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									Northampton Branch of the
Pony Club Newsletter
January 2011

Dear Members and Parents

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody

Membership Renewals 2011
These have been posted out/given to you. Please post your membership renewal
and fee to Linda Dex, Membership Secretary, 6 Windmill Gardens, Staverton,
Daventry, Northants NN11 6DD. Should you wish to discuss any membership matter
with Linda please do not hesitate to telephone her on 01327 879690. Please note
that if your have not renewed your membership by the end of January 2011 you will
not be eligible to compete in any Areas competition and also your insurance will

Christmas Party on Horseback
Thank you to all those who attended and hope you all had good fun. It has been
heard said it was „the best ever‟. Big thanks to Jo for the fabulous games.

Presentation Evening
The Christmas Party and Presentation Evening was held at Harpole Bowls Club on
Friday 3rd December. With the awful weather and the fact that many were busy with
school and club special evenings, numbers were down but we still had a good time.
We hope to have this year‟s Presentation Evening on a Sunday 5pm to 7pm.

Winners for Cups for 2010 :
BEST TURNED OUT – Lucy Care and Cracker
BEST LEAD REIN – Annabel Hawkins and Sunrising Peacock
FIRST RIDDEN – Eilidh Macaulay and Mr Tink
Mountain & Moorland – Rose Vella and Olaf
FAMILY PONY – Harvey Poole and Dilly
Riding Club HORSE/PONY – shared between Abbie Salter and Fleur
                             and Lucy Care and Flo
NOVICE WORKING HUNTER - Jaz Roach and Burlington
OPEN WORKING HUNTER – Jack Weston and Fleur
 Pony Show Jumping
1'3" ASSISTED – Megan Curtis and Peanut
1.3" UNASSISTED – Elise Pacey and Fleet
1'6" ASSISTED – Katie Turland and Cracker
1.6" UNASSISTED - Elise Pacey and Fleet
1'9" shared between Aidan Billing and Kira and
                       Sophie Evans and Hobie
2'0" Sophie Evans and Hobie
2'3" Ashleigh Pittams and Frankie
2'6" Ashleigh Pittams and Frankie
2'9" Ashleigh Pittams and Frankie
3'0" Natalie Gamblin and Casper
 Horse Showing Jumping
2.3" shared between Cameron Billing and Floyd
                        and Ashleigh Pittams and Jack
2'6" Ashleigh Pittams and Jack
2'9" Cameron Billing and Samson
3'0" Alice Stones and Vinnie
3'3" shared between Rebecca Dex and Shannon
                      and Alice Stones and Vinnie
Grandmaster Memorial Trophy for the Jumping Derby – Jack Weston and Fleur
Achievements in Excellence in :
SHOW JUMPING – Jess Dimmock
DRESSAGE – Ashliegh Pittams
EVENTING – Natalie Gamblin

If you were not at the Presentation Evening and have not received your trophy via
friend that was present, please speak to Kathy.
Don‟t forget – your first chance to gain points towards 2011 will be the NPC Members
Show at Moulton College on Monday 21st February 2011. Schedule on the website.

Addington – Wednesday 26th February
Schedule attached for those not on email. Schedule has been sent by email. If you
wish to participate then please complete entry form and send with correct entry fee
to Kathy as soon as possible please. Cheques are to be made out to Northampton
Branch of the Pony Club. All entries have to be made by a Pony Club and not by
individuals. NPC will have to send off entries and payment in advance. Thank you.

Please remember that anyone who wants to compete on behalf of Pony Club, where NPC
have to register and pay for entries in advance, must send NPC the correct entry fee at time
of booking. This is because in the past we have been left with people not turning up at all
after saying they wish to enter or people competing but not paying their entry fees. NPC has
paid entry fees in advance and have been left with money owing to them because of this .

Christmas Members Show
This was due to take place on Wednesday 29th December but was postponed due
to weather conditions. This will now take place on Monday 21st February at Moulton.
Schedule is on the website and has been emailed to you all. Attached for those not
on email. 10.30 am start – would anyone competing in the first class please come at
9.30 am to help set up and if you are competing in the last class please stay behind
to help clear up. Remember that this is a Members Show and Committee members
will also have a horse with them too.

