooms:      D Richardson, Debbie Hammond
walking along the shore of Galilee, He called to                    Care One: Deacon Frank
Peter and his brother Andrew, "Come and I will                      Rooms:     Pat Wiles, Ann Marie Palladino
make you fishers of men" (Mt 4:19). They dropped                    Care One Assisted Living: Margaret Guellich
their nets and followed Him.
         During the two years when he followed
Jesus, Peter witnessed many miracles, including the
cure of his own mother-in-law of a fever.
         Peter, however, also failed many times to
                                                                                           IN REMEMBRANCE
have faith. One time when Jesus was walking on                                          Please pray for the soul of
water, He beckoned to Peter to come to Him, Peter                                           Katherine Labenz
set out with confidence, but was suddenly overcome                                whose funeral Mass was celebrated this
with fear and began to sink. As it was so often with                  past week. We ask that you remember her familiy in
Peter, he wanted to believe, but his fear was greater                                    your prayers.
than his faith.
         As Jesus had predicted, Peter even denied
knowing Jesus when Jesus needed him the most.
                                                                                 Celebrate Your Faith
When Peter realized how he had failed Jesus, he was                                      NOVENA
filled with remorse and vowed to change.                                      Wednesdays at 7:15 in the Chapel
         After the Resurrection, Christ appeared to                 Come join us every Wednesday at 7:15 PM in the Chapel to pray
Peter and gave him the awesome responsibility of                    the Rosary followed by a Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous
carrying on His work on earth. Peter accepted the                   Medal. We pray for our personal intentions and now, in these
leadership challenge with resolve knowing that he                   turbulent times, for the safety of our troops and peace throughout
                                                                    the world.
would never be alone.
     Peter led the Church in an outstanding way
despite turmoil from within and from the outside
often conflicting with the Roman authorities. Peter is
recognized as the first Pontiff and laid the foundation                       Stewardship of Treasure
for all future Popes.                                               Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken
down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with      Time: 6:30 PM-7:00 PM--Networking with your peers
which you measure will in return be measured out to you. Luke 6:38.                              7:00 PM- 8:30 PM--Training
                                                                               Volunteers: Those who have expertise in helping individuals
                     WEEKLY COLLECTION                                         through the job seeking process are welcome to be part of
2009                          2010                                             this ministry. Your talent is needed.
June 20th TBA                June 20TH TBA                                      Information: Thom Scattaregia, (856) 235-0181, X124 or by
                                                                                        e-mail at

                                                                                    Looking for summer reading
                                                                                recommendations for your children?
                                                                                                                  Check out:
                                                                                                   ~Celebrating Catholic Motherhood~
                                                                                                              Click on “Catholic Kids”
                                                                                            Click on Catholic Children’s Book Club.
                                                                                            You will find a list of recommended books. The
                                                                                        website also has tremendous number of wholesome
                                                                                        printable activities, games, crafts, word searches, etc.
                                                                            that will keep the kids busy this summer! It also has a list of fun places for
                                                                                                         Catholic children online.
                     SOCIETY OF
                                                                                                     ST. ISAAC JOGUES
                     ST. VINCENT                                                                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                     de PAUL                                                                       THE WEEK AT A GLANCE
 During the summer months area food banks find it difficult to keep                                   ST. ISAAC JOGUES
their shelves filled. We will accept non-perishable food items at any
                                                                                                      CALENDAR OF EVENTS
time and bags may be placed in the gathering space. The food will
be delivered to the St. Vincent de Paul pantries in Medford and                                       THE WEEK AT A GLANCE
Mount Holly. Monetary donations and supermarket gift cards would
be greatly appreciated and may be placed in the collection basket at                                 Monday, June 28th
Mass or mailed to SVdP of St. Isaac Jogues Parish, 3 Lord Place,               8:00 AM               Mass Chapel
Marlton, NJ 08053.                                                             9:00 AM               Altar Society WR
           Please remember in your daily prayers all the needy                 9:15 AM               Bible Study #4
families in our community and throughout the world.                            6:30 PM               Singles Core #7
                                                                               7:00 PM               Catechist Certification #1& #3
         “Today, more than ever, we need to pray for the light to              7:30 PM               SVdP #6
know the will of God; for the love to accept the will of God; for the          7:30 PM               Bible Study #4
way to do the will of God.” – Mother Teresa
                                                                                                     Tuesday, June 29th
                                                                               8:00 AM               Mass Chapel
  CAREER CONNECTION MINISTRY                                                   11:00 AM              Prayer Ministry Chapel
Are you unemployed or underemployed? Are you concerned
about your employment status? The Career Connection                                                  Wednesday, June 30th
Ministry can help you if you are in the career transition                      8:00 AM               Mass Chapel
process. Human Resource professionals from our partner,                        7:15 PM               Novena- Chapel
Virtua Health Services, and credentialed professionals, lead a                 2:00 PM               MUA Meeting #2
series of free training programs to help those in the job search
process. Pre-registration is not necessary. Upcoming
presentations include:                                                                               Thursday, July 1st
                                                                               8:00 AM               Mass Church
* July 7                       How to Network                                  9:00 AM               Alter Society - WR

