Map Four River Valley Civilizations

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					Directions for Base Map: On the map form provided in class, complete the directions
below in the order they are listed. Use the text maps on pages 38 (Nile River valley),
46 (Tigris and Euphrates river valleys), 73 (Indus River Valley – Harappa and Mohenjo
Daro), and page 92 Huang He river valley). In addition, log on to the following website
for an overview of how these four river valleys look on a map.

1. Draw in and label the following rivers and regions:
      a. Nile                                   d. Indus              g. Upper Egypt
      b. Tigris                                 e. Huang He           h. Lower Egypt
      c. Euphrates                               f. Yangtze
2. Draw in brown and label the following mountain ranges. Use the map symbol of a
   triangle to indicate mountains.
       a. Hindu Kush                          c. Caucasus
       b. Himalayas                           d. Taurus
3. Label the following deserts.
      a. Sahara                                 c. Gobi               e. Takla Makan
      b. Syrian                                 d. Arabian
4. Label the following seas and oceans.
      a. Mediterranean Sea                       e. Pacific Ocean     i. Black Sea
      b. Red Sea                                 f. Arabian Sea       j. Caspian Sea
      c. Persian Gulf                            g Bay of Bengal
      d. Indian Ocean                            h. Yellow Sea
5. Label the following cities with a dot on your map for each one.
      a. Memphis                                 d. Babylon           g. Carthage
      b. Thebes                                  e. Mohenjo Daro      h. Jerusalem
      c. Ur                                      f. Anyang
6. Draw in and color the following civilizations. Make a legend for these civilizations.
      a. Egypt (page 38)                                     yellow
      b. Fertile Crescent /Mesopotamia (page 35)              green
             Using brown, draw and color in the homeland of the Phoenicians. (Use the
                 legend on page 56 to find the land of the Phoenicians.
             On the same page find the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Draw and color
                 in the homeland of the Jews in orange. (Palestine)
      c. India (page 73)                          purple
      d. China (page 92)                          red
   7. Color all water and rivers blue. Neatly color the rest of the map in a light color.
   8. Create a legend for your map identifying the meanings of all colors and shapes.
Map Questions: Under the map, answer the questions below.
  1. Page 38 – “Ancient Mesopotamia” – number 2.
  2. Page 46 - “Ancient Egypt” – number 2. (This is a tricky one! Can you figure it out?)
  3. Page 56 – “Ancient Palestine” – number 2.

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