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									• Branded Coffee Program •
                                                                                   w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

        Coffee has emerged as a profit driver in convenience stores across the country.
             A strong coffee program attracts new customers, generates repeat business

                   and creates the opportunity for increased sales of other items.

   Convenience store operators realize that in order to compete and grow in this important area,

                       they need a great coffee program to drive their profits.

Baronet, a leader in the specialty coffee market for 75 years, has developed a branded coffee program

        that delivers exceptional coffee with sophisticated marketing and world class service.

                           Baronet has the specialized program you need

                      to bring your convenience store profits to the next level.
                                             OUR MISSION
                                                    w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

To develop long-term partnerships with customers
   who share the belief that high quality coffee

        combined with world class service

           and sophisticated marketing

      will drive their profits to a higher level.
                                                                                  OUR HISTORY
                                                                                     w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

    In 1930                        two brothers from Europe brought a wonderful old world coffee-making

process to America. They soon discovered that their great tasting cup of coffee was the only “luxury” many

ordinary people could afford in those grim days of the Great Depression. Understanding how important

their coffee was to their customers, the brothers demanded that it live up to a higher standard.

     Now, three generations later, their family continues that tradition of

excellence. Our loyal customers have come to love a brew that is crafted from

the highest quality arabica beans, slow roasted to perfection by Baronet’s

master roaster. Taste the tradition of Baronet® Coffee! You’re sure to find its

rich character mirrors the commitment of two brothers who used to say,

“One cup invites another.®”                           We’re sure you’ll agree.
                                                                                        OUR CONCEPT
                                                                                              w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                       Baronet Coffee delivers the
                                       THREE KEY ELEMENTS
                                         of a successful program

High Quality Coffee                                                                      World Class Service
                                                                                         Baronet’s dedicated team of sales
Baronet roasts over 100 varieties of                                                     and service professionals keep your
 specialty and flavored coffee that                                                          coffee program up to date
  keeps customers coming back                                                                   and running smoothly.
             for more.

                                          Sophisticated Marketing
                                               Baronet Coffee provides bold and
                                           eye-catching marketing material that draws
                                           customers to this important profit center.

   By developing a branded coffee program around these three key concepts,
     Baronet Coffee successfully brings your coffee profits to the next level.
                                                 HIGH QUALIT Y COFFEE
                                                                              w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

      Producing consistent high quality coffee doesn’t happen by accident.
At Baronet Coffee we take pride in our passion for delivering high quality coffee day after day.

  Our commitment to product quality is shown in every step of the manufacturing process.
                                                                                      M A N U FAC T U R I N G
                                                                                                      w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

Step 1: Cupping                               Step 2: RoaSting                          Step 3: paCkaging
• Baronet Coffee imports coffee from over     • In-house custom designed roasting       • High speed packaging machines with
 20 countries world-wide.                      equipment                                 random repeat and registered film
• Each coffee is “cupped” (table tested) at   • Computerized Roast Profile programs
 least three times before it is approved to    provide consistent roasts every time     • Computerized packaging equipment
 become Baronet coffee.                                                                  guarantees exact weights and package
                                              • Flexible batch sizes to meet all
• Using the cupping table and the trained      requirements
 palates of its management team, Baronet                                                • High speed industrial grinders produce
 is able to control and maintain its high                                                a consistent grind every time
 quality standards.and world class service.
                                                                                        • Five pound and 12 oz bags with one-way
 Baronet has the specialized program you
                                                                                         valves provide maximum freshness
 need to bring your convenience store
                                                                                         and shelf life
 profits to the next level.
                                             WORLD CLASS SERVICE
                                                               w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                                   Supplying the latest state of the art
                                                   equipment is only the beginning.
                                                   At Baronet Coffee we understand that
                                                   to brew our high quality coffee consis-
                                                   tently, your brewing equipment needs to
                                                   be operating properly. That is why all our
                                                   technicians are trained by the equipment
                                                   manufacturers on the proper maintenance
                                                   of the equipment. We are committed to
                                                   providing world class service to guarantee
                                                   that your equipment is operational and
                                                   properly calibrated.