“How to Network” is a new program requested by our job                                               Friday, July 2nd
seekers. This program will teach you the importance of                         8:00 AM               Para-Liturgy Chapel
networking in your job search; how to use various networking
techniques and practical networking exercises.                                                       Saturday, July 3rd
Training Location: Barry D. Brown Ed. Ctr., 106 Carnie                         4:00 PM               Reconciliation
Blvd. (Across from                                                             5:00 PM               Mass
Virtua Hospital), Voorhees, NJ. For directions, see
                                                                                                     Sunday, July 4th
8:30 &
10:30AM              Mass

              A Graduation Prayer
 May God’s blessings guide you in accomplishing
 your goals throughout the coming years. Wishing
you a future filled with great hopes, great things, for
great are the plans of God. While you walk this new
road, may God be your guide as you follow His path
                  and with Him abide.
     Congratulations from your parish
                                                                                              Pray for the Sick
                  Open your heart &
                      home: Host an                                                Lord Jesus, Who went about doing good and healing all,
                   international student…                                               we ask You to bless Your children who are sick.
Host families are needed for students ages 17 - 18 from Korea and                       Give them the strength in body, courage in spirit,
China. These students are motivated learners with a wide variety of          and patience in pain. Let them recover their health, so that, restored
interests. They will be attending Camden Catholic High School                to our faith community, they may joyfully praise Your Name, for You
for the 2010-2011 school year, tuition paid. These F-1 visa students                         live and reign forever and ever. Amen.
speak English, are fully insured, and have their own pocket money
for personal expenses. Host families provide room and board and              John Paul Aimone, Harrison Clarke Alexander, James Allwine, Ricky Ark
receive a generous monthly hosting stipend.                                  Angella, Herb Bachmann, Georgine Baeringer, Cole Joseph Baker, Edward
                                                                             Barrett, Anthony Basile, Aldona Betz, Steven Bijani, Julie Black, Suzanne Bock,
For more information, please contact Cecelia LaPlaca with Nacel
                                                                             Michael Borden, Chuck Brendley, Betty Bridgham, Mike Broderick, Marian
Open Door at 215-584-7751 or                        Bruno, Robert Byrnes, Donna Callahan, Jennie Campanaro, Thelma Campbell,
                                                                             Francine Cantermen, Mario Carpino, Flo Carr, Shirley Caruso, Catherine
             YOUTH GROUP NEWS                                                Caseber, Rose Castagna, Donna Chiarulli, Thomas Clifford, Arthur Cloutier,
                                                                             Margherita Colella, Lorraine Colletti, Nitalia Conti, Bruno Cortese, Joseph and
                       June 27, 2010                                         Alma Crimmins, Maureen Crowthers, Michael Cunningham, Dolores Dailey,
                                                                             Lenora Danver, Al Davis, Daniel DeCarlo, Emily DeCarlo, Vincent DeCarlo,
  MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                                        John Elmer, Thomas DeFalcon, Pat DeRosa, Sofia, Adam and Luke Deeney,
  INNOVA: Please join us on the third Tuesday of every month at the          Giacomo DiLisi, Maria DiRocco, Nick Doize, Carmen Donato, Bud Dougherty,
  Innova Nursing Home while we play Bingo with the residents. This 1         Carmella Dougherty, Bob & Carol Dutcher, Kathleen Elko, Leo Fleisch, Colin
  hour service project is both fun and rewarding. We meet in the             Foley, David and Andrea Gaines, Ed Galm, Eleanor Gelzinis, Ernest Gerules,
  Nursing home lobby at 6:55 PM and finish at 8 PM. All parish youth         Christina Ghicondey, Douglas Gilbride, Michael Giordano, June Glenn, Nicholas
