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					                              CMS FBLA Museum

                                          Visit LaKnea

                The                                      The Field
Mrs. Knight   Members                                     Trips      Helping with

                        Museum Entrance

                             Welcome to the Lobby
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                                    Curator Information

                                 My name is LaKnea
                                 Malone. I was born on
 Add                             August 12, 1997. I go to
Picture                          Childersburg Middle
 Here                            School. I am a member of
                                 these clubs FBLA, FCA,
                                 and Beta Club. The sports
                                 that I am interested in and
                                 play is softball, track, and
                                 volleyball. In my spare
                                 time I talk and hang out
  Back to Lobby                  with friends and family. I
                                 love to laugh and make
                                 others laugh.

          Note: Virtual museums were first introduced by educators at Keith Valley Middle School in
          Horsham, Pennsylvania. This template was designed by Lindsey Warneka under the direction of
          Dr. Christy Keeler during a Teaching American History grant module. View the Educational Virtual
          Museums website for more information on this instructional technique.
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              Mrs. Knight

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             The Field Trips

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              Helping with Careers

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About FBLA

FBLA is all about the positive attitudes that the students
and members get when they join the FBLA club. The
FBLA club is a very good club and a lot of students at
Childersburg Middle School a lot of them have join the
club, and the ones that didn’t join are the ones that are
now wishing that they would have joined the club
because they realize how much effort and positive
attitudes go into this club to keep the flow going. The
FBLA club is a very good club to be a part of and most
members really enjoy their time while being in this club.

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About Kim Knight

 These are a couple of facts about Kim Knight. In 1987 earned her
 Bachelor of science in Marketing, Management minor - from
 Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville AL. State of Alabama
 Licensure - for Property, Casualty, and Surety through the Alabama
 Department of Insurance in 1990; for Life and Disability insurance
 through the Alabama Department of Insurance in 1991. Certified
 Insurance Service Representative - designation through the Alabama
 Department of in 1991. Teacher Certification, Athens, State
 University, Athens, AL. To obtain teacher certification for
 Business/Marketing education courses were completed in: Meeting the
 Needs of Exceptional Career Technical Students, Course Development
 and Evaluation, Classroom Lab Managements and Methods of
 Teaching from 2004 to 2005.

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About Kim Knight

 Mrs. Knight completed 1 of 3 in 2006 from Praxis II. Pursuit of a grant
 for the planning and implementation of a career academy took
 precedent over completing the remaining to parts of certification. Intel
 Teach Certification – completed 32 hours of project based lesson
 plan training. BIE Buck Institute for Education – completed 16 hours
 of project based lesson plan training to prepare for team teaching
 (June 2009). ACE Trainer, Alex Certification of Excellent cohort –
 completed basic certification to train other teachers in the state on the
 benefits of and how to use ALEX and Thinkfinity resources in grades K
 – 12

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About Kim Knight

 2010 ALEX Podcast Camp - Attended a two-day camp designed to
 train teachers on the procedures and benefits of creating podcasts in
 the classroom. Teachers finished products were submitted for the
 Governor's I-Challenge.
 2009 National Board Certified Teacher - Received the state grant to
 pursue certification in 2008 and awarded national certification in 2009.

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About the Members

 The members of the FBAL club are the ones that keep the club going.
 The members are the students that enjoy putting their best effort into
 trying to meet their standards and to keep their grades up just so they
 can stay in the FBLA club. A lot of the students love being in the club
 and love being a part of the club as well. The members also love their
 instructor which is Mrs. Kim Knight. She is a very good instructor with
 managing and keeping the club in top shape and making sure that the
 members are happy.