Baronet constantly searches for new trends
in the retail market. We use our company
retail store to experiment with new
coffees and collect immediate feedback
from customers. This enables us to spot
trends early and stay on the cutting edge
of new product development.
                                                                                                   w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

Baronet Coffee has extensive experience and continues to be a leader in developing new marketing and advertising strategies in

the retail environment. Baronet constantly searches for the next market trend and strives to continually keep our look fresh with

all the latest Point of Sale material. We work closely with you in developing new marketing opportunities to grow your business.
                                                                              w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

Baronet Coffee has developed, and
continues to develop, a large assortment
of marketing materials allowing your
customers to advertise the fact that they
are selling the freshest, highest quality
specialty coffee around. They are made
of high quality materials with sophisti-
cated graphics.

                                                                    3-Sided Ceiling Display • 48" x 20"

                            Coffee Header • 72" x 17"

                             Wallpaper • 8' x 4'

                                                        Wallpaper • 4' x 4'                       Wallpaper • 2' x 4'
                                                                                                 w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m


                                                            Oval Dangler • 24" x 16"
                                                                                                              Featured Flavor
                                                                                                                13.625" x 18"
                                                                                                       (available for ALL Featured Flavors)

       Menu Board • 24"x 26"

                       Door Decal • 293/4" x 6"
                                                                        “BIG” Cup - Pole Sign
                                                                            For Outdoor Use
                                                                                     24" x 47"

                 Outdoor Banner • 60"x 30" (weather resistant)
                                                                                  w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

        3 Pot Rack        3 Pot Elevated Rack                6 Pot Rack                          Air Pot with Wrap

                                                                    Flavor Tags

Cappuccino Machine      Thermal Fresh Server    Soft Heat Server with Wrap             GPR Server with Wrap
Translights available       with Wrap
   in various sizes
                                            CUPS, MUGS & ACCES SORIES
                                                                             w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

               24oz., 20oz., 16oz., 12oz.                                     Cup
                                                                              and Lid

                                                                                                  Condiment Rack

                                                             Cup Sleeve

                                                                                    Cup Sleeve

                                                                                                  Diner Mug
                                              16 oz. Travel Mugs

 Travel Mug
Display Rack

                                                                          20 oz. Thermal Cups
                                                                                       P O T S & TAG S
                                                                                        w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

Pot Tags are available in the following varieties:
Banana Split                 Dark Kenya AA                    Hazelnut                   Roastmaster
Blast                        Deluxe Blend                     Irish Crème                Spiced Butter Rum
Brazil Bourbon Santos        Devil’s Food Cake                Irish Crème Cheesecake     Sterling Blend
Breakfast Blend              Donut Shop Blend                 Kahlua & Crème             Sumatra
Caramel Apple                Eggnog                           Kenya AA                   Toasted Almond
Chocolate Covered Cherries   European                         Memorial Day Crunch        Totally Nuts
Chocolate Hazelnut           Fair Trade Small Village Blend   Mocha Java                 Vanilla Fudge Swirl
Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle   French Roast                     Native Blueberry           Vanilla Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Raspberry          French Vanilla                   Nutty Irishman             Vanilla Nut
Cinnamon Hazelnut            French Vanilla Latte             Oatmeal Raisin Cookie      Vanilla Spice
Coconut Crème                Gingerbread                      Parisienne
Colombian                    Golden Roast                     Pumpkin Spice
Crème Brulee                 Guatemalan Dark                  Roasted Chestnut
                                                                 PAC K AG I N G
                                                                 w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                   Once you have developed a successful liquid
                   cup program customers will be looking to
                   purchase the coffee for home. Baronet’s
                   new retail valve bag and single serve pods
                   gives your customer the ability to retail
                   Baronet Coffee in a small space while
                   increasing their average sales.