  and their families are invited. Please bring a small gift (no candles or   Grasso, Mary Jane Griffin, Adie Guida, Lois Guretse, Liz Hafner, John Haines,
  food items please).Innova nursing home is located on Church Rd in          Nina Haines, Jack Harlacher, JoAnne Harmon, Theresa Harrell, Teri Heintz,
                                                                             Kenneth Henderson, Eileen Herdje, Donna and Ray Hetherton, Richard Henry,
  Mt Laurel. Pass by Wahoo Swim Club, cross over the Turnpike and            Sandra Hermandez, Mary Jo Hodgen, Cindy Hogman, Mary Lou Hughes,
  under I-295. The Innova facility is on the left. Use the flag pole         Hailey Hunt, Zoe Hunter, Charles Huntsinger, Daniel Ioffreda, Carrie Jordan,
  entrance. For more information please contact Paul Prentiss at 856-        Amanda Kachmarsky, Frank Kay, Weston Keegan, Edward Kelly, John Kenney,
  985-9267.                                                                  Veronica Kestler, Sharon Keys, Richard Komar, McKenna Kyler, Joseph
  Plan ahead for the rest of the year at Innova:                             Labenz, Jake Ryan Lambert, Kara Lebbeda, Arlene Leone, Christopher Leone,
  July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16 and              Linda Lesser, Marie Letorati, Lindsey, Albert Lorent, Dorothy Lyons, Francis
  December 21.                                                               MacCory, Myra Malamut, Francine Mallie, Frances Manghan, Dominick
                                                                             Marando, Lydia Marrero, Sandy Marusch, Tom Masterson, Stephen Mauriello,
                                                                             Rita Mayo, Anthony McDonald, Mary McNally, Saverio Mecca, John Monohan,
                                                                             Shannon Moraghan Diana Moreland, Stanley Motyl, Joan Myers, Crosby
          For all the latest news, sign up for e-mail
                                                                             Nathaniel, Lisa Newman, Nicole, Bob Nutter, Kathy O’Bierne, Anna Pacella,
          updates by logging onto    Follow                    Nancy Panepinto, Jessica Pasquarella, Raymond Penn, Nicole, Mark Pierson,
          us on Facebook: search -St. Isaac’s Youth                          Jamie Piotrowicz, Sr., Margaret Potre, Laurie Pracher, Regina Preto, Anthony
          Ministry.                                                          Pultrone, David Quinn, Mary Jane Rahill, Sharon Raguz, Mary Raniszewski,
                                                                             Natasha Richardson, Kathy Riecke, Todd Richards, Claire Roberts, Mary
                                                                             Robertson, William Robertson, Jr., Stephen Roman, Joe Ramos, Elyse Rosati,
Joseph Ross, Isaac Roy, Lawrence Russell, Jane Ryan, Joseph Rybarczyk,
Julie Rybczymski, Herb Saltz, Stephen Schweitzer, Bill Semales, Ryan Sherry,
Michael Shorter, Joanna Sieven, Madeline Rose Silk, Patrick Simone, Dot
Smith, Gail Soares, Michael Stancati, Ann Stauch, Ines Sparacio, Beth Stauch,
Gary Stevenson, Ann Stockett,, Alice Tierney, Rosemary Tricarico, Ed Vieira,
Maryann Walker, Glenn Wallace, Jr., Jennie Wallace, Jimmy Walsh, Ann Louise
                                                                                Marlton Community Vacation Bible School will be
Weigold, Delmar Welsey, Mark Weikert, Mikayla Weikert, Helen Weisman,             held July 12 - 16 at Evans School in Marlton.
Kaitlyn Whitholme, Kathleen Worthington, Lauren Warchol, Madeline Wilson, K,     Cost for the entire week is just $20 per student
Dorothy Yerkes, Brenda Zucchi.                                                            with a family maximum of $30.
 Please call the Rectory at 797-0999 to retain or remove a person’s name.
Thank you.                                                                       Registration forms for students (grades K - 7),
                                                                                  student aides (grades 8 - 12) and volunteers
                                                                                       (YES, adult volunteers are needed)
                               JUNE 2010                                        are available at
                             WEDDING BANNS                                         Questions? Call St. Isaac's MCVBS liaison,
                                                                                            Diane Dzwill at 983-7486.
                                First Publication
              Linda Dilks/ Joseph Alexander

