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									                                           Nestor Almendros
                                           Cinematographer, Director, Actor, Writer

                                           Birth           October 30, 1930 (Barcelona, Spain)
                                           Death           March 4, 1992 (New York, USA)
                                           Genres          Drama, Documentary, Romance

                                                     Almendro's father, Herminio, was a liberal
                                             pedagogue who worked for the Spanish Republic's
                                             educational institutions then went into exile to Cuba
                                             in 1938, when Francoism became a treat for left-
                                             leaning intellectuals. Young Néstor was left behind
                                             until the Spanish political climate became
                                             asphyxiating and he decided to follow his father's
     footsteps in 1948. He trained as a cinematographer in both France and Italy, although
     Cuba remained very close to his heart. Almendros embraced Castroism enthusiastically,
     as did other intellectuals, only to become deeply disenchanted with the growth of
     bureaucracy and political repression.

             As a gay man in an explicitly homophobic country, he experienced a menacing
     climate that would finally force him to leave his adopted homeland definitively in 1963.
     Almendros then moved to France where he became François Throughput’s favorite
     cinematographer during the 1970s. Hollywood beckoned in the late 1970s and he became
     a highly esteemed professional after he got an Oscar prize for Days of Heaven. Equally at
     home with Hollywood glamour and European art film, Almendros kept combining both
     when undertaking projects. In his documentary Mauvaise Conduite, he told the world
     about Castro's government's stern attitudes toward sexual dissidence. Through personal
     testimonies and other documents, the film presents the plight of homosexuals in Cuba and
     tackles the issue of "concentration camps" where they were interned. Almendros died of
     an Aids-related illness.


1.          Billy Bathgate (1991)
2.          Made in Milan (1990)

3.          New York Stories (1989) (segment "Life Lessons")
4.          Imagine: John Lennon (1988)
5.          Nadine (1987)
6.          Heartburn (1986)
7.          Places in the Heart (1984)
8.           Vivement dimanche! (1983)
      ... aka Confidentially Yours (USA)
      ... aka Finally, Sunday
9.           Pauline à la plage (1983)
      ... aka Pauline at the Beach
10.          Sophie's Choice (1982) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka Sophie's Choice (Australia)
11.          Still of the Night (1982)
12.          Dernier métro, Le (1980) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka The Last Metro (International: English title)
13.          The Blue Lagoon (1980)

14.          Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
15.          Amour en fuite, L' (1979)
      ... aka Love on the Run (Canada: English title) (USA)
16.          Koko, le gorille qui parle (1978)
      ... aka Koko, a Talking Gorilla (USA)
17.          Perceval le Gallois (1978)
      ... aka Fuorilegge, Il (Italy)
      ... aka Perceval (Italy)
18.          Goin' South (1978) (as Nestor Almendros)
19.          Days of Heaven (1978) (as Nestor Almendros)
20.          Chambre verte, La (1978)
      ... aka The Green Room (USA)
      ... aka The Vanishing Fiancée (USA)
21.          Vie devant soi, La (1977) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka A Life Ahead (International: English title: literal title)
      ... aka Madame Rosa (USA)
22.          Cambio de sexo (1977)
      ... aka Change of Sex
      ... aka Forbidden Love (UK)
      ... aka I Want to Be a Woman
23.          Homme qui aimait les femmes, L' (1977) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka The Man Who Loved Women (USA)
24.          Beaubourg, centre d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou (1977)
      ... aka Beaubourg (International: English title)
25.          Maîtresse (1976)
      ... aka Mistress
26.          Marquise von O..., Die (1976)
      ... aka Marquise d'O..., La (France)
      ... aka The Marquise of O
27.         Des journées entières dans les arbres (1976)
      ... aka Entire Days Among the Trees (UK)
      ... aka Entire Days in the Trees (International: English title)
28.         Histoire d'Adèle H., L' (1975) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka The Story of Adele H (USA)
29.         The Gentleman Tramp (1975)
30.         Mes petites amoureuses (1974)
31.         Cockfighter (1974)
      ... aka Born to Kill
      ... aka Gamblin' Man
      ... aka Wild Drifter
32.         Femmes au soleil (1974)
      ... aka Women in the Sun (International: English title)
33.         Gueule ouverte, La (1974)
      ... aka The Mouth Agape (International: English title)
34.         Général Idi Amin Dada: Autoportrait (1974)
      ... aka General Amin (UK)
      ... aka General Idi Amin Dada (USA)
      ... aka General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait (USA)
      ... aka No One Can Run Faster Than a Rifle Bullet
35.         Oiseau rare, L' (1973)
      ... aka A Rare Bird (International: English title)
36.         Amour l'après-midi, L' (1972)
      ... aka Chloe in the Afternoon (USA)
      ... aka Love in the Afternoon
37.         Vallée, La (1972)
      ... aka The Valley
      ... aka The Valley (Obscured by Clouds)
38.         Poil de carotte (1972)
39.         Deux anglaises et le continent, Les (1971) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka Two English Girls (Canada: English title) (USA: cut version)
      ... aka Anne and Muriel (UK)
      ... aka Deux anglaises, Les (France: reissue title)
      ... aka Two English Girls and the Continent (International: English title)
40.         Cochon aux patates douces, Le (1971)
41.         Maquillages (1971)
42.         Sing-Sing (1971)
43.         Domicile conjugal (1970) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka Bed & Board (Canada: English title) (USA)
      ... aka Bed and Board (UK)
      ... aka Non drammatizziamo... è solo questione di corna! (Italy)
44.         Enfant sauvage, L' (1970)
      ... aka The Wild Boy (UK)
      ... aka The Wild Child (USA)
45.         Genou de Claire, Le (1970)
      ... aka Claire's Knee (USA)