                                                                      Fractional Packs

1lb. Valve Bag

                     “Naked” Pods
                 (18 servings per bag)

                                   Wrapped Pods                                    Pod Display Rack
                                (18 servings per box)                                with Header
                                                                                  P R I VAT E L A B E L
                                                                                            w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

Are you considering offering frac-          Fractional Packaging                 From small volume espresso pod runs to
tional packs or coffee pods under           From 1.5 oz. to 2 lb. pillow packs   large volume fractional packs, no run is
                                                                                 too small. We are even Kosher certified.
a private label, or are you looking
                                            Valve Bag Packaging                  Private labeling goes beyond the logo on
for a co-packer?
                                            From 8 oz. to 5 lb. bean or ground   your package. We’ll consult with you ev-
You have no better partner than                                                  ery step of the way to help you develop
Baronet Coffee. We’ve been a leader in      Soft Pods                            a successful and profitable private label
the private label and fractional packing    From 7 gram to 14 gram               program.
business for over 75 years, and are ready
                                            Wrapped pods in Chip box,
to provide you with a complete solution     Dispenser box, or Bulk
to your private label coffee needs.         Unwrapped pods in retail bag
Our capabilities are endless.

Whether you are looking for us to           Espresso Pods
custom roast your special blends            From 7 gram to 13 grams E.S.E size
                                            packaging with tab or without
(40 lbs. to 400 lbs.) or want to provide
                                            Double espresso pods
us with your own coffee, Baronet has
many options for packaging.
                                                                                    COFFEE SELECTION
                                                                                                        w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

REGULAR                                        DECAF                                        FLAVORED
Baronet Coffee has a large assortment          Decaffeinated coffee sales can be as         Baronet Coffee uses only 100% Arabica
of coffees to satisfy the large variation      high as 10-15% of your total coffee sales.   coffee for all our flavored coffees. From our
in consumer tastes. The following is a         We recommend the highest quality decaf       40 different varieties of flavored coffees,
sample of our most popular coffees.            available.                                   we recommend the following top sellers:
These coffee have proven to work in diverse    Decaf 100% Colombian
geographicalregions.                                                                        Regular Flavors
                                               Only the finest Colombian coffee beans       • Chocolate Hazelnut
Deluxe Blend (House)                           are decaffeinated to produce this smooth     • Chocolate Raspberry
(Light Roast)                                  full-bodied coffee.                          • Cinnamon Hazelnut
Carefully selected coffees from the                                                         • Crème Brulee
world`s finest estates have been blended                                                    • French Vanilla
and precisely roasted to create this rich,     VARIETAL                                     • Hazelnut Creme
aromatic and flavorful coffee.                 The following coffees represent the most     • Irish Creme
                                               popular specialty coffees in the industry.   • Kahlua and Creme
100% Colombian                                                                              • Vanilla Nut
(Medium Roast)                                 We recommend you carry the following:
                                                                                            • Toasted Almond
Known as one of the premier coffees            Kenya AA
worldwide, Baronet chooses only the best       This fine Kenya has a strong body,           Decaf Flavors
quality of all Colombian coffees. Rich, full   rich flavor and wine-like acidity.           • Decaf Cinnamon
bodied and mildly acidic. Excellent flavor.                                                   Hazelnut
                                               Mocha Java                                   • Decaf Crème Brulee
European Roast                                 The world’s most celebrated blend.           • Decaf French Vanilla
(Dark Roast)                                   Indonesian Java is combined with Ethiopian   • Decaf Vanilla Nut
This dark roast is a blend of Central and      Mocha Harrar for a smooth, full flavored
South American coffees roasted to reach        cup of coffee.
maximum coffee flavor. A bold and distinc-
tively rich tasting blend for those who want
the richest coffee possible without a dark
roast bite.

