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October 29, 2009
                                                                                Debbie Royal, KeyMedia Public Relations

                              CROWDED AMERICAN MARKET

               Music veteran guides new artists through the labyrinth of today’s music industry

NEW YORK- (October 29, 2009) - KeyMedia Public Relations has the experience, the connections and the drive
to guide new artists to success in the crowded American music market.

"This is a wonderful time for new artists," says Denise Marsa of KeyMedia Public Relations. "The mix of
traditional and emerging media available today allows artists to build followings in ways never imagined years
ago. At KeyMedia Public Relations, we use all of these resources to advise artists and to build visibility around
their personalities, music and brands."

Founded in 1998 by music veteran Denise Marsa, KeyMedia Public Relations specializes in the arts; mentoring
new talent, as well as publicizing and marketing musicians, theater and dance companies, non-profits and authors.
Working with indie and up and coming musicians, Marsa and her team help artists to perfect their sound, grow
visibility among target audiences and connect with other like-minded industry professionals to further their

Newly signed to work with Marsa is singer/songwriter and keyboardist Nicole Berke, who has spent years
developing her sound and has already self-released her debut EP, Frondescence. As Berke finishes her senior year
of college, Marsa is working to find a label to record and release her second album.

"Nicole Berke shines as a vocalist, as a songwriter and as a keyboardist,” Marsa points out. “She is extremely
talented in all three areas. I am excited to offer her the resources that KeyMedia Public Relations has been
developing over the past eleven years. Our goal is to find an international label that understands the scope of
Berke’s talent, music and persona. She knows exactly who she is and where she wants to go, and we appreciate
and encourage her musical creativity and drive," says Marsa.
KeyMedia Public Relations has seen a strong rebirth of solo female artists and musicians over the last few years.
Berke joins Rachel Millman, an emerging female vocalist and actress from New Jersey, on the KeyMedia Public
Relations roster. Like Nicole Berke, Rachel Millman grew up with a love of music. She sang in chorus,
performed in school musicals and even auditioned for American Idol. With a college degree from Penn State
under her belt, Millman turned to KeyMedia to help her turn her love of singing into a career reality as she
developed her freshman release, IF I BELIEVE.

"Rachel is a wonderful young artist with an engaging personality," compliments Marsa. "Every host and writer we
put her in touch with loves her. Things are really taking off for her. We have worked with radio stations
nationwide that are now playing Rachel's single, 'Throwin Rocks at the Moon.' She was a guest performer at the
UJA's High Holiday Party in New York, and her song 'Waiting for Someday' is being featured in the forthcoming
film 'Secret at Arrow Lake'. We are very proud of Rachel and are thrilled with the new opportunities that are
popping up daily."

About Denise Marsa and KeyMedia Public Relations

Denise Marsa found her passion for working with new artists as she worked to promote her own debut CD, the critically
acclaimed SELF. The first decade of her career marked her achievement as a vocalist with two successful hit records,
“Lucky Stars,” a duet with Dean Friedman that topped the charts in Great Britain, and as the lead vocalist on The Flirts dance
record “Helpless (You Took My Love).” Living in London, she wrote songs under contract with Warner Brothers UK Ltd.,
four years later moving to LA to write for Warner Chappell. Later, Marsa took matters into her own hands, producing and
paying for SELF. This initiation as the owner of her own label, KeyMedia Group, and as a PR and marketing professional ,
was an eye opening experience…a time Marsa describes as her 'chaotic revolution,' leading to the introduction of KeyMedia
Public Relations. KeyMedia Public Relations focuses on the arts and entertainment industries and mentors new music talent.
KeyMedia Group represents the label and production side of Marsa’s work.

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