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					        The Angle
   The Journal of the Channel City Camera Club founded
   in Santa Barbara, California in January 1939                                     Member of PSA
July 2010 – Volume 73 – Number 6
Website:, Picasa Website:
President: Ken Pfeiffer,
Membership: Stuart Wilson,

CALENDAR                                                                        July 2010
Tuesday, 22 June at 7:30* pm                 Digital Interest Group – Photoshop Actions and Batch
Page 7                                       Processing
Tuesday, 6 July at 7:30* pm                  Exhibition Night – Categories are pictorial, nature, and
Page 22                                      creative.
Tuesday, 13 July at 7:30* pm                 Board Meeting
Sunday, 24 July at 10:30 am                  Field Trip – Polo Games in Summerland
Page 3
Tuesday, 20 July at 7:30* pm                 Program Night – Expand Your Vision by Gerry Aspen
Page 3
Tuesday, 27 July at 7:30* pm                 Digital Interest Group – People in Motion
Page 7
* The start time for our public meetings is 7:00 pm. This is a voluntary early start that will allow a half
hour social time for interacting with our CCCC members. So come early and visit with all our
Exhibition, Program, and Digital Interest Group meetings are held in Farrand Hall, located at the
Santa Barbara Natural History Museum at 3559 Puesta del Sol, Santa Barbara. These events are
free and open to the public. Only club members may enter the exhibition however.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                       Ken Pfeiffer
It is hard to believe that it is already June, and another half year of fun Camera-Club activities is
nearly behind us. I especially want to thank the board members and other volunteers who have
helped create all of the memorable activities we enjoy. It is only through their efforts that we
have such a great club. We have a very complex organization with lots of activities, and it takes
many motivated people to make it work properly. It feels good to be appreciated, so if you have
enjoyed the club’s activities, why don’t you take a moment to thank the responsible board
member for what they do? A simple “thanks” goes a long way to reward a job well done.
Before too long we will be having elections for next year’s board, so please consider filling any
vacated positions. Most of the positions do not require too much time, and you will be doing
something enjoyable and rewarding to benefit the club. If there is a particular position you are
interested in, you can learn about it by volunteering to help the existing board member. This will
make it easier for all involved.
One final thought occurred to me while I was rereading our club bylaws recently. The bylaws
state that one of the purposes of the club is “To serve the Santa Barbara community in the field
of photography”. We had some discussion at last year’s board meetings about how we may not
be adequately addressing this purpose. Dan Moore wrote an article about the history of the club
in a previous issue of the Angle, and he noted that the club had 70 members in 1946, and 80
members in 2007. We currently have 77 members. I find it surprising that our membership has
not grown more in the last 60+ years, if for no other reason than the increase in population, not
to mention the popularity and ease of digital photography. Our membership should be twice
what it is now if we had simply kept up with rising population numbers. Since our club is such a
valuable resource for enjoying and learning about photography, it would be a service to the
community to make the Channel City Camera Club more popular and to recruit more members.
You can help do this by letting people know about us. I first heard about the CCCC about three
years ago when I met Santi Visalli at my gym and we started discussing photography. I had a
great interest in photography, but I had never heard about our club until he mentioned it. You
can help others find us by spreading the word. We have brochures and business size cards that
you can use to help popularize our club. Please take some at the next meeting you come to, and
pass them out to others interested in photography. You can post them at your place of work,
your other clubs, your gym, etc. It would be great to have more people to share and enjoy our
hobby. The more novice photographers we get to join us, the more we can help them. And the
more talented members we can get, the more we can all benefit from their experience. Please
don’t forget our junior citizens, either. If you know any teachers, you can encourage them to get
young people to come to our meetings for class activities or for extra credit. We can serve our
community by serving our upcoming photographers, both amateur and professional.
As always, we invite all your feedback to improve the club, so please let us know your
comments and suggestions. I hope you have another great month of photography!

BOARD NOTES                                                               Ken Pfeiffer
Board Notes
There was no board meeting held in June.

Club Google Picasa Web Site
The images from monthly exhibitions and field trips are on the club Picasa/Google web site.
Several members provided images from the recent Santa Barbara Cemetery trip. Please take a
look at: .