These coffees come in a wide variety
of package weights giving you a
complete line of specialty
coffees to compete against
any competitive taste profile.
                                                                                                COFFEE PODS
                                                                                                        w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                                                                             CoffEE HouSE QuaLiTY
                                                                                             BLENdS, CuSToMizEd
                                                                                             To EvERY TaSTE
                                                                                             Baronet Coffee has taken coffee to a
                                                                                             new level with our new Single Serve
                                                                                             Coffee Pods. No more long trips to the
                                                                                             coffee shop or to the café. No more
                                                                                             missing that much-needed afternoon cup
                                                                                             of coffee just because no one else wants
                                                                                             a cup. In addition, there will be no more
                                                                                             wasted coffee or dirty, burned coffee
                                                                                             pots. With over a dozen flavors,
                                                                                             everyone can get what they want.

LIGHT ROAST                DARK ROAST                   FLAVORED                    ORGANIC                     Seven machines are
The beans are roasted to   The beans are roasted        We use only 100%
                                                                                                                currently available
                                                                                    *Fair Trade Costa           that fit our pods:
a medium brown color,      longer and are dark          Arabica coffee in all our
offering a smooth and      brown in color, offering a   flavored coffees.           Rican
                                                                                                                • Black and Decker
mellow flavor.             bold and smokey flavor.      *Hazelnut                   Fair Trade Colombian
                                                                                                                • Home Café System
House Blend                Dark Guatemalan              *French Vanilla             50/50
Breakfast Blend            Dark Roast Kenya AA                                                                  • Phillips Senseo
                                                        Crème Brulee                100% Colombian
*Colombian Supremo         *French Roast                                                                        • Mr. Coffee
                                                        Coconut Cream Pie           (50% Reg. & 50%
                                                                                                                  Home Café
*Donut Shop                *Sumatra                     Native Blueberry            Decaf)
                                                                                                                • Juan Valdez
                                                        Chocolate Raspberry                                       Home Machine
MEDIUM ROAST DECAF                                      *Chocolate Babka                                        • Grindmaster
The beans are roasted      All our coffees are natu-    Vanilla Fudge Swirl                                       Pod Brewer
to a rich brown color,     rally decaffeinated using
offering an aromatic and   the CO2 process.             Cinnamon Hazelnut                                       • Aquabrew
deeper flavor.                                          Pumpkin Spice                                             Pod Brewer
                           *Colombian Supremo
European Roast             *European Roast              Toasted Almond                                          • Bunn My Café
*Mocha Java                *Hazelnut                    Butter Pecan                                            • Krupps Home Café
Izzy’s Blend               French Vanilla               French Toast                                            • Simplehuman
                           Mocha Java                   *Nutty Irishman

