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									                                                        University Scholars Program
                                                                        in Medicine

The University Scholars Program in Medicine at Washington
University in St. Louis provides a select group of talented first-year
undergraduate students with admission to both the undergraduate
program and medical school.

Each student admitted to the program will receive
pre-professional advising throughout the undergrad-
                                                               University Scholars Program
uate years and participate in the life of Washington
University’s School of Medicine. The scholar will
need to continue to meet the requirements and                  1. Submit an application for
standards for medical school. University Scholars’                admission to the Class of 2014.
interests and curiosity, as well as their academic             2. Also complete this Application
and extracurricular accomplishments, will add                     for University Scholars Program
greatly to the life of the University.                            in Medicine, including your
Eligibility: High school seniors with outstanding                 essay.
academic records and extracurricular contribu-                 3. Provide a teacher’s letter of
tions to their school and community are encour-                   recommendation.
aged to apply to the University Scholars Program.              4. Make a copy of all your forms
An admissions committee will select candidates to                 to keep for your files.
be presented to representatives from the School
of Medicine. Finalists will be invited to visit the
University at our expense to participate in spe-
cial activities and interviews in the spring of their
senior year of high school.
Application Requirements: To apply for the
University Scholars Program, submit:
1. an application for admission to the Class
   of 2014 to the Office of Undergraduate
2. a separate Application for University Scholars
   Program in Medicine, which includes an essay.
3. a letter of recommendation from a teacher. (See
   the recommendation form in the application.)
   This letter may be the same as the one submit-
   ted with your application for admission; if it is
   the same, however, you must send a copy with
   your University Scholars Program application.

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The University Scholars Program application is
                                                              Application Calendar
due to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
by January 15.
Students who apply are encouraged to apply for       ADMISSION
financial assistance, if needed. (The University     Early Decision
Scholars Program is an academic opportunity, not     Admissions Application received
a scholarship program.) You may also apply for the   by November 15
academic scholarships and fellowships described
in our Scholarships brochure for undergraduates,     Regular Decision
which is sent to high school students the summer     Admissions Application received
before their senior year of high school. The dead-   by January 15
line for applying for academic scholarships and      UNIvERSITy SCHOLARS
fellowships is January 15.
                                                     PROgRAM IN MEDICINE
                                                     University Scholars Program in Medicine
For answers to specific questions, contact:          Application received by January 15

   University Scholars Program in Medicine
   Washington University in St. Louis
   Campus Box 1089
   One Brookings Drive
   St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
   (800) 638-0700 or (314) 935-6000
   Web site:


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