Board Members
                                                      Membership                Stuart Wilson
President                 Ken Pfeiffer                Angle Newsletter          Russ Lombardo
Past President            Dan Moore                   Print Exhibition          Ron Williams
Vice-President            Aavo Koort                  Program Night             Sylvia Abualy
Treasurer                 Barbara Hodgdon             Projected Images          Don Mills
Secretary                 Sue Cook                    Scorekeeper               Damian Gadal
Directors:                                            Webmaster                 Terry Straehley
Digital Interest Group    Shawn Miner
                                                      Appointed Positions
Equipment                 Michel Boudreaux
                                                      Print Shows         Gerry Aspen
Field Trips               Robby Guevara
                                                      PSA Rep             Aavo Koort
Judges                    Patti Gutshall,
                                                      Publicity           Marilyn Ziemer
                          George Welik

NEW MEMBERS                                                                Stuart Wilson
The Club welcomes seven new members this month, Mike Mallen, Jim Lord, Jim Boyden and
Lance Vernstrom, Ian Stevenson, Jeff Lipshitz, and Cian Dowling.

PROGRAM NIGHT                                                              Sylvia Abualy
Tuesday, July 20th at 7:30 pm – Expand Your Vision by Gerry Aspen
Our very own Gerry Aspen will present a program on creativity - EXPAND YOUR VISION.
Gerry will present the program searching for originality. He will talk about the elements to think
outside the box. There will be lots of examples from his archives. Not to be missed.

FIELD TRIPS                                                                Robby Guevara
Sunday, July 25th at 12:30 pm – Polo Fields in Summerland
When I accepted the position of Field Trip Director for our camera club, one of the first things
that I wanted to have as a field trip was a 'sporting event' — well most members know what
happened this past February when we scheduled the “Rincon Surf Classic” — a full month of
rain delay, ending with my decision to cancel this field trip.
Now is our chance to once again get a sports action field trip added to this year's line-up of trips
we have taken. Our July field trip will take us to Summerland for two Polo games on Sunday,
July 25th from 12:30 PM ending at about to 4:30 PM. Sunday polo is major tournament played at

the polo fields. While the SB Polo Club does have a public admission cost of $10.00, Ellen
Reid-Gilbert, the Polo Clubhouse Manager has arranged for our camera club to be admitted free!

These polo games as part of our field trip are the finals in the polo tournament for the “Robert
Skene Trophy” at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in Summerland. The first game starts
at 1:00 PM which is the runner-up game and with the final championship game for the trophy
starting at 3:00 pm ending at about 4:00 pm. Capping the day off will be the presentation of the
“Robert Skene Trophy” award in a ceremony after the game near the grandstands.

Tournament play for the “Robert Skene Trophy” occurs from July 14 to July 25, our field trip
will 'cap-off' the final two games for this tournament. It is my understanding that Argentinean-
born Adolfo Cambiaso, a well known and respected polo player plans on making the tournament
as one of the four major tournaments that he plans on playing for the 2010 polo season.
In the sport of polo during the half-way mark of the game, a ten-minute break is held to
encouraged spectators (and yes photographers) to come on to the polo field for a polo honored
tradition of “The Divot Stomp”. During the games, we are being asked NOT to cross to the
opposite side of the playing field with the exception being during the half-time of “The Divot
Stomp” and of course after the game ends.
Dress code is 'casual wear' but many spectators do enjoy “dressing-up” for the game. The polo
grandstands are not shaded, so wear sunscreen or proper head-wear for protection against the
summer sun. If you should get hungry, Tinker's Polo Grill is situation behind the grandstands
and will be open for food & drink.
Arriving at the polo fields at 3300 Via Real located between Summerland & Carpinteria, CA,
park on your left side as you enter the gravel driveway entrance onto a grassy field. There are no
parking fees for these polo games. It is recommended that we as a group arrive at 12:30 PM so
that we can be escorted to our 'special' area (Polo Field #3) to photograph the games as they

All photos from 2009                                                          Photos: RobbyGuevara

To understand more on how the sport of polo is played, you can visit SB Polo's website at: click on “Polo 411” for the info. For this field trip, I will still need to collect
field trip waiver forms from both guests and any current camera club member that has yet to
submit a 'Field Trip Form Waiver'. Any camera club member that has already submitted this
wavier does not have to file another. I am compiling a list of camera club members that have
already indicated their intentions to be participants for this field trip. I am still working on some
small details of the trip as to the appropriate location for our field trip participants to meet as a
group. I will follow-up with any updates via e-mail.
This should be an exciting field trip where you can work on fast moving action captures, Polo
being a sport, so this is also an opportunity to photograph crowds, polo field landscapes, close-up
action shots, horses and of course people. Tripods and mono-pods are welcome for this field trip.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, comments or concerns. Enjoy!

