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                          ERA RE

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           ER LOG                      V O L U M E        1 0 ,     I S S U E   2      S P R I N G      2 0 0 9

                                   Change is affecting every as-          planning, strategic public and          ting public policy, which will
                                   pect of forestry. Many natu-           private investment, and lead-           affect your future. What
                                   ral resource professionals in          ership at all levels to prepare         kinds of technical support,
                                   Maryland and Delaware are              Maryland’s landowners, com-             educational opportunities,
                                   struggling to plan for the fu-         munities, forestry profession-          and cost share programs do
                                   ture of forest management in           als and forest industry to              you need to help you manage
                                   the face of reduced timber                                                     forest land and market forest
                                   values and increased regula-                                                   products in a changing world?
                                   tion.                                                                          Local and state leaders are
                                   But with change comes op-                                                      faced with tough choices over
                                   portunity. New markets for                                                     how to spend scarce re-
                                   sustainable forest products                                                    sources, and need to hear
                                   and environmental services                                                     about your needs from you.
                                   offer new opportunities for            succeed and thrive in this              Check the calendar for the
                                   income, as citizens statewide          new world, and your input is            listening session nearest to
                                   begin to recognize the public          important!                              you. Contact Nancy Nunn at
                                   values of private forests. It          Regional Listening Sessions    or 410-827-
                                   will take smart and inclusive          will play a direct role in set-         8056 for more information.

                                                                                    Cut along lines.
                                       Circle TWO days that work best for you to attend a class.      
                                                          MON  TUE  WED  THU  FRI            SAT  SUN 
                                       Circle ONE best way for you to get your eight hours of continuing education credits. 
                                                          1 eight‐hour class  2 four‐hour classes  4 two‐hour classes 
                                       Circle your THREE favorite methods for getting continuing education credits. 
                                            Watching a logging‐        Joining a live online     Watching a recorded         Reading a logging‐
                                           related video at home     training from home or       online training from        related publication 
Program Survey                                                                office               home or office 
                                            Attending a lecture       Attending a class at a     Participating in a Mas‐      Participating in a 
Please take a few min-
                                                                            job site               ter Logger tailgate         workshop on a  
utes to complete this                                                                                safety session             specific skill 
survey so that we can
                                       What are the biggest challenges you face as a logger? 
make the Master Logger
program better fit your                How can this program help you meet those challenges? 
needs. Complete, cut,                   
and return, or fill out                What are the things about the Master Logger Program you like? 
online at:                              
                                       What are the things about the Master Logger Program you dislike?
p=WEB22973TBL6SR                       Do you log on state‐owned land?                                               Yes     No 
                                       Do you log for the Emerald Ash Borer eradication program?                     Yes     No 
                                       Do you log for a mill certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative?       Yes     No 
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                          The MD/DE Master Logger        The award winner will re-         couraged to submit a letter
                          Steering Committee and         ceive an engraved plaque,         of nomination for any log-
                          the Maryland Forests Asso-     complimentary registration        ger they feel exemplifies
                             ciation (MFA) are look-     and guest package at              the best in logging contrac-
                                ing for nominations      the MFA Annual Meeting,           tors. You do not need to
                                  for the 2009 Logger    and other awards donated          be an MFA member to
“Who can                         of the Year award.      by MFA sponsors. The final-       nominate someone for this
submit a                     The award program is        ist will automatically be         award.
                            open to all independent      nominated to the appropri-        Letters of nomination must
nomination?                   logging contractors.       ate regional Forest Re-           be received by July 1, 2009.
                               Preference will be        sources Association Out-          Submit nominations to the
Anyone!”                       given to those actively   standing Logger Award             address below or at the
                          participating in the MD/DE     Program, subject to eligibil-     link below.
                          Master Logger Program.         ity requirements.
                                                                                           Karin Miller
                          Finalists will be judged by    Who can submit a nomina-          Maryland Forests Assoc.
                          an on-the-ground inspec-       tion? Anyone! Forest Land-        PO Box 599
                          tion visit by a 2 or 3 mem-    owners, foresters, forest         Grantsville, MD 21536
                          ber team appointed by the      products companies and
                          Board.                         fellow loggers are all en-        p=WEB2298S9YMESW

                          Congrats to our new Master Loggers!
                          The following people have recently attained active MD/DE Master Logger status.

                          Robert Beale           Walter Layfield Jr.    Samuel Mays              Luke Wilhelm
                          Brian Blickenstaff     Philip MacDonald Jr.   Steve Mays Sr.           Matthew Wilhelm
                          Carl Dyson             Russell Massey         Doug Minner              Timothy Wilhelm Jr.
                          John Hudson            Henry Mays             Martin Palmer            Adam Wingo
                          Thomas Kane            Luke Mays              Michael Sterling

       Cut along lines.