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About the Officers of

 The officers of the FBLA club are pretty much the ones that keep the
 club together as a team or in this particular matter a club. They are
 only in charge of certain things, but with the major things like getting all
 the money for the field trip and talking to the principal about what they
 are allowed to do and what they can not do is up to the head instructor
 which in my case is Kim Knight. She is the one that is over the
 president, vice president, secretary, historian, and parlimetarian. She
 gets the information that they need to know from the principal and tells
 the president and it is their job to get it to the rest of the officers and
 soon when the officers get everything settled down they will tell the
 other members. The officers are equal to all the other members of the
 club; they just have a little bit more responsibility. The officers of the
 FBLA club I am in is on the next slide.

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Why the Members are important to the

   The members to the club of FBLA are very important because the
   members are the ones that make up the club. The members are the
   ones that put a very positive effort into the school that they attend and
   how they learn to use the skills that learned in the club. It is also
   important to have a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer,
   historian, and a parlimetarian. In my club the officers are:

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The CNN Trip

The students that went on the CNN trip is the ones that learned about
the news that they see almost every morning. A couple of things I
learned is that if you want to a lot about CNN you should go to the
Atlanta, Georgia CNN headquarters. I learned that the CNN workers
have certain places where they do certain things. They have one room
which they call the green room. The reason they call it the green room
is because when they are showing the weather and what direction the
storm or any other kind of weather is going there is actually a green
screen that they have and the weather instructor has to stand in front
of the screen and they just make their hands in a circular motion,
because they don’t see what we see they only see a green screen
while we see moving storms and any other weather. They weather
instructor has to be careful about what they wear they cannot wear a
green or on the television it will appear that the instructor is naked.

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The Federal Reserve Bank Trip

 The Federal Reserve Bank let the students that goes to the bank learn
 a lot about the bank and how our money is made and how you would
 know if the money is fake or not. I learned that you would can find out if
 money is real our not and how you do that is you put the dollar bill up
 to the light and see if you see a kind of faded face on the right side of
 the dollar bill and you also look on the left side and see if you see a
 small line that says what ever number of the dollar that is in your hand
 and it should say either five, ten, twenty, fifty, or one hundred. I also
 learned that there are very amazing artist that makes the drawings of
 the presidents on the dollar bills and the back of the dollar bill. It takes
 a very long time to make the engravings on the dollar bills that is why
 the artist are usually people that are very patient.

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What the trips allow the students to

    The trips that FBLA club takes allow the students to learn
    about well it depends on what trip you go on. For example
    our school went a trip that included to major buildings. The
    buildings were the Federal Reserve Bank and The CNN
    company in Atlanta. The trip allowed me to learn about the
    money that we use everyday and every since I went to that
    Bank I look at money a completely different way now. So
    the trips can really make an impact on certain members.
    On the CNN trip I learned a lot of things that people
    watching the news will probably never suspect in years,
    but I am really not going to talk about this much because I
    rarely watch the news.

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How FBLA helps with Careers

 The FBLA club helps with careers because it shows them how to
 work with things and it shows them how to use certain things. In the
 club name is what basically answers the question in the name of the
 club. The F stands for Future, the B stands for Business, the L
 stands for Leaders, and the A stands for America. So the name of
 the FBLA club basically helps you understand why the FBLA club
 helps with helping students and members choose the right career for

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How FBLA helps students choose Careers

 The FBLA club helps the members or students while in the
 years of being a member of the club the members will learn
 how they work with certain things and what they like and
 they try to find out what kind of career that best suits their
 skills. Like someone that works well with teeth will become
 a dentist. Members that work well with their hands and have
 good creativity will like to build and design houses for
 others at whatever price they want it to be. FBLA help the
 members find their skills and it helps them improve on their

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What most students prefer as a career

       Most students and members prefer that they can get a
       career that they love doing. You see most people don’t like
       to work and manage a job that they do not like or want to
       have anything to do with it. Nope, most students would like
       to find out what they are good at and work everyday to
       improve on how they can get better at a certain job or
       career. Most members would love to work their dream job
       or career, and if you have someone in your family that
       works their dream job ask them how their job makes them
       feel everyday.

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