Photo of the Trip – Santa Barbara Cemetery
As part of the field trip outings, each month we will include a Photo of the Trip featuring an on-
location member image of one or more of the members. This month’s image was taken at the
Santa Barbara Cemetery by Bruce Straits and shows our president, Ken Pfeiffer, in the midst of
getting another great shot.

Ken Pfeiffer – Photo by Bruce Straits
Hope to see you at an upcoming field trip. Feel free to e-mail me at with
any questions. (805) 636-3123, Robby Guevara, Field Trip Director

DIGITAL INTEREST GROUP                                                  Shawn Miner
Topic: Photoshop Actions and Batch Processing, Tuesday, June 22nd, 7:30 pm
For June’s Fourth Tuesday Digital, I’ll be talking on how to use Actions and Batch processing to
make your oft repeated Photoshop tasks easier. If we have time, I may be able to talk about some
of the Actions available on the web and some of the automated processes offered in Photoshop,
like contact sheets. I will be giving a brief demo of Photoshop CS5 at this month’s (June’s)
Fourth Tuesday Digital Group meeting. It may take up a bit of time from Actions and Batch
processing, but I think it is worth the time.
Topic: People in Motion, Tuesday, July 27th, 7:30 pm
The July Fourth Tuesday Digital Group meeting will be about “People in Motion” to correspond
with the September assignment.
Photoshop CS5
Well, it is here and it is AMAZING!!! Photoshop CS5 that is!

YES, it does do the “Content Aware Fill” like the videos! (almost…) it works beautifully IF you
make a fairly accurate selection. I was able to remove power lines and poles quite easily! When I
tried to remove a branch in front of a spotted leopard, the Fill mushed up the spots until I
selected the branch very carefully, in which case, it did very well!
YES, it does the Puppet Warp very well! You need to pin down a few places before you start
moving a section. It is a lot like the Curves Adjustment, unless you click a few places on the
curve to tie it down, more than you usually want, will move. You can move a hand/arm in front
of, or behind the body by selecting the appropriate button and it does very well. You do need to
be careful as you can stretch an arm/leg etc. longer or squish it shorter than it should be.
YES, to many other features in Photoshop CS5, Adobe Camera RAW and Bridge too!
Personally, I think that Photoshop CS4 was a waste of time/effort and the BUCKS to purchase it.
Photoshop CS5 is WELL worth the cost and the time/effort it will take to learn all the new

Mentor Program
The Club has instituted a new program to help members improve their photographic skills.
Anyone in the Club may submit one photo per month via email for critique and helpful
suggestions by some of our more advanced members. Stuart Wilson will send out your
anonymous photo to our reviewers and return their comments to you in one e-mail a few days
later. At present we have eight members who have volunteered to offer their comments. If you
would like the feedback but want to avoid the more public Exhibition Night, this program will be
perfect for you. Simply send your photo, which has been sized to no more than 1400 pixels on
the long side, to, with a subject heading of "Mentor Program". If you
have any questions, e-mail or phone Stuart at 962-0365.

Goleta Library Show
The Club will have a show/exhibition at the Goleta Library on Fairview, beginning Thursday,
July 1, 2010 through July 29th. We will be accepting entries between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm
July 1st. A reception will be held on Sunday, July 11th from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Volunteers needed
to help at reception. Contact Marilyn if you would like to help at .
A second show will be in the Cabrillo Pavilion in September, so your framing efforts will be a
double header.

Each member may submit up to three photos of exhibition quality. The entry fee will be $5.00
per picture. If you choose to bring three prints, the third print may or may not be included
depending upon space available and upon the discretion of those in charge of hanging the show.
Photos should be delivered to the Goleta library on Thursday, July 1st between 10 am and noon.
Here is a general guideline on pricing: in previous shows price have run from $95 to $450, most
common are $120 to $200. However, if you're famous … go for it.
Setting your wire as shown below is very helpful to those hanging the show and saves time.