A Note from Sister Clare
           June 27, 2010
RF Office Summer Schedule:
Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri., 9:00 to 4:00. Thursday
by appointment.                                                                 On June 13th, two RF Students were Baptized, and
         Registrations are currently going on. For more                         four Students Received their First Eucharist:
information please consult our web site at                                      Brent Dancer            Baptism Please remember RF fees are                              Clare Adams             Baptism and First Eucharist
increased beginning July 1st. Services may be done, but at                      Allison Dancer          First Eucharist
the RF office we will be working through the summer on                          Matthew Hollar          First Eucharist
registration, class lists, catechists and volunteer recruiting                  Olivia Hollar           First Eucharist
and assignments, preparing the new curriculum and
binders, Wildwood Retreat, Confirmation coming up in
October, and much more. The RF Office Staff will continue
to be available through the summer to assist with any
                                                                                 Share the Harvest 2010
                                                                                              Sow a Row for Hunger
                                                                                Share the Harvest is a program based on the
                                                                                "victory gardens" concept, from World War II.
We invite parents to consider registering their children with
special needs. We try to accommodate as much as possible                        Home gardeners grow extra vegetables and
children needing individual instructions, or one on one in a                    donate them to Philabundance. Philabundance
class setting. Please contact the RF Office for further                         asks local and community gardeners to grow
information.                                                                    extra fruits and vegetables or collect any
Also, classes are held for students who because of illness,
                                                                                surplus produce from their gardens to donate
moving, and family issues, missed some years of
                                                                                towards the fight against hunger. Schools,
catechetical formation. Parents having children needing to
catch up, please call the RF Office for further information.                    churches and other organizations dedicate
OUR Parish tries to meet the needs of all the children,                         gardens to Share the Harvest, so they can
but we can’t do it without the number of Volunteers                             donate all the produce.
necessary for a good service. Retiree, parents, single
adults, college students, and yes, even high school
                                                                                Fruits and vegetables collected at Share the
students, are possible candidates
                                                                                Harvest drop-off locations are distributed to
HELP….just call the RF Office for more info.
                                                                                through Philabundance’s network of member
                                                                                agencies in the Delaware Valley who put

                                                                                produce into the hands of people who need it
                                                                                most. A portion of the produce is utilized in
Philabundance’s Community Kitchen (PCK)
program, which trains low-income adults for
jobs in the food-service industry. The students
prepare meals, which is provided to children
and families in emergency shelters in

Enjoy the feeling of helping others while you
enjoy growing your garden.

Don’t forget the fruits & veggies and bring your
excess every Saturday morning from July 17
through September 25, from 10 a.m. to noon,
drop-off tables are set up at Springdale Farms,
1638 S. Springdale Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ. For
more information visit

Dear Clarice,

Attached please find the SIJ bulletin for

           Joyful Men
           Kid’s Korner


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