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					JA2 v1.13 things to do:
Conversion Kit for Magpul PDR (if pic available)

Kukhri von Misterious X einbauen?

Shotgun Chokes:
Baikal MP-133                 all possible
Baikal MP-233
Benelli M3 Convertible        IMP only, fixed
Benelli M4 Super 90           IMP,RIF possible
Fabarm FP6                    all possible
Fabarm SDASS                  all possible
Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout      none
Jackhammer Mk3A1
Remington M870                IMP only, fixed
Saiga 12K                     all possible
Sawed-Off Shotgun             own pattern
SPAS-12                       all possible
SPAS-15                       all possible
Street Sweeper
Super-Shorty Mini-Shotgun     own pattern

So some people want less effective sniper rifles, some want more range for 5.56x45mm, some
want short guns to have more damage, etc.

To make everyone happy, I present the "Starwalker Special":

Type: pistol
Caliber: 9x19mm
Magsize: 250
Available ammotypes: XAP only
Modes: Semi-auto (2 AP), Burst-3 (3 AP), Full-Auto (10 shots per 5 AP)
Weight: not enough to mention
Damage: 40
Range: 550m
Accuracy: -10
Burst- and Autofire to-hit Bonus: +20
Draw-AP: 1
Attachments: can take all gun attachments (at the same time, of course, as soon as we get
unlimited attachment slots)
It is 1-handed, so you can wield two of them.

Unfortunately, it will be the /only/ gun in the game, so /everyone/ will get one (or two).
Found Picatinny Rail foreends (or rail sets) for:
AK-47 and other full-size AK rifles
Benelli M4
Beretta 70/90
Colt M4
Colt M16 / Diemaco C7
Enfield SA-80
FN Minimi
HK G36-family
SA vz-58
SIG 550 / 551 / 552
Steyr AUG A2

Found Picatinny Toprail for:
Benelli M4
Colt M4
Colt M16 / Diemaco C7
HK G36-family
M14 (basically foreend rail that is long enough to mount a scope as well)
SIG 550 / 551 / 552 (basically foreend rail that is long enough to mount a scope as well)

Why not create 6 types of FMJ rifle bullet types -
High speed lead bullet(5.56 M193)
Medium speed Lead bullet (7.62x51 M80, Yugo 7.62x39 M67)
High Speed Lead+Steel core(5.56mmM855)
Medium speed L+S core, HS Steel bullet(5.45mm M74)
Medium Steel Bullet(7.62x39 M43)
Lead bullets have a litlebit worse penetration, but higher damage effect, Steel bullets
otherwise - good penetration, weaker stopping effect. High speed projectiles have a worse
cover penetration, Medium speed better cover penetration.

With this you get a M855 round that will have armor penetration better than 7.62x51 M80
Ball round (5.56x45 M855 is able to penetrate steel helmet at 630m, 7.62X51 M80 Ball at
600m), 7.62 M43 will have good cover penetration, but will not deal much damage (7.62x39
is not a good stopper - (In one tragic incident in Sweden a killer used AK-47 with M43 rounds
in kindergarden. He shot 35 kids, but only 5 kids died. 7.62x39 produce clean penetration of
the body, projectile tumble only after 40cm, which means that most of time projectile is
already out from body. This was a main reason why Russians are using 5.45 ammo with
hollow nondeforming tip - it produce tumbling effect after a 20cm penetration, therefore 5.45
bullet has a much better stopping effect than 7.62x39, but it is still weak against 5.56x45 if
projectile ideally fragments. Fragmenting effect is a quite big problem, because today most of
US soldiers use short barrel(14") M4A1, so M855 have fragmenting effect only at distance
below 75m, standard issue M16A4 with 20" barrell is able to fragment out to 250m, thatts
why US Marines still use M16A4...)
The solution would be to have a grey ball ammo for the the rifles (similar to the ball ammo
already in the game for the pistol calibers). Red 5.56 would simulate M885 AP. Grey 5.56
would roughly simulate M193. Same thing with 7.62x51. Grey 7.62x51 would simulate the
old M80 round. Red would be some of the newer 7.62x51 AP ammo (like M948). Match and
hollow point rounds exist for both.
Reload times in a fast pace (airsoft/milsim) firefight letting the empty mag drop(leaving it
behind) and inserting the new one + pulling the reload handle( what is this called correctly in
english???)+ aiming your gun again:

MP5: 3 Sec
Beretta 92f: 2
AK 47: 3,5
M16A3: 3,5
M249: 9-11
Dragunov: 4

+ 0,5-1,5 seconds for pulling the reload handle and aiming...

1945-1960 92.5%
1960-1980 95%
1980-1990 97.5%
1990-2000 100%
2000-2010 102.5%

That would go well with the South American Loadout (O.K. some of the listed countries are
actually Middle American ones) I had in mind for some time:

Beretta 92      2     (Brazil, Chile)
Colt 1911       6     (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua)
FN-HP35        12     (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador,
                      Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela)

Uzi            10     (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay,
                      Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela)
HK MP5          4     (Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru)

Assault Rifle:
AKM             3     (Cuba, Guyana, Peru)
FN FAL         10     (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador,
                      Mexico, Paraguay, Peru)
HK G3           6     (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guyana, Mexico)
M14             4     (Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela)
M16A1          10     (Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua,
                      Panama, Peru, Uruguay)

Sniper Rifles:
Dragunov SVD          (Cuba)
M21             1     (Colombia)
[only two other countries had a sniper rifle listed, but we do not have those in 1.13]

FN MAG       11       (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico,
                      Panama, Peru, Urugay, Venezuela)
M60             8     (Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru,

Grenade Launchers:
M79           5    (Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay)
M203          5    (Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay)
RFB Rifles:

- Singleshot-AP=26
- Ready-AP=8
- Damage=34
- Range=575

- Singleshot-AP=27
- Ready-AP=11
- Damage=38
- Range=780

- Singleshot-AP=28
- Ready-AP=14
- Damage=40
- Range=850

That would be strictly to formulas that take barrel length, gun weight, and another length into
                      account. It can be readied much faster than a lot of other rifles in that
                      caliber, but it does not shoot much faster...

Given that the gun does /not/ have a free-floating barrel, I would adjust the range downwards
                     and give it an accuracy of 4 (rather than 5, which is the standard for
                     ordinary rifles).

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