Size: The recommended framed size is l6 x 20" or smaller. A max of 18 x 24” will be allowed.
Uniformity is desired and provides a good looking presentation.
Framing: Only properly framed entries will be accepted. Each entry should be matted as well as
framed and behind plastic or glass or printed on stretch canvas or applied to a suitable stiff
mounting board.
Matting: White or black mats are preferred. Off-white mats do not show well. Each entry must
have a steel wire on the back for hanging. The saw-tooth clips are not recommended because
they are not sturdy enough. The center of the wire should reach to approximately 2 inches from
the top of the frame when pulled and should be attached about 1/3rd to 1/4 of the way down the
side of the frame. Identify each picture on the back with your name, telephone number /e-mail,
title, and price. Below is a website for mounting and framing advice. .
Volunteer to help: All members are called upon to help with the in-gathering and and/or
hanging. A reception is being planned for July 11th.
Please e-mail your number of entries, titles, and prices to: by June 25th.
Thanks, Gerry Aspen

WEBMASTER NOTES                                                         Terry Straehley
From the Webmaster/Acting Projected Images Director – Exhibition File Naming -
Because we are now using a “dumb” thumb drive as the data source for the projector on
exhibition night, it is important that submitted files be named exactly as shown in the
instructions on the web site (CatTitleArtist). This means that 1) Only the specified three letter
category prefixes shall be used. 2) There are no spaces, or underlines within the filename, and 3)
Each section (Cat, Title, and Artist) shall begin with a capital letter. The specified category
names are Cre for Creative, Nat for Nature, Peo for People, Pic for Pictorial, Pri for Print, and
Uns for UnScored (Previously Non for Non-Judged, but changed to keep it at the end
The names are not submitted correctly, then the PID may need to edit them to correct them
adding time to the normal task. Starting with the July exhibition, entries will be returned if the
names are not in this format, likely allowing only a short time window for correction. So please
make sure your file names are correct before sending them off. (For July only, entries time-
stamped before The Angle is e-mailed will be corrected for you.)
Summer Photo Opportunities
Two summer photo opportunities have come to my attention and I will pass them on.
Saturday July 24th – Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Worldwide Photowalk
This is an annual event which is usually in a large number of locations. It gives the participant a
chance to photograph in new places and meet new people. As this is written, Photowalks are
planned for Los Alamos ( and
Ventura ( in
our area. Other locations are shown at .
Saturday and Sunday, August 7 & 8 – Ventura County Air Show
There will be an air show at Naval Base Ventura County (Pt. Mugu). Admission and parking are
free, however for best photos, I’d recommend the box seats ($20 in advance, $ 25 at the gate)
available at . Information about the show is also available at that
site. I am tentatively planning to go one of those days if anyone is interested in a ride.

PSA NEWS                                                                Aavo Koort
Continuing the articles to introduce Photographic Society of America to our membership - #7
Study Groups
One of the newest but very popular services provided by PSA to members are Study Groups.
These groups usually consist of eight members who provide information on how they enhanced
their submitted image and then request constructive criticism for their image from other seven
members. It is somewhat similar to other exhibitions but there is the absence of scoring and
competitive basis.

Study Groups are managed by PSA Divisions and the guidelines can differ from Division to
Division. I am a member of the Electronic Division Study Group. Our procedures are as
We send our image (only one image from each member) to the coordinator by the tenth day of
the month. We also include a description how we digitally enhanced the image. After the
coordinator posts the images on PSA Study Groups webpage the members send constructive
criticism of the other seven images by the twentieth day of the month. The coordinator posts the
comments that stay on the website until next month's submissions. Our Study Group has
members from United States and United Kingdom. The Electronic Division has currently 40
Study Groups.
More next month …

Enjoy some of the great photos from our July exhibition.
To see all our exhibition photos, visit our Picasa web site at the Club's Google web site,