                           Fair Trade Mexican           Holiday Flavors
                                                        Egg Nog
        All single serve coffees are                    Gingerbread
           18 servings per carton                       Cinnamon Stick
       * Available in 12 gram 16-count carton
                                                        Yuletide Blend
                                                                        COFFEE SELECTION
                                                                                             w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                        2oz   2.25oz   2.5oz   2.75oz   3oz   3.25oz   7oz        8oz        12oz      14oz     5lb bean
Donut Shop Blend                                                               n	       	           	        n	          	        n
Breakfast Blend                                n                                                            10oz                  4 lb
Deluxe Blend (House)                    n      n        n       n       n              n           n         n          n	        n
Golden Roast                                                    n	       	       	     	           	         n	         	         n	
Village Street Blend                                    n                                                    n	          	        n
Signature Blend                         n               n       n                      n                     n          n         n
Breakfast Blend Decaf                                                                                       10oz                  4 lb
Deluxe Blend (House) Decaf                                                                                   n           	        n
100% Colombian                          n	     n	       n	      n	      n	       	      	           	        n	          	         n
BLAST                                                                   n	       	      	           	        n	                    n
Brazil Bourbon Santos                                                                                        n	          	         n
Costa Rican                                                                                                  n	                    n
Estate Java                                                                                                  n	                    n
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe/Sidamo/Limu                                                                            n	                    n
European Roast                                          n                                                    n                     n
Guatemala Antigua                                                                                            n	                    n
Hawaiian Kona                                                                                                n	                    n
Izzy’s Blend                                                            n                                    n                     n
Jamaican Blue Mt. - Wallenford Estate                                                                        n	                    n
Kenya AA                                                n                                                    n                     n
Mexican Altara                                                                                               n	                    n
Mocha Java                                              n                                                    n	                    n
Papua New Guinea                                                                                             n	                    n
Roastmaster’s Blend                                     n       n                      n                     n          n          n
Royal Blend                                                                                                  n	          	         n
Sumatra                                                                                                      n	                    n
Tanzania Peaberry                                                                                            n                     n
100% Colombian Decaf                    n      n        n               n              n                      n         n	         n	
Costa Rican Decaf                                                                                             n                    n
Izzy’s Blend Decaf                                                             n                              n                    n
Kenya AA Decaf                                                                                                n          	         n
Sumatra Decaf                                                                                                 n          	         n
Anniversary Blend                                                             3.5oz	    	           	       10oz	        	        4 lb
Dark Guatemala                                                                 n                            10oz                  4 lb
Espresso                                                                                                    10oz                  4 lb
French Roast                                            n                                                   10oz                  4 lb
French Roast Kenya AA                                                                                       10oz                  4 lb
Parisienne                                                      n        	       	      	           	       10oz	        	        4 lb
Viennese                                                                                                    10oz                  4 lb
French Roast Decaf                                                                                          10oz                  4 lb
                                                                    COFFEE SELECTION
                                                                                         w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                    2oz   2.25oz   2.5oz   2.75oz   3oz   3.25oz   7oz        8oz       12oz        14oz     5lb bean
Colombian                                                                                                n	            	       n
Costa Rican                                                                                              n	            	       n
FT Small Village Blend                              n                                                    n	            	       n
Sumatra                                                                                                  n	            	       n
Espresso                                                                                                10oz 	         	       4lb
FT Small Village Blend Decaf                        n                                                    n	            	       4lb
Chocolate Hazelnut                                  n                                                    n	            	        n
Chocolate Raspberry                                 n                                                    n	            	        n
Cinnamon Hazelnut                                   n                                                    n	            	        n
Crème Brulee                                        n                                                    n	            	        n
French Vanilla                                      n                                                    n	            	        n
Hazelnut Crème                                      n                                                    n	            	        n
Irish Crème                                         n                                                    n	            	        n
Kahlua                                              n                                                    n	            	        n
Native Blueberry                                    n                                                    n	            	        n
Toasted Almond                                      n                                                    n	            	        n
Vanilla Nut                                         n                                                    n	            	        n
Cinnamon Hazelnut Decaf                             n                                                    n	            	        n
French Vanilla Decaf                                n                                                    n	            	        n
Hazelnut Crème Decaf                                n                                                    n	            	        n
Kahlua & Crème Decaf                                n                                                    n	            	        n
Vanilla Nut Decaf                                   n                                                    n	            	        n
January -French Vanilla Latte                       n                                                    n	            	        n
February - Choc. Hazelnut Truffle                   n                                                    n	            	        n
March - Irish Cream Cheesecake                      n                                                    n	            	        n
April - Crème Brulee                                n                                                    n	            	        n
May - Devil’s Food Cake                             n                                                    n	            	        n
July - Coconut Crème                                n                                                    n	            	        n
August - Native Blueberry                           n                                                    n	            	        n
September - Caramel Apple                           n                                                    n	            	        n
October - Pumpkin Spice                             n                                                    n	            	        n
November - Vanilla Spice                            n                                                    n	            	        n
December - Oatmeal Raisin Cookie                    n                                                    n	            	        n
Butter Rum                                          n                                                    n	            	        n
Egg Nog                                             n                                                    n	            	        n
Gingerbread                                         n                                                    n	            	        n
Pumpkin Spice                                       n                                                    n	            	        n
Yuletide Blend                                      n                                                    n	            	        n
Iced Deluxe                                                         n               n         n          n           n          n
                                                           F E AT U R E D F L AV O R P R O G R A M
                                                                                                w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

We also have a coffee of the month program which adds excitement and variety to
your flavor program. Every month Baronet features a new and exciting flavor. These
are special flavors that will only be available in the month in which they are featured.