Website Headings for Winter Training and Rallies
To avoid confusion Winter Training will now be called Mounted Rallies and appear as
such on the website. Therefore the two rally headings will now be Unmounted Rallies
and Mounted Rallies.

Mounted Rallies [ex Winter Training] –
Holdenby :
    22nd January / 29th January
    5th February / 12th February / 19th February / 26th February
    Moulton :
    29th January
    12th February / 26th February
    12th March

please let Linda know if you wish to attend : 01327 879690 or 07765 218229 OR EMAIL

Unmounted Rallies
Dates for unmounted rallies at Delapre are 13th February, 13th March and 10th April.
Please let Kathy know if you wish to attend [07704 511352/01604 832075 or]

Please remember that if you wish to be considered for Area Training in the Spring and
then go forward to represent NPC at Area Competitions you must have attended at
least three mounted rallies with the horse/pony that you intend to compete on.
Requirement for camp, as always, is that you must have attended three rallies, one
being an unmounted rally. Winter training [now called Mounted Rallies] will count
towards this total.

Efficiency Tests Workbooks
We have the work books available to purchase for all the tests so that it can help you
with your studies while working towards your particular test. These books
are particularly useful when studying for the C and C+ tests and are strongly
recommended and are brilliant reference books for years to come. Please contact
Jo Salter, Treasurer, if you wish to order one. Prices are :
     D Test - £7.80, D+ Test - £10.00, C Test - £13.40, C+ Test £19.40, B Test - £30

Dress Code for Rallies and Winter Training
Please remember that the Pony Club approved dress code for rallies is :
           Hat – black or dark colour
           jodhpurs – black, navy, cream or white
           tops – white long sleeve shirt and tie or pony club sweatshirt/navy [no
             hoodies please]
           boots - in either black or brown or jodhpur boots and chaps [clean
           Body protectors are advisable
           New clothing is not expected but what is worn must be clean, neat
             and tidy

Are there any Dads/relatives who are electricians and could give us some advice.
We need some help please about our Club Hut. If anyone can help please contact

Letters will be sent out soon to invite people to attend Area Training. We need to
have a large squad of members to train and then assess whether NPC can send a
team[s] to Area Competitions. To be invited to train does not necessarily mean you
will represent NPC at the Area Competitions but we hope you will accept if invited.
You will have to be prepared to travel to the competitions if you do represent NPC
and the Area Championships can be some distance away.

Dates and Venues of Area Competitions and Championships
See Calendar at end of Newsletter

Show Dates and Monday Dressage Evenings for 2011
See Calendar at end of Newsletter

Mini, midi and main camp will run in the same week, 15th to 19th August 2011, at
Milton Keynes Eventing Centre. More detailed information to follow. You have to
have attended three rallies to go to camp, one rally being unmounted.

Congratulations to Evie Brown
Evie Brown has been accepted into the British Racing School at Newmarket as an
Apprentice jockey. She will start her training in July and in the meantime she will
be doing work experience with Caroline Bailey. Congratulations and best wishes
Evie. Let us know how you get on.

New Members
Welcome to new members Louisa Jones, Marielle Jones, and Maci-Jo Spatcher.

Happy birthday to members Evie Brown, Jodie Clare, Heidi Dippolito, Sophie Doran,
Amy Latham, Ginny Lee, Anna Lindsay, Fern Roach and Hannah Slade who
celebrated their birthdays in December and Lucy Care, Jess Clarke, Alina Coyle,
Lauren Draper, Sophie Evans, Bethany Ford, Jade Winfield and Ellie Wayland who
have celebrated and are celebrating their birthdays in January.

Members Successes [please let me know of any]
Cameron Billing was awarded at the Cherwell Valley Riding Club Awards - The Red
Trophy, most successful junior member runner up 2010, Junior cross country 2010
trophy, and overall winner in Area 5 Grandmaster Memorial Trophy Junior Novice
Hunter trials.

