Intro to ArcGIS

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					Intro to ArcGIS

         Lecture 9
                 Intro to ArcGIS 9.3
Released in 2009
Revision of version 9.2
Produced by ESRI
  Free download
  View and Print digital maps
  Make maps
  Query data
  Analyze spatial relationships
  Overlay layers
 ArcEditor
  ArcView plus
  Additional data creation and editing tools
 ArcInfo
  ArcEditor plus
  Full set of spatial analysis tools
The software is designed to create
 computer models of data and has the
 tools to analyze them.
ArcGIS is divided into two major
                        Intro to ArcMap
ArcMap is the application for making maps
 and analyzing data.
  Main Menu Toolbar
  Standard Toolbar
  Table of Contents
  Tools Toolbar
  Map View (Display)
  Draw Toolbar
  Status Toolbar
  Context Menu
Getting to Know ArcGIS desktop, pg 17
                 Intro to ArcCatalog
ArcCatalog is the data management
  Main Menu Toolbar
  Standard Toolbar
  Geography Toolbar
  Location Toolbar
  Metadata Toolbar
  Catalog Tree
  Catalog Display
Getting to Know ArcGIS desktop, pg 47