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									Glueble Quick Start Guide

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Glueble Quick Start Guide
     First you must download and install the most recent version of Glueble Connect at

     The installation process is a basic Install Wizard, like most applications. For the most part, you
     can keep everything at default. It is highly recommended that, once the Install Wizard has
     completed, you run through the Microphone Setup portion of the Audio/Visual Setup. Doing so
     will help insure proper recording levels. If, due to previous installation, the A/V Wizard does not
     automatically launch, you can manually launch it from Glueble under Help.

     When you have gone through the Install Wizard and the A/V Setup, click on the Finish Button.
     You should now see the Glueble icon in your system tray.

     Glueble is now ready for use. The green hook indicates that you
     are available and can be contacted through the conferencing client. This setting will change
     when you are already in a conference, away from your computer for a time, or you can set it

     Other Software
     While running Glueble, please refrain from utilizing other Audio/Visual communications
     applications as this could cause conflicts or other system errors.

                           Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.
Glueble Quick Start Guide
     Launching the Glueble Console
     Double click on the Glueble icon in the systray. This will launch the Glueble Console.

     From the Glueble Console, you can send instant messages to other users, start
     sessions with them, maintain your friends list, see past, current, and future scheduled
     conferences. Glueble can easily take the place of your old phone, instant messenger
     applications, meeting rooms with projectors, and otherwise cut out the need for travel
     all together. One thing to keep in mind, of course, when scheduling conferences with
     others through Glueble is that they may be in a different time zone.

     Closing Glueble
     Clicking on the X to the upper right of the Glueble Console will not close the program;
     it will simply minimize and remove the application from the task bar. You will still be
     connected through Glueble, able to receive messages, etc.

     To fully close Glueble, so you are no longer connected, choose Exit from the File Menu of the
     Console or right click and choose Exit from the systray icon.

     If you have been assigned as an administrator for the Glueble Conference Suite, you will have an
     option in the file menu titled “User Administration.” This option will allow you to create new users
     as well as modify or remove existing users. All users should possess a valid email address, as
     this is how they will be notified of their new account and password.

     Starting a Session
     To launch a new session, there is a button called ”Start Session.”

     If you have users highlighted prior to clicking on this, they will automatically be invited to the
     session. The Session Dialog window will appear when opting to start session. You can choose
     “quick collaboration” to avoid the Session Dialog window. If you do not see all of these options
     here, click on the Advanced button in the lower right hand corner.

                           Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.
Glueble Quick Start Guide

     The one who initiates the session is called the Host. Once a session is running, you can invite
     other users.

     Sessions can be started at any time; they can also be set to start at a predetermined date/time.

     Types of Sessions
     To fit different situations, there are different types of sessions that can be created.

     A Managed session is useful for on-point meetings with multiple users. The Manager can control
     who can do what—with users having to request the ability to speak, raise their hand, and utilize
     other features of the Glueble client.

     This is the more common type of session. It is useful when there are only a few users involved in
     the session, and everyone can speak or use the other features of Glueble at any point in time.

     When creating a session, you can choose to make it Private or Public. A Public session will allow
     users to join without an invitation. A Private session requires an invitation before joining.

                           Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.
Glueble Quick Start Guide
     Sessions can be recorded, allowing users to replay those saved sessions by choosing them from
     the Session tab. The Host must choose whether to save a session or not and also defines which
     users are allowed to then access and replay that session.

     Preparing a Session
     As with any meeting, you will want to prepare an agenda that structures your meeting and leads
     the discussion.

     If you have launched the New Session dialog, you can type an agenda into the appropriate text
     field or upload a pre-existing agenda directly from you computer.

     For a session that is already running, you can type into the Agenda field or you can easily modify
     previously uploaded information.

     You should also save an appropriate name for your session, particularly if you want to save it.
     This will make it easier to find later.

     The Session Window

     There are a few ways how you can find yourself in one or more sessions:
        • You can launch a session yourself, thus becoming the host of that session. The session
            host is the only one who can invite others, edit the agenda, post questionnaires, end the
            session, and save the session.
        • You accepted an invitation to a session hosted by another user.
        • You can join a public session at any time.
        • You are replaying a saved session.

                          Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.
Glueble Quick Start Guide
     When you have joined a collaborative session, if you completed the Install Wizard and
     Audio/Visual Setup for Glueble, you should be able to speak and hear other users right away. If
     you have a webcam, other users will also be able to see you.

     Network Indicator
     This should normally be green, which shows that you have a good Internet connection and a solid
     connection to the server.

     If the indicator is yellow, your connection is being limited, perhaps by a firewall or bandwidth

     If the indicator is red, you have a poor connection and may suffer from poor audio/video quality or
     lags within the program.

     The Session window includes a tabbed layout.

     Summary: This tab includes basic information such as the
     Agenda, Meeting Minutes (any session member can type their
     text there) and the Session Chat (chat that all users can see).

     Whiteboard: This is a section where any session member can draw or type.

     Additional tabs may occur if other users are sharing information with you. Almost every
     component can be un-docked using the button.

     You can share applications, documents, presentations, browser windows, or your screen with
     other members of the session utilizing the buttons and menus within the session.

     The buttons and menus of the session window allow you to choose functions
     to share applications, documents, presentations, browsers or the entire
     screen, to run slide shows and web-tours.

     It’s best to get in and get your feet wet by familiarizing yourself with the options and functions
     available to you in Glueble, so you can get a feel for everything. Also, be sure to read the full
     Glueble User Guide for more detailed information.

     The User Pane shows you the current members of the session. You
     can see their usernames. If the user is speaking, you will see the VU-
     Meter and slider control are shown. If the user is setup with a
     webcam, you will also see an image of the user. You can change the
     format of the user pane by dragging the line between session users
     and the summary tab, hiding video, change the size of incoming video,
     oo hide the user pane by clicking on the X just right of the Session
     Users. Single videos can also be docked and always on top.

     The VU-Meter below each user is the volume level of your
     microphone. When you speak, the indicator should flash green.
     Yellow is okay, but red means other users will hear you as too loud or

                           Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.
Glueble Quick Start Guide
     The Pause button will enable you to stop sending audio/visual for a short time. Click the Pause
     button again to continue sending audio/visual. The Context Menu will allow you to permanently
     disable the sending of audio/visual.

     You can control the volume other users are coming through by
     adjusting the slider under the VU-Meter. This only changes how
     you hear the user, not how others in the session hear them.

     You can also set it so you do not receive audio/visual data from a
     particular user at all. Right click on their video and uncheck the
     receive option. This helps to conserve bandwidth, if that is an

                          Glueble is service division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc.

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