                                 Creative – Echo by Alicia Koppel

People – Men at Work by Stuart Wilson

Creative – Collage of Many by Ines Roberts

Creative – Guardian Angel by Gerry Aspen

People – Marissa by George Welik

Creative – California Outdoors by Ken Pfeiffer

People – Monk with Horn by Terry Straehley

Pictorial – Morocco Laundry by Ellen Clark

Pictorial – West Fork by Bruce Straits

People – Just Kids by Bob Rottenberg

Print – Laundry Lady by David Hancock

                                Print – Old Farm by Patti Gutshall

EXHIBITION NIGHT                                                        Patti Gutshall
                                                                        George Welik
For the July exhibition, Gary Moss is on board as a judge for July. Visit his site for some great seminar events including two botanical workshops in
Carpenteria on July10th and 17th.
The Channel City Camera Club holds monthly Exhibitions to showcase member images and to
provide meaningful feedback from judges. The goal for each Exhibition is to have two
professional judges and one club judge although that may vary based upon conditions beyond the
club’s control.
An Exhibition is held on the first Tuesday of each month that the club meets, i.e., all months
other than January, August, and December. Meetings start at 7:30 pm and are held in Farrand
Hall of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Participation in the Exhibition is open to
all Active and Honorary club members. Note: dues must be paid to be an Active member.
There are two type of media allowed for exhibition: print and digital file. The specific
requirements for each media type are detailed in a document available in the following section.

There is no photographic slide exhibition.
During each exhibition, there will always be a print and a digital pictorial exhibition. Of the
remaining three digital categories, only two of these categories are selected each month. In
addition, there will be an occasional additional category for digital images that may be submitted
for review but not for a judged evaluation; this category will be announced when it is made
available. The schedule for Exhibitions this year is as follows.

Image Exhibition Schedule
    Month                           Subjects
February        Prints        Pictorial   People      Nature
March           Prints        Pictorial   People      Creative
April           Prints        Pictorial   Creative    Nature
May             Prints        Pictorial   People      Nature
June            Prints        Pictorial   People      Creative
July            Prints        Pictorial   Creative    Nature
September       Prints        Pictorial   People      Nature
October         Prints        Pictorial   People      Creative
November        Prints        Pictorial   Creative    Nature

IMAGES are submitted in four categories:
    PRINTS: Framed photographs in any category.
    PICTORIAL: This is an open-ended category that includes images on any subject done
     using any technique.
    NATURE: This includes any image of nature (landscapes, botany, zoology) with no "hand of
     man" features allowed. Computer manipulations are limited to tonal corrections, color
     corrections, sharpening, and cropping.
    PEOPLE: Any depiction of the human condition. Formal portraiture, documentary and photo-
     journalistic images are all appropriate. One or several persons are OK. Expressive images
     of the eyes, hands or face are all allowed.
    CREATIVE: In this category, the photographer has an opportunity to display his/her fantasy
     and use of imagination. The more surreal and dream-like, the better.
2010 Special Assignments
Special Assignments - Each year, the club has a special assignment for one month in each of
the four digital exhibitions. Remember that entries for special assignments must be taken in the
calendar year of the exhibition. The special assignments for 2010 are as follows:
        Nature – Bird Photography. An image of one or more birds with all the usual Nature
         category restrictions.
        Creative – Collage. An image produced by the combination of multiple images. The
         goal is to represent the juxtaposition of the individual images in an artistic statement and
         is not to make the viewer believe that the final image represents a realistic situation.
         Examples: multiple images of the same person; a multi-layered collection of image.

     People – People in Motion. An image representing the motion of a person(s). One such
      technique is to use a slow shutter speed while panning the subject to produce a blurring
      of the background while keeping the main subject relatively sharp. Another technique
      would be to use a slow shutter speed to produce a blur of the subject implying motion.
      Examples: a child on a merry-go-round; a man running.
     Pictorial – Night Photography. An image taken at night without the photographer using
      conventional photographic lighting such as a strobe. A small amount of light in the sky is
      acceptable as is lighting from objects within the scene. Examples: downtown Santa
      Barbara at night; a forest at night showing the star trails; painting with a light source
      (e.g., flashlight or spotlight) technique.
             Month                              Classification                      Assignment
               April                                 Nature                       Bird Photography
              June                                  Creative                           Collage
           September                                 People                       People in Motion
           November                                 Pictorial                        Night Shot

Exhibition Photo Guidelines
Please visit the Camera Club website for exhibition guidelines. It’s at:

Photoshop > Keyboard Shortcuts     

EDITOR’S NOTES                                                                    Russ Lombardo
The Angle is the official newsletter of the Channel City Camera Club. We invite our members to
submit articles to be included in the Angle. Articles submitted for publication are requested to
be in Microsoft Word or ASCII format, sent as an e-mail attachment to the Angle Editor, Russell
Lombardo, , phone (805) 563-9940.
Please submit any items for sale, or items wanted to purchase, to me for our classified ad section.
Please send any other writing contributions or suggestions to improve the Angle to the editor at . Thanks
The deadline for contributions for the August Angle input is 15 July 2010.

