Notice to Vacate or Renew Lease

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									A Notice to Vacate or Renew Lease is a real estate form that gives notice to the tenant
asking whether they intend to renew the lease or vacate the premises. The notice
requests that the tenant return the completed notice to landlord or agent containing their
decision so the form may be processed. This notice contains standard language that is
commonly used in this type of notice; however, the landlord or the rental company may
add additional language so that the document will fit their specific needs. This
document may be used by a landlord or property owner in a effort to either have the
tenant renew their lease or state that they will move out on a specific date.

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                                 Notice to Vacate or Renew Lease

Date of Notice: _________________________
Description of Premises: _______________________________________________
Lease Expiration Date: ________________________
Rent Increase: ________________________________


1.      Please indicate if you wish to re-new your lease, or if you intend to vacate by the
        expiration of your current lease by circling either renew or vacate below

2.      Be sure to sign and date this notice.

3.      Return this completed notice to your landlord or his agent in the envelope
        provided by (name) so that we may process your request.

Please circle whether you wish to renew or vacate:

Renew Lease                       Vacate Lease

Notice to Owner (Name of Owner):

I agree to renew our Lease for a term of (length of new term) at the rent of
$_________________ beginning (date) and ending on (date). I understand that the
terms, rights and conditions in our original Lease will still apply as agreed.


I intend to vacate the premises on (date), leaving the property in good condition as
agreed to in my Lease, no later than the expiration of the term of our Lease.

        Witness my signature effective (date).

                                                             (Printed Name of Tenant)
                                                             (Signature of Officer)

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