           Ja n ua ry                                          J u ly
       French Vanilla Latte                                Coconut Creme
  Creamy and smooth vanilla with a hint          The creamy richness of pure white coconut
      of rich, cooked brown caramel.            blends perfectly with our full bodied coffee.

           February                                         Au g u st
    Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle                           Native Blueberry
         Rich european chocolate                        Ripe native blueberries,
   swirled with classic buttery hazelnut.                picked at peak season.

            March                                           September
     Irish Creme Cheesecake                                Caramel Apple
 A rich blend of Irish Creme, creamy vanilla,           Freshly harvested apples
   and a buttery hint of graham crackers.           coated with creamy rich caramel.

                April                                       October
             Crème Brûlée                                 Pumpkin Spice*
    The smooth taste of vanilla custard             Brings back the warm memories
     highlighted with creamy caramel.                  of Grandma’s pumpkin pie.
                                                          *Available through November.

                 M ay                                       Nov e m b e r
          Devil’s Food Cake                                 Vanilla Spice
  A classic indulgence of dark chocolate,            The richness of vanilla blended
   rich chocolate frosting, and a creamy               with the perfect amount of
      buttery finish. Dessert in a cup.                    imported cinnamon.

                June                                     December
        Vanilla Fudge Swirl                          Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
    A delectable combination of smooth,          The holiday aroma and flavor of fresh-
        sweet french vanilla and dark,           baked oatmeal cookies with touches of
            rich chocolate fudge.               cinnamon, brown sugar, and sweet vanilla.
                         BARONET® BLAST
                                      w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                          A special blend created to supercharge
                          your day. This blend of light and dark
                          roasted coffees will be sure to give you that
                          caffeine BLAST you’re looking for!

                             BLAST Poster • 18" x 24"

BLAST Airpot with Wrap
                                  BARONET® ICED COFFEE
                                                         w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                                          BLAST Iced Coffee
                                                             Static Cling
                                                                4" x 5"

Iced Coffee Poster • 16" x 20"

                                 Iced Coffee Dispenser
                                                                               FAIR TRADE COFFEE
                                                                                                     w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                                                                                        Fair Trade means quality gourmet products.
                                                                                        It is also a market-based solution to the pro-
                                                                                        found coffee crisis, a new trade alternative
                                                                                        and a window into the lives of producers
                                                                                        from 60 countries spanning the globe.
                                                                                        Baronet® Coffee offers the following Fair
                                                                                        Trade varieties to please those of your cus-
                                                                                        tomers who base their purchasing decisions
                                                                                        on how the products they consume affect
                                                                                        the world.

                                               Fair Trade Poster • 16" x 23 1/2"
    Fair Trade Poster • 18" x 24"

Fair Trade Small Village Blend             Fair Trade French Roast
A blend of the finest Fair Trade coffees   This blend of specialty Fair Trade Organic
in the world. Smooth, aromatic             coffees is dark roasted to develop deep
and full-bodied.                           smoky flavor with a rich finish.

Decaf Small Village Blend                  Single Origins
A blend of the finest Decaf Fair Trade     We carry a wide variety of single origin,
coffees in the world. Smooth, aromatic     Fair Trade coffees. Contact us for a
and full bodied.                           complete list of our offerings!                           Airpot with Wrap
                                                                                                 and Fair Trade Flavor Tag
                        THE BARONET DIFFERENCE
                                                            w w w. b a r o n e t c o f f e e . c o m

                  n We have over seventy-five years of history behind the
                    Baronet Coffee name.

                  n We provide a branded coffee program that consistently delivers
                    high quality coffee, sophisticated marketing and the service and
                    support to bring your coffee program to the next level.

                  n We have updated marketing material with more variety and
                    constant additions.

                  n We are large enough to provide you with the variety and quality
                    coffees you want, but small enough to give you the personal
                    service you need to grow your business.

A Specialty Coffee Roaster Since 1930.

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