                                                                 Please place
                                                                 stamp here

    Nevin Dawson
    MD/DE Master Logger Program
    Wye Research & Education Center
    PO Box 169
    Queenstown, MD 21658

                                                                                                                J. Dindinger
VOLUME         10,   ISSUE       2                                                                                           PAGE    3

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is       top down, new sprouts from           only warranted on high-value
a shiny green beetle about 1/3-      the bottom, S-shaped tunnels         landscape trees. Researchers
1/2” long. The adult does some       under the bark, and wood-            are studying several wasps from
damage by munching on tree           pecker activity. The most            Asia that feed on EAB, but it is
leaves, but the larva is the real    unique sign, though, is a D-         not yet known whether popula-
nuisance. These tan, angular         shaped 1/4 inch exit hole. EAB       tion control will be possible
larvae with bell-shaped seg-         will infest any and all species of   even if populations of these
ments grow up to 1 1/4” and          ash, but will not inflict signifi-   wasps can be established. 
feed on the cambium of ash           cant harm on any other species.      If you have found evidence of          “The most
trees, cutting off nutrient and      There are so far no easy meth-       EAB activity, call the Home and 
water supplies. This almost          ods of controlling EAB. Some                                                unique sign is a
                                                                          Garden Information Center im‐
always kills the host tree.          pesticides can prevent infesta-      mediately at 410‐531‐1757 or           D-shaped 1/4
The signs and symptoms of in-        tion, but their application is       visit their website at 
festation are dieback from the       fairly expensive and is generally                      inch exit hole.”

The American Loggers Council         very difficult economic position.    do wish to continue their busi-
has issued a resolution request-     These include the highly special-    ness through the “extreme eco-
ing that loan providers take the     ized nature of logging equip-        nomic down cycle.”
unique financial demands associ-     ment that makes it unsuitable        The council hopes that this
ated with the business of forest     for other work, and the current      resolution will encourage some
harvest into consideration           drop in demand for timber            leniency in the administration of
when dealing with loans for          products.                            equipment loans.
logging equipment.                   The resolution goes on to ex-        The North Carolina Associa-
The resolution explains that         plain that even though many          tion of Professional Loggers has
several factors are currently        logging equipment loans are in       endorsed this resolution.
combining to put loggers in a        danger of default, many loggers

Log truckers in Virginia, North Caro-       been able to qualify for a 25 percent       not interpreting congressional intent cor-
lina, and South Carolina, have reported     reduction in HVUT, in recognition of        rectly. FRA is working with state logging
that the Internal Revenue Service has       the prevalence of empty backhauls and       association representatives and the Ameri-
denied the 25 percent reduction in the      correspondingly reduced road wear.          can Loggers Council to persuade the IRS
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) for log        However, the IRS office in Rock Hill,       to reaffirm the 25% reduction in HVUT
trucks in recent audits and has required    South Carolina, is taking the position      for log trucks.
these logging firms to pay back taxes for   that a vehicle must be used exclusively     If you know of logging firms that have
a period of three years. For one logger     to transport harvested products to and      been denied the 25% HVUT reduction,
in Virginia, the back taxes exceeded        from points located within a forest in      please contact Steve Jarvis at 301-838-
$30,000.                                    order to qualify. The Forest Resources      9385 or
Since the early 1980s log truckers have     Association (FRA) asserts that the IRS is
                                                                                        -from Forest Resources Association
                                                                                        February 9, 2009, Bulletin
            N   D DEL


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           ER LOG

MD/DE Master Logger Program
Nevin Dawson
Program Coordinator
Wye Research and Education Center
PO Box 169
Queenstown, MD 21658

Phone: 410-827-8056, ext. 125
Fax: 410-827-9039

 Equal Access Programs                           THE LOGGER is the official publication of the MD/DE Master Logger Pro-
                                                 gram, Master Logger Steering Committee (MLSC), and the Maryland SFISIC.

Jun 6                         Hardwood Bucking, Edrich Lumber pavilion, 8am-2pm, $30, Carol Taylor: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 8                         Forestry Listening Session, Harford Community College (Rm. E132), Bel Air, MD, 6pm-8pm, FREE,
                              Nancy Nunn: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 10                        Estate Planning 100, Potomac Falls, VA, 10am-11am, FREE, Christine Cavins: 703-637-4346 or
                     Sponsored by McLean Insurance.

Jun 10                        Forestry Listening Session, Ramada/Holiday Inn, 300 S. Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD, 6pm-8pm,
                              FREE, Nancy Nunn: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 15                        Forestry Listening Session, College of S. Maryland (Bldg. BI, Rm. 113), LaPlata, MD, 6pm-8pm,
                              FREE, Nancy Nunn: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 16                        Forestry Listening Session, Urbana Library (Community Rm.), 9020 Amelung St., Frederick, MD,
                              6pm-8pm, FREE, Nancy Nunn: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 17                        Forestry Listening Session, Frostburg State Univ. (Compton 226), 101 Braddock Rd., Frostburg,
                              MD, 6pm-8pm, FREE, Nancy Nunn: 410-827-8056 or

Jun 27                        ML Core: OSHA Logging Safety, Wye REC, 124 Wye Narrows Dr., Queenstown, MD, and
                              Online, 9am-1pm, $30, Carol Taylor: 410-827-8056 or Registration req’d by 6/22.

Jul 30                        Performance Management, Potomac Falls, VA, 11am-1pm, FREE, Christine Cavins: 703-637-4346
                              or Sponsored by McLean Insurance.

Aug 12                        Entity Choices for Small Businesses, Potomac Falls, VA, 10am-11am, FREE, Christine Cavins: 703-
                              637-4346 or Sponsored by McLean Insurance.

                 Attendees at all listed events are eligible for ML CE credit hours equal to the length of the program.