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					                                                                         ASU Speech &
                                                                        Hearing Clinic

      8-Week Class
      August 26th
More than 30,000 individuals world-                                       Implant
wide have received cochlear im-                                          Solutions
plants. Although the technology of
cochlear implants today is phenome-
nal, a cochlear implant alone is not                                             Effective
enough to complete the rehabilitation                                          Solutions for
process. Cochlear Implant Solu-                                                  CI Users
tions, a counseling-based audiologic
rehabilitation group, is designed for
individuals who are considering a
cochlear implant as well as new and
experienced cochlear implant users
in order to maximize their outcomes.

                                        Arizona State University
                                        Speech and Hearing Clinic
                                        Coor Hall PO Box 870102
                                        Tempe, AZ 85287-0102
                                        Phone: 480-965-2373
                                        Fax: 480-965-0076
        Learning together to hear       Email:
      again with a cochlear implant
Learn to Minimize
  your Hearing                                              Who Should Attend?
   Difficulties                                             The Cochlear Implant Solutions AR program will be helpful
                                                            for anyone who has questions or concerns about hearing or
                                                            communication with a cochlear implant. Adults, whether or
                                                            not they are a current cochlear implant recipient, are eligible    Is there a charge to attend?
The ASU Speech & Hearing Clinic offers a group audi-
                                                            to participate. Because hearing loss is a family affair, spouses   Yes, the fee to attend is $50.00, which covers the
ologic rehabilitation course for cochlear implant candi-
                                                                                     and significant others are encour-        printing costs of the course materials, including a par-
dates and current cochlear implant recipients. Learning
                                                                                     aged to attend as well.                   ticipant notebook which is yours to keep. Significant
to effectively use and hear with a cochlear implant can
                                                                                                                               others and spouses attend for free.
be easier for you and your loved ones through a process
called audiologic rehabilitation. This program is de-                                   What is the pro-
                                                                                        gram about?                            When does the class meet?
signed to help people overcome communication diffi-                                     Cochlear Implant Solutions is an       The Cochlear Implant Solutions AR program is an 8-
culties that have arisen as a result of hearing loss and                                interactive program that provides      week course that will meet once a week for two hours.
may remain even after receiving a cochlear implant.          Learn to breakdown opportunities to learn more about
                                                                                                                               Classes will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30
The decision to get a cochlear implant can be a difficult       communication           hearing and hearing loss, cochlear
                                                                     barriers                                                  to 5:30 pm on the ASU campus. Parking is readily
one and potential recipients can benefit from education                                 implants and tips for improving        available.
regarding cochlear implant options, candidacy, realistic    difficult listening situations. Other topics include:
expectations, device operation, auditory training,
                                                            •    Understanding your hearing loss and implant candidacy         How do I sign up?
effective communication strategies, and assistive tech-
nology to help them prepare for CI use. New and
                                                            •    Cochlear implant options, orientation and adjustment          Space is limited so sign up early. Participants need to
current CI recipients gain important support from           •    Benefits and limitations of cochlear implants and how         be committed to attending all sessions of this 8-week
                                                                 they work                                                     course. For more information and to receive registra-
other CI users as well as valuable information about
                                                            •    Adjusting to cochlear implant use                             tion materials, please call the ASU Speech & Hearing
communication strategies and devices beyond a CI to
help improve their performance. Discussions about           •    Using cochlear implants effectively and successfully          Clinic at 480-965-2373.
everyday problems and solutions and questions and           •    Environmental management and assertiveness training
concerns can help all who attend the classes become         •    Listening techniques and strategies                           Class starts August 26, 2009
more efficient communicators and effective cochlear         •    Speechreading and auditory training and practice
implant users.                                              •    Communication & coping strategies
                                                            •    Assistive technology including television devices, tele-
                                                                 phone devices, Bluetooth solutions, alerting & warning
                                                            •    Telephone tips
                                                            •    Bilateral CIs and hearing aid use in the non-implanted
                                                                                                                                                  And maximize
                                                                                                                                                  your hearing
                                                            Who are the instructors?                                                                  with a
                                                            Classes will be conducted by ASU Audiology clinical faculty
                                                            and doctoral students in the ASU Speech & Hearing Depart-                               cochlear
               Take steps to become an
                                                            ment                                                                                     implant
             effective communicator and
                     CI user today!