46.         Ma nuit chez Maud (1969)
      ... aka My Night at Maud's (USA)
      ... aka My Night with Maud
      ... aka Six Moral Tales III: My Night at Maud's (International: English title: series title)
      ... aka Six contes moraux III: Ma nuit chez Maud (France: series title)
47.         More (1969)
      ... aka Gier nach Lust (West Germany: new title)
      ... aka More - Mehr, immer mehr (West Germany)
48.         Gun Runner (1969) (as John Nestor)
      ... aka The Gunrunners (USA)
49.         The Wild Racers (1968)
50.         Collectionneuse, La (1967)
      ... aka Six contes moraux IV: La Collectionneuse
      ... aka The Collector
51.         Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui (1966)
      ... aka A Modern Coed (USA: literal English title)
52.         Paris vu par... (1965) (segments "Saint Germain-des-Prés" and "Place de l'Etoile")
      ... aka Six in Paris
53.         Nadja à Paris (1964) (as Nestor Almendros)
      ... aka Nadja in Paris (USA: literal English title)
54.         Gente en la playa (1960)


1.          Nadie escuchaba (1984)
      ... aka Nobody Listened (USA)
2.          Mauvaise conduite (1984)
      ... aka Bad Conduct
      ... aka Improper Conduct

3.          Escuelas rurales (1960)
4.          Gente en la playa (1960)
5.          Ritmo de Cuba (1960)

6.          Confusión cotidiana, Una (1950)

      Miscellaneous Crew:
1.           Villa des dunes (1975) (technical advisor)

     Art Director:

1.           More (1969) (as Nestor Almendros)
     ... aka Gier nach Lust (West Germany: new title)
     ... aka More - Mehr, immer mehr (West Germany)


1.           Collectionneuse, La (1967)
     ... aka Six contes moraux IV: La Collectionneuse
     ... aka The Collector

     Camera and Electrical Department:

1.           Père Noël a les yeux bleus, Le (1966) (assistant camera) (as Nestor Almendros)
     ... aka Santa Claus Has Blue Eyes (International: English title)

     Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

1.           Paris vu par... (1965) (assistant director) (segment "La Muette")
     ... aka Six in Paris


1.           Ritmo de Cuba (1960)


1.           Gente en la playa (1960) (producer)


1.           Visions of Light (1992) (special thanks from afi) (as Nestor Almendros)
     ... aka Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography


1.           Visions of Light (1992) (as Nestor Almendros) .... Himself
     ... aka Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography

2.           The 51st Annual Academy Awards (1979) (TV) (as Nestor Almendros) .... Winner -
     Best Cinematography

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