Redwings – News from our Adopted Friends at Oxhill
    DYLAN – pony
   “Well I have been keeping myself out of trouble here at Oxhill, as always! Our visitor
   centre is now closed for two days a week. I didn't realise this at first and I just thought that
   no one had come to see us but then our carers said that we are closed on Thursdays and
   Fridays over the Winter. I was relieved to know that it wasn't because people didn't like us
   anymore! It actually makes it quite exciting to have no visitors for two days a week as it
   means we are super excited to see everyone on a Saturday so we get loads of fuss and
   attention. Well I had better go, I can see some hay coming our way! Thanks for being my
   friend. Love Dylan x x”
   FELICITY – donkey [I think Glasgow must be her donkey friend]! Norfolk is one of
   Redwings other centres
“Great news! Glasgow and I have returned to Oxhill! It is lovely to be back. We had such a
fun time down in Norfolk but there really is no place like home. Glasgow's hoof is much better
and he is feeling as fit as a fiddle. Everyone certainly seems very pleased to see us. What a
great way to start the year. I hope you will be able to visit me soon. Love Felicity x x”
      WENSLEY – miniature Shetland
“Edam is back!! Good news, my best buddy is back! I'm sure you'll all be
as pleased as I am to know that my best buddy, Edam is back! Yippee!!
Don't tell him I told you, but I really missed him while he was away at
Hapton. He's back now though which is great. We've been getting up to
all sorts of mischief already. He's enjoyed meeting our new Shetland
friends too. As I predicted he and Doc are already plotting! Love
Wensley x x”
      WILL [WILL SCARLETT] – former police horse
“I've had a very nice few weeks with my friends Oliver and Jenson. I have to say I have been
quite enjoying the mud lately. All the rain we've had has resulted in quite a lot of lovely mud. I
can't resist a nice big muddy puddle! I just have to roll in the muddiest bit of the field I can
find. I heard one of my carers saying the other day that they think I was a hippo in a former
life! Apparently hippos love to wallow in lovely mud too!! I was treated to a nice pair of shiny
news shoes a couple of weeks ago too which was great. I am always very well behaved
when the farrier comes. I try to set an example to some others here who aren't so well
behaved! Well I must go and see what Oliver and Jenson are getting up to, I do hope they
are not causing too much mischief! Love Will x x”

Brown Leather pony jump saddle 16inch made by Olney Saddlery - good condition
and very comfortable secure seat. £350 ono. If interested please call Jo Salter on
01327 359104 or 07910231616.


Detailed information regarding each event and show schedules will be on the
Northampton Branch of the Pony Club website nearer the event date.
                 Event                      Venue
Sat 22nd         Winter Training                    Holdenby
Sat 29th         Winter Training                    Moulton
Sat 29th         Winter Training                    Holdenby
Sat 5th          Winter Training                    Holdenby
Sat 12th         Winter Training                    Moulton
Sat 12th         Winter Training                    Holdenby
Sun 13th         Unmounted Rally                    Delapre
Sat 19th         Winter Training                    Holdenby
Sat 26th         Winter Training                    Moulton
Sat 26th         Winter Training                    Holdenby
MARCH 2011
Sat 12th         Winter Training                    Moulton
Sun 13th         Unmounted Rally                    Delapre
APRIL 2011
Sun 10th         Unmounted Rally                    Delapre
MAY 2011
Sun 15th         Open Show                          Delapre
JUNE 2011
Mon 13th         Dressage Evening                   Delapre
Sun 19th         Jumping Derby                      Delapre
Mon 27th         Dressage Evening                   Delapre
JULY 2011
Sun 10th         Members Show                       Delapre
Mon 11th         Dressage Evening                   Delapre
Sun 17th July    Area Eventing                      Offchurch Bury, Leamington Spa
Mon 25th July    Dressage Evening                   Delapre
Sun 31st July    Area Show Jumping                  Steane Park, Brackley
Sun 7th          Area Dressage and Prix Caprilli    Henley Showground
Mon 8th          Dressage Evening                   Delapre
13th to 16th     Area Championships                 Draycott, Derbyshire
                 Intermediate and Open
15th to 19th     Camp – Mini, Midi and Main         Milton Keynes Eventing Centre
27th to 28th     Area Championships Novice          Kelsall EC, Cheshire
Sun 4th          Open Show                          Delapre
Sun 9th          Jumping Derby                      Delapre


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