FOR SALE: I have 27 Epson printer Model 2200, unopened, fresh ink cartridges for $8 each
(normally around $15). Meryl Wieder, , 563-6594

HDR is the hot topic in photography today and there is a lot of confusion regarding tools and
creating the best workflow. Unified Color specializes in HDR photography software. We are

reaching out to photo clubs such as yours to offer free on-line Webex based HDR training to
your members. Our mission is to help educate users on how to make the most out of their HDR
experience. We believe your members would benefit immensely from this training and
appreciate exploring HDR in greater detail.
In addition to a free on-line training session, we will offer your members a 20% discount should
they decide to buy the software. We will also provide one free fully licensed copy of software to
your club to be used as a prize in any contest you run.
Our software, HDR PhotoStudio 2, is the only HDR application that provides a full suite of 32-
bit color editing tools capable of truly unlocking the full range of color in HDR images. We offer
free 30-day trial versions of our software with no obligation or strings attached.
Please let us know your thoughts on this opportunity. I think it could be of tremendous value to
your members who are unfamiliar with HDR photography and those who are looking to expand
their knowledge.
Gregg Kaysen, Marketing Specialist
Unified Color Technologies LLC, 21 Airport Blvd. Suite F, South San Francisco CA 94080 , 646-247-5268
I’m a photographer based in Los Angeles offering online, basic photography courses that may be
of interest to your members. I can offer the Channel City Camera Club photographers $30 off
any full-price class. I also offer a free class every quarter. I would appreciate it if you could
share this link with your members: . Please email me with any
questions .
Thank you,
Aleks Bienkowska, Polka Photos, 310-691-4962
Santa Barbara Museum of Art for July 2010
Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography, July 3 - September 19, 2010
The first major exhibition in the United States of photographs made by contemporary Korean
artists presently living in Korea, Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography opens a
window into the rapidly expanding field of photographic practice in the Republic of Korea,
known in the West as South Korea. Bringing together work by 40 contemporary photographers,
this exhibition surveys the range of contemporary issues through the themes of family,
urbanization, globalization, identity, and nature.
Co-organized by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
(MFAH), this groundbreaking exhibition is not a presentation on “Koreanness,” although issues
of cultural and personal identity are strong components. Rather, it is an attempt to identify
Korea as a source of complex and stimulating visual ideas expressed through the medium of
photography. Chaotic Harmony offers an enticing glimpse into the new century as it is perceived
by two different generations of Korean artists - those who began exhibiting their work in the

1980s and 1990s, and those who are now exhibiting images from their first or second series of
Sundays, June 27 and July 25, 11 am – 12 noon
Family Conversations
Families are invited to meet at SBMA for a free informal and interactive conversation about art. Spend
time exploring the galleries with a Senior Museum Educator, then visit the Family Resource Center. Ages
7 and older. Free tour with suggested Museum admission.
June 27
Explore Elements of Art: Color, Shape and Pattern
Let’s take a closer look at abstract paintings and the different ways artists work with the elements of art to
create meaning. Special focus will be on the powerful and personal responses to color.
July 1
Pattern Play: Mixed Media Collage
Re-imagine dynamic designs by layering shapes and geometric patterns in strong colors to
assemble works of art that seem to pulse with light.
 July 25
Nature in Photography and Painting
Compare and contrast grand landscapes, nocturnal seascapes, and detailed still-life in this exploration of
artists’ portrayal of the natural world.
August 5
Everyday Symbols: Visual Storytelling
Uncover the meaning of the everyday objects found in select photographs in Chaotic Harmony, then
compose your own tale using visual symbols to share a story of daily life.
August 29
Portraits Past and Present
Discover different ways likeness can be visually represented in stone, paint, and photography. We’ll start
our journey in ancient Egypt moving forward in time to the contemporary community and individual
portraits in Chaotic Harmony.

