Moist and Combination Cooking Methods by yaofenji


									Moist and Combination Cooking

      CA-ICA-7a: Identify basic
      moist heat and combination
      cooking methods.
    The Moist Heat Cooking
– Moist heat cooking methods include any
  techniques that involve cooking with moisture
  — whether it's steam, water, stock, wine or
  some other liquid.

– Cooking temperatures are anywhere from
  140°F to a maximum of 212°F because water
  doesn't get any hotter than that.
Examples of moist heat methods include:
 Poaching

 Simmering

 Boiling

 Steaming

• Steam is trapped and circulates around
• The heat from the steam is transferred
  into the food
• Food does not come into direct contact
  with the steaming liquid
• Retains many nutrients in the food
  Poaching, Simmering, Boiling

                        •Used for tougher cuts
                        of meat
                        •170-185 degrees
                       •A few bubbles are
                       released from the
•Used for tender foods bottom of the pan
                                                 •Suitable for pasta and
such as eggs, fish,
                                                 certain vegetables
chicken, fruits
                                                 •212 degrees
•160-170 degrees
                                                 •Bubbles break the
•Bubbles develop on
                                                 surface of the water
the bottom of the pan
                                                 on a steady basis
but do not release
    The Combination Method
• Combination cooking methods apply
  both dry heat and moist heat methods to
  the cooking of the food during the same
Examples of combination methods include:

  Braising

  Stewing
         Braising and Stewing
• When braising, first       • When stewing, the
  the food is browned          food is cut into
  on all sides, usually in     smaller pieces and
  a small amount of fat.       browned in a small
• Next, liquid is added        amount of fat.
  and then it is             • Next, liquid is added
  simmered.                    and it is simmered.
• Define each of the three cooking methods.

• List some examples of Dry Heat cooking

• List some examples of Moist Heat Cooking

• List some examples of Combination cooking

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