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					                                      LESSON PLAN NUMBER __3____

Teacher Education Candidate                    Supervising Teacher                           UWG Supervisor Baugh

____Randy Blakely_____________________                   ____Catchings________________________

School __Newnan Crossing____________________________                Date of Implemented Lesson Plan

Block No. _2____ Subject: __Social Studies_______________________________________                   Grade Level:

Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Optimizing Time

                                                               Stage 1 The Desired Results
Standards                           Map Skills and U.S. States and Capitals SS3G1. The student
                                    will locate major topographical features

Specific Learning Objective(s)          a. Identify major rivers of U.S. (Mississippi, Ohio, Rio Grande,
                                           Colorado, Hudson)

                                                            Stage 2 Assessment Evidence
 Assessment Instrument              Completed group project model of U.S. rivers
(Ex. Test, Poster, Presentation,
Picture, etc.)
 Evaluation (Grading) Instrument    Rubric for group project
(Ex. Point System, Rubric,          Checklist for individual participation
Checklist, etc.)
                                                                    Stage 3 Learning Plans
Materials                           Large posters of U.S. outline
                                    Play dough
                                    Colored markers
Sequence of Teacher Actions         Teacher will begin with a KWL chart—what we know about U.S. rivers, where
                                    they are located, and why they are important. We will then add what we want to
*Attention-Getter/Motivator         learn about rivers. Teacher will tie it in to previous learning by asking students
                                    what they have learned about U.S. geography in the past and why learning about
*Tie to Previous Learning           rivers is important. Teacher will then give directions for the small group river
                                    poster projects. Teacher will provide each group with a folder containing animal
*Significant Actions to Introduce   fact and information sheets on at least 20 different river animals and teacher will
  and Guide Lesson                  provide each group with a large U.S. outline poster. Teacher will also provide
                                    each group with a map picture showing the locations and names of several large
                                    U.S. rivers. Teacher will instruct each student in each group to choose a river and
                                    draw it(using colored markers) on their group poster. Teacher will ask each
                                    student to write the name of their river on the poster as well as the names of all of
                                    the states that their river goes through or touches. Teacher will ask students to, as
                                    a group, choose 3 river animals from their folders and write down the name of the
                                    animal and 2 facts about their animal(using the info. sheets in their folders). Each
                                    group will then have to write down one reason why they think that the particular
                                    animal does well in a river habitat(or how their particular animal is well adapted
                                    to survive in or near the river). After this part of the group project is completed,
                                    individual students in each group may come to the back table and get a can of play
                                    dough of the color of their choice and some tape. Each student will then make a
                                    play dough model of their river by making a play dough river over the river that
                                    they drew and taping it onto the U.S. poster. Teacher will close the lesson by
                                    allowing students to discuss and show their group projects and teacher will lead a
                                    brief class discussion to finish the L part of the KWL chart to review what was
Sequence of Student Actions          Students will participate in an opening KWL chart activity about rivers
                                     Students will listen as teacher leads brief class discussion about rivers and why
*Explain How Students Are            learning about rivers is important
  Engaged During Lesson              Students will listen to teacher’s directions about how to do the individual and
                                     group aspects of the group poster project
* Explain How Students Discuss       Students will choose a river and use colored markers to draw it on poster
  or Present Results of What         Students will write the name of their river on their group poster
  They Did During the Lesson         Students will write the names of all states that their river passes through
                                     Students will, as a group, choose 3 river animals from the information folders at
                                     their tables and will write 2 facts about their animals and engage in higher
                                     learning skills by also writing one reason that their animal is well adapted to
                                     survive in a river habitat
                                     Students will make play dough models of their rivers on their group posters
                                     Students will present their projects and will participate in a closing class
                                     discussion and complete the L portion of the KWL chart

Teacher’s Lesson Closure/Wrap-       Complete the L portion of KWL chart and class discussion/presentations
Adaptations for Exceptional          EIP students will be placed in groups with some high functioning students who
Students (Anyone who requires        can be helping peers to them
modifications for their needs)
Related Activities/Extensions        Gifted students who finish early can choose to read some additional books about
(What can students do who need       rivers or assist classmates in completing their projects
more than is in the lesson? Should
be related to lesson.)
Connections to Other Disciplines     Science, Language Arts, Art

Candidate’s Reflection After the Lesson:
Submit Lesson Plan Agenda with this Lesson Plan

Question: How can I identify and locate five major U.S. rivers and demonstrate this knowledge?

    1.   KWL river chart
    2.   Brief class discussion/instructions for group projects
    3.   Project making river models
    4.   Discussion/Presentations