Thursdays, July 8, 15, 22, 29; August 5, 12, 2 pm
Music Academy of the West Concert Series
Ensembles from the Music Academy of the West will entertain visitors with 45-minute recitals
of music ranging from Renaissance to contemporary. Mary Craig Auditorium.

Sunday, July 11, 2:30 pm
Free Artist’s Talk
In association with the Chaotic Harmony exhibition, Photographer Bohnchang Koo will speak about the
artistic evolution of his own work and that of his contemporaries within the context of Korea’s
astonishing transformation over the last 50 years from one of the poorest countries on earth to a major
world power. Mary Craig Auditorium. Seating is limited. First come, first seated.
My name is Glenn Steiner (, a professional photographer in San
Francisco and board member of ASMP. My wife Rose and I lead the Greek Island
Workshops in Digital Photography from the Greek island of Santorini.

We offer "value-added" workshops, covering the newest, latest state-of-the-art digital
techniques, from initial digital capture, to processing the digital negative, to calibration issues, to
post production, to profiling and most important, to the final critique of the students' images.
We would appreciate if you would see fit to pass along our Workshop itinerary to your

      9/12-9/18/2010       In Search of the Real Greece: Santorini, Thirasia + Anafi via Ferry

      9/22-9/27/2010   In Search of the Northeast Aegean: Samos, Patmos + Ephesus
       Turkey Via Ferry
With our students, we will be exploring the little known, rarely photographed spots on the Greek
islands, where the 'real Greece' still exists. Personally, I have shot and explored over fifty-three
Greek islands within the past seventeen years.
We are fortunate to have exceptionally high ratings from our students. Rose and I consistently
meet our goal of putting your members in the right place at the right time with the perfect Greek
You can read about the workshop at my website:
For verified camera club members, we are offering a 10% discount on the workshop fee.
Should you have further thoughts or questions re the workshops, please drop me a line.
Thank so much for your time, effort and consideration. Geia sas (Health to you!),
Glenn Steiner, ,
(415) 459 2001

Here at LIGHT Photographic Workshops, we're gearing up for an exciting and innovative summer! We
will be bringing in outstanding pioneers in Photoshop, HDR, and glamour photography, to teach skills
and cutting edge techniques used by industry professionals in the business today.
       Joining us, we will have David Mecey. A photographer for Playboy, as well as many other
campaigns in editorial and advertising, David is the recognized expert in the world of fashion and
         Also joining us is Photoshop genius Stephen Burns, who will be teaching a workshop on the
visionary concept of creative montage with expertise in selections, layer masking, and blending
modes to design photographic art. We're really excited about having top notch instructors, Jack Davis
and Jane Conner-Ziser, teach on portrait retouching as part of their "Two Shots of Photoshop" (-and a
side of tequila) summer 2010 whirlwind tour.

The photo adventure in Maui is swiftly approaching, as well as the California Photo Festival. The
festival is five and a half incredible days of digital photography immersion. Intensive workshops,
seminars, lectures, shooting, and more! Don't forget to check out our website, as well as the blog, for
photos and dates of upcoming events!

LIGHT Photographic Workshops | 1062 Los Osos Valley Rd | Los Osos | CA | 93402

From Concept to Creation
With Stephen Burns
June 18-20
Take the Photoshop workshop experience a step further and get creative with your own
artistic vision! This class will consist of hands on lessons utilizing powerful approaches to
creating photographic art with new vision. You will learn to create your visions with masking
techniques, blend modes, textures, brushes and custom lighting techniques through

               2 Shots of Photoshop Workshop
               With Jack Davis and Jane Conner-Ziser
               August 2-6
               You will leave this class inspired with the tools necessary to compete in
               tomorrow's photography market and the ability to quickly make images that
               are unmistakably crafted by a professional photographer and digital artist.
This seminar is designed for you to make money easier with images that start selling
themselves from first glance - with the understanding that you need a streamlined work-
flow of real-world, studio tested image optimizing, enhancing, retouching and processing
techniques, distilled down to their most potent and practical essentials.
Print Perfection 3 Day
September 4-6, 2010
Spend 3 days learning a perfect print workflow. You will learn a lot about color
management, creating profiles enhancement techniques and working with different media
types. Go home with a few incredible prints, and then you can utilize another 2 days
learning how to create a canvas gallery wrap with one of your best images!

