The spring tire market (from March to May) is the second largest selling period of the year, accounting for 1 out
of every 5 tires sold! Increase your tire sales this spring by following these easy tips:
    • Use the vehicle inspection report card with every customer visit,
    • Inspect and measure all tires at every service visit, and
    • Communicate the need for replacement tires to your customers who are due for a new set.

Remember, 78% of customers who are shown the need for tires will buy from the person who points out the need
and 51% of these customers will purchase tires immediately.

You can also encourage customers to purchase tires from you by offering competitive prices. Installation rebates,
provided through this program, are designed to help you price aggressively. For an added edge, we also encourage
you to mystery shop the competition on a regular basis.

Growing your tire business is important in its own right, but it can also drive complementary sales and is an
important aspect of overall parts and service business success and customer loyalty. Of all the customers who
choose another service provider for tires, only 10% will return to you for service. Don’t find this out first-hand.
Now is the time to focus on your tire business. Last year’s results were extraordinary, so we are once again
offering tire rebates to help you target the competition and retain your customers for all their service needs.
The rebates will be exactly the same as last year, from $7.50 to $27.50 per tire.

Pass on these savings to your customers by offering aggressive pricing in your market! Remember to develop
special spring tire price packages. To catch the eyes and interest of your customers, strategically merchandise
these offers throughout your dealership. Plan on hosting a “Tire Event” in your store. For more information,
please contact Tire Headquarters at TireHQ@b2retailsolutions.com.

Installation Rebates Program Period:            March 16 – May 15, 2009

Program Products:
Eligible Tires:                                 Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin, Uniroyal, BFGoodrich,
                                                Goodyear, Goodyear Associated Brands, Dunlop, Continental,
                                                General, Pirelli (Hankook will not be offered on this program)
                                                purchased through the Ford National Account Program and
                                                installed on a retail or internal repair order during the program

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Program Offer:
Winter Tire Installation Rebate Program Offer (March 16 to May 15, 2009)
        Dealers will receive an installation rebate for eligible tires installed during the program period
        as follows:

                      Tire Size                          Tire Rebate                           Tire Rebate
                                                          Per Tire                             Per Set of 4

                      12" & 13"                              $7.50                                $30.00
                         14"                                $10.00                                $40.00
                         15"                                $12.50                                $50.00
                         16"                                $15.00                                $60.00
                         17"                                $17.50                                $70.00
                         18"                                $20.00                                $80.00
                         19"                                $22.50                                $90.00
                         20"                                $25.00                               $100.00
                    21" or larger                           $27.50                               $110.00

Rebate Eligibility and Claiming Process:
            1. Tires must be purchased through Ford’s National Tire Account Program.

             2. Dealers must be enrolled in the 2009 ConsumerLINK Service Campaign.

             3. Dealers must submit repair order data electronically, on a weekly basis, to Ford of Canada.
                Repair orders must list the complete tire part number, including manufacturer prefix.

             4. Ford of Canada will collect the repair order data and calculate the rebate/installed tire size as per
                the chart above (based on quantity and part numbers listed on RO).
             5. Credits for eligible submissions will be issued on the July 2009 Dealer Parts Statement under the
                program code: 2009SpringTireProgramRebates.

             6. Only retail or internal repair order installations are eligible for installation tire rebates.

             7. At the conclusion of the program, Dealers will be sent a detailed report of all tires that received
                the installation rebate. Dealer appeals for these rebates will be accepted no later than August 15,
                2009 by TireHQ@b2retailsolutions.com.

             8. Ford of Canada reserves the right to audit/validate and/or otherwise verify all tire purchases to
                determine program eligibility. Should Ford of Canada determine an enrolled Dealer and/or
                eligible employee has engaged in fraud and/or intentional misrepresentation, Ford of Canada will
                reduce the payouts accordingly and may terminate enrollment in future incentive programs.

Merchandising Assists
Using displays and point-of-sale material is a great way to trigger impulse purchases and build customer
awareness around your product offerings. The Ford E-Store gives you the opportunity to shop online for
merchandising materials including posters, brochures, banners and display racks. The E-Store makes ordering
products easy – photos, descriptions, and pricing are posted for each item.

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          Tire Bags                       Tire Totes                            Tire Tags
           QC-704                        totes promo                            GS-703E

     250 Tire Bags per roll    Tire Totes are a convenient, easy     The eye-catching redesigned tire
          32" x 50.5"          and clean way to carry and store     merchandising tags are a great tool
                              customer tires AND a great way to        to draw the attention of the
                              stimulate additional sales for your     customer to your in-store tire
                                   in-dealership winter tire          promotions. Size: 7" x 10.5".
                                          promotions.                    20/pkg. and comes with
                                            36/case.                weatherproof sleeves and elastics.

          Tire Rack                Tire & Rim Displayer                     Tire Wear Poster
          QC-705-B                      DFTR-2817                              CSO-674E

         Fits 12 tires.        Black. Ideal for creating package     43" x 63" – Educates customers on
    Complete with dolly and      mounted tire and rim pricing       the common causes of irregular tire
        header card.          promotions. Can be mounted to any       wear and outlines the reasons for
                              gondola or slatgrid panel. Use with     recommending replacing worn or
                                 grid/gondola sign pockets for                 damaged tires.
                               graphic copy and pricing. Please
                               allow 10 to 14 days for delivery.
                                        Shipping extra.

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Consider hosting a “Tire Event”. It’s a great opportunity to sell more tires and service. It’s also a chance to
generate more names for your customer database. When planning your event, remember the following:

    1. Be prepared
       Plan every detail from inventory, to appropriate staffing, to special processes and procedures.

    2. Do your homework
       Analyze the market, the timing of your event and your inventory quantities/selection. Survey every
       service customer one to two weeks prior to your promotion to identify approximately how many need
       new tires. This should help you estimate your sales potential. Review completed Vehicle Report Cards on
       file for customers with identified tire needs and plan a targeted mailing to them. Coordinate the timing of
       your tire orders to take advantage of Ford and manufacturer program rebates. Don’t underestimate the
       potential of your promotion.

    3. Get everyone involved
       Train service staff to be comfortable “talking tires” with customers and asking targeted questions about
       their needs. Give staff ownership and direction. Make sure everyone (including sales staff) knows their
       roles for the day(s) of the event.

    4. Promote the event widely
       Promote the event to both your existing customer base and the general public. Remember, you
       can sell tires to non-Ford vehicles too, and it would be great to get these customers into your
       vehicle showrooms! Be sure to create a big splash on event day to increase traffic. Use colourful point-of-
       sale material that can be seen from the street. Tire Event Kits (see image below) are available through
       Tire Headquarters. For more information please contact Tire Headquarters at
       TireHQ@b2retailsolutions.com for more details.

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