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Proficio Upgrade Running the Final Upgrade for


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									       Proficio Upgrade: Running the Final Upgrade for
       The Brick Store Museum
       12/17/2009 (this includes changes made during phone call)
IMPORTANT: Before you rerun the upgrade for the final time, you will use these
instructions to make sure your real vrediscov is ready for the upgrade.

Do not use these instructions if:
You have not yet completed the review of the upgraded system.

Things you need to do before you proceed with these instructions:
   (a) Talk with Re:discovery Technical Support about any necessary changes
       you identified during the review.

     (b) Delete the Vrediscov.ProficioReview system that you’d worked with

     (c) All users need to exit from both Visual Re:discovery and the Proficio
         system before you start the final upgrade.

     (d) Make sure all users stop editing or adding data in the Visual vrediscov
         system. After you have run the final upgrade, users may perform
         searches in the old version while you confirm that the upgrade ran
         successfully but may not edit data.

     (e) Do a #9 backup of vrediscov.

     (f) Download from our FTP site ftp://ftp/rediscov.com/public/brick store/Brick
         Stoare Final Proficio Upgrade Config Files

I.      Prepare your real vrediscov (version 6.2c) for the upgrade.
        You will apply the same steps to the final version of your Vrediscov that
        were applied for the upgrade. (For Brick Store Museum, the above steps
        2-6 that we did before copying the system to create the copy do not need
        to be done again.)

        Do the following:

           A. WINDOWS EXPLORER: Copy/paste vrediscov\brick\access so we
              have a backup before reindexing

           B. WINDOWS EXPLORER: Extract REVISED zip file into the plain
              vrediscov. Unzip it into the plain vrediscov.ProficioReview.
              Because there are so many files in the Brick Store zip file, I went
              ahead and set it to overwrite without prompting.

          C. ARTIST:
                 - IN VISUAL: Find the record for Faxon. Look at the
                    Nationality field. Bad data. Looks like it should just be
                    deleted (control + delete), maybe backspace, too.
                 - WINDOWS EXPLORER – rename artist.* to artistorig
                 -                          - rename artist_empty63* to be artist
                 - IN VISUAL: COMMAND WINDOW: append from artistorig

          D. CATALOG RECORDS: Barry.Estate.0002. Go to Barry.Estate.0002
             - modify location to say "Studio" in the last subfield.

          E. CATALOG RECORDS: Command window.
                - Type: REPL ALL TYPE WITH UPPER(TYPE)
                - Type: REPL ALL CLASS WITH UPPER(CLASS)
                - Type: REPL ALL CAT_NAM WITH UPPER(CAT_NAM)

          F. VISUAL REDISCOVERY – MAIN MENU – Reindex Files (pack?

          G. WINDOWS EXPLORER: Go to “Copy of vrediscov” and look for
             brick. Copy the access.cdx, access.dbf, access.fpt.

II.    Prepare your Proficio system for the final upgrade:
       Please call Vanessa for help with this
          a. Delete the review directories in your Proficio system (TOOLS –
          b. Reports, etc. You may want to rename the local VisualRediscovery
             folder. (We did a copy/paste)

III.   Install Software Updates, if any, that were provided by Tech Support


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