                         Canvas Printing and Finishing 2 Day
                         September 7-8, 2010
                         This class is for those who enjoy learning new and proper techniques
                         in presenting your work. Whether you are a professional framer
                         wanting to get some techniques in the most popular framing
                         technique or the artist wanting to learn in a small class environment.
                         This class is open to many levels and useful to all of them!

                     Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
                     "From Zero to Hero"

                     August 9-13, 2010
 This course will introduce the new, beginning, or intermediate user to Adobe Photoshop
 Lightroom. Hal will guide, demonstrate, and instruct all aspects of the program from
 Import to print, web, or slideshow output.

Foto Fantasy Camp: Shoot like a Centerfold Photographer
July 17-19, 2010
Join former Playboy Staff Photographer, David Mecey, for a 3-day FotoFantasyCamp
devoted to his style of photography during his 23-year tenure at the magazine. David will
show you how to light, pose, style, and shoot like a Playboy photographer during this
Hal and Victoria Schmitt, LIGHT Photographic Workshops

Celebrating Traditional Photography Workshops...with a Twist
Starting in the 1940s, Ansel Adams held the first photography workshops in the country. The
Ansel Adams Gallery continues this tradition by hosting a variety of multi-day workshops and
classes in and around Yosemite National Park. 70 years later we are one of the few workshop
programs offering traditional darkroom photography education. This spring we're featuring
workshops in black-and-white printing, wet plate colloidion, and carbon printing, as well as field
workshops for both film and digital cameras.

Join us in Yosemite and experience the excitement of the workshop process. Removed from the
distractions of the outside world, our instructors concentrate on you. Their talents as educators
can help you find your personal vision and grow as a photographer.
B&W Printmaking: Classic Fine Art Aesthetics- Digital Tools, June 2-6, 2010 (Yosemite
National Park)
Participants in this workshop will learn how to craft B&W photographic prints with a classic
fine-art aesthetic, using digital tools. The main emphasis is on learning how to make expressive
decisions in Photoshop to create files that can be output on any device. We'll also explore film
and digital options for image capture, portfolio development, and output options.
Help Us Plan 2011 Workshops & Classes
Have you participated in our Workshops and Classes? Looking for a workshop you can't find?
We are currently planning our 2011 Photography Education program and would love to hear
from you. Please take this quick 10 min. survey and share your thoughts and opinions on
Photography Education. Link:
Digital Photography School Editor
Memo to: All Masters Program alumni and interested parties
From: Tom Gamache and Van Webster
Subject: Upcoming Wandering around Outdoors workshops and tours (2010)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Wandering Around Outdoors workshop and tour
schedule for 2010. We have new plans, offerings and locations. All programs have been revised and
renewed for the current season offering the most current and updated information. We welcome you to
join us. We would be happy to forward more detailed workshop, lodging and registration
information. Simply reply to this email and request information regarding the workshops and
tours of interest to you.
October 2010 (dates TBA) Wandering Around Outdoors Autumn Photography Tour
Eastern Sierra Nevada / Owens Valley to Long Valley Caldera and beyond
Sierra Nevada Landscape and autumn color displays between Lone Pine, CA and Bridgeport , CA
including: Alabama Hills, White Mountains Ancient Bristlecone Pines, Bishop Creek, Mono Lake Tuffa
displays, Bodie, CA and a visit into upper Yosemite National Park - Tuolomne Meadows via Tioga Pass,

The Wandering Around Outdoors Photography Workshops.

The history of creating landscape art is replete with amazing examples and lessons by world famous
artists from Leonardo da Vinci to Ansel Adams. We will show you HOW they did it!

The knowledge of the pictorial arts is not common among most photographers. For many photographers,
artful arrangement can be the key to advancing the quality and acceptance of their photographic art. The
Masters Program Photography Workshops will change the way you see and depict the world around
you. Wandering Around Outdoors Photography Tours offer quality iconic locations to practice and
perfect the knowledge and personal style gained in the Masters Program Workshops.

Visit www.tomgamache,com to request more workshop and tour information and registration.

Thanks and hope to see you soon, Tom and Van Van Webster Webster Communications  
607 North Avenue 64 Los Angeles, CA 90042 323‐258‐6741



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