MINNESOTA YOUTH
                                                    BEEF EXPERIENCE
                                   The purpose of this program is to aid youth in getting a start in the beef cattle
                                   business by awarding heifer calves to program participants on the basis of merit,
                                   need, future goals and ability to care for the animal. Any youth aged 12 to 16
                                   who is a 4-H or FFA member may enter (previous winners of MYBEP heifers are
                                   ineligible). Deadline to enter is September 4, 2009. Program participants will be
                                   selected by a committee, and the heifers will be awarded at the Beef Expo.
                                   The MYBEP Committee will select a minimum of seven (7) program participants
                                   from the pool of qualified applicants.
                                   Each program participant will own their heifer jointly with the donor until the

Q   ualifications
                                   completion of the program, at which time the participant will receive full owner-
                                   ship of the heifer and her offspring.
                                   Each program participant will be responsible for raising the calf, arranging for
You must be 12-16 years of age     her to be bred (artificially or naturally), maintain complete records on her care,
as of September 4, 2009.           and provide monthly progress reports to the owner and the Beef Expo. Failure to
You must be a member in good       adequately follow these requirements during the course of the year when it is
standing of 4-H or FFA.            owned in partnership may cause the program participant to forfeit their owner-
Previous winners of MYBEP          ship of the animal.
heifers are ineligible to enter.
                                    Heifers will be awarded at the 7th Annual Supreme Sale Female

C riteria                                  & Steer Selection Dinner on Saturday, October 17!

Demonstrated commitment to
agriculture.                        Minnesota Select Sires will donate two straws of bull semen
Clearly defined future goals.       from their active lineup. For the Select Advantage, contact
                                    Minnesota Select Sires at 320-259-5039.
Financial need.
Ability to raise the animal in a
proper setting.                    Angus Heifer donated by ~
                                      Scheel Angus Inc., Larry Scheel, New Richmond, WI

A   pplication
                                      on behalf of the Minnesota Angus Association
                                   Charolais Heifer donated by ~
                                      Stony Brook Livestock, Larry & Cathy Balvitsch, Foley MN
Completed application form.
                                       on behalf of the Minnesota/Wisconsin Charolais Association
Two letters of reference; one
from your 4-H Extension offi-      Hereford Heifer donated by ~
cer or FFA advisor, the other         Delaney Herefords, Inc., Jerry Delaney & Family, Lake Benton, MN;,
from an adult who is not relat-        on behalf of the Minnesota Hereford Association
ed to you but knows you well       Limousin Heifer donated by ~
enough to comment on your             Cripple Creek Cattle Co., Ed Bergler, Dakota, MN
abilities and commitment.             on behalf of the Minnesota Limousin Association
A personal letter of intent from   Shorthorn Heifer donated by ~
you explaining why you                Nelson Family Shorthorns, JDMC Cattle Co., Alan & Cody Nelson, Renville
want/need the calf and why           MN on behalf of the Minnesota Shorthorn Association
you feel you are a good candi-
                                   Simmental Heifer donated by ~
date for this project. Letter
must be limited to one page,          Krueger Simmentals, Paul Krueger, Hastings MN
typewritten, and hand signed.         on behalf of the Minnesota Simmental Association
All materials must be submit-      South Devon Heifer donated by ~
ted together and must be post-         Northern States South Devon Association
marked on or before the dead-
line of September 4, 2009.            Please visit our website for more information about the MYBEP program,
                                      download an application, and to learn more about these generous sponsors,


                              Deadline for entry: postmarked on or before September 4, 2009
(Please DO NOT write in pencil)
Name                                                                         Telephone
Address                                                             City                         State               Zip
Birthdate           /         /         Age on 9/4/09                   Grade in school

Name of father/male guardian                                                 Occupation
Name of mother/female guardian                                               Occupation
Estimated percentage of family income derived from agriculture
      Town/City           Rural/non-farm           Working ranch

Number of livestock (if any) already owned by applicant                                          by family
Beef                       Dairy                  Sheep                      Swine                         other

If I am selected, my calf will be kept and cared for at (include address and description of facilities)

Estimated distance livestock facilities to my home residence

     * If selected, the two breeds I would                         *Please note: Indication of breed choice will not guarantee final
                 choose for my MYBEP are:                          selection. Choice of breed awarded will be solely at the discretion
                                                                   of the MYBEP Selection Committee. All committee decisions will
                                                                   be final.

School name
4-H or FFA Chapter
4-H Leader or FFA instructor
Future career/occupational goals

Applicant testimony: I have read the rules and agree to abide by them. I am a 4-H member or an FFA member in good
standing. I am between the ages of 12-16, and I understand that I am responsible for having her bred and will show her
as a bred heifer in next year's Minnesota Beef Expo.


Parent/Guardian testimony: I am the parent/guardian of the applicant and do hereby give permission for my
child/ward to participate in this program if selected. I also hereby, on behalf of and for the child, myself, my heirs,
executors and personal representatives, waive and release any and all rights and claims for injury, death, theft or dam-
ages that may result of this child winning, raising and exhibiting a calf (if awarded).


Advisor testimony: The facilities for raising a calf and the abilities of the applicant are adequate to successfully complete
this project. The applicant meets the age and membership requirements as set forth in the official rules and regulations.


Please provide the e-mail address for your hometown newspaper (not web address):

                                               APPLICATION                      CONT.

Name: ___________________________________________ (Please DO NOT write in pencil)

1. Highlight your 4-H and FFA experiences:

2. Other school activities and community involvements:

3. Experience and background in working with Beef Cattle:

4. Any other information or details pertinent to this application:

C   onsidered Applications must include:

 Completed application form.
 Two (2) letters of reference; one from your 4-H Extension officer or FFA advisor, the other from an adult who is not
 related to you but knows you well enough to comment on your abilities and commitment.
 A personal letter of intent from you explaining why you want/need the calf and why you feel you are a good candi-
 date for this project. Letter must be limited to one (1) page, typewritten and hand signed.
 All materials must be submitted together and must be postmarked on or before the deadline of September 4, 2009.
 Previous winners of MYBEP heifers are ineligible to enter.
                            Mail application with letters of reference and letter of intent to:
                               Minnesota Beef Expo Youth Beef Experience Program
                                      1265 Snelling Ave. N., St Paul MN 55108

Meet This Year’s Youth Beef Experience Sponsors
                                                      The Delaney Herefords cow herd presently          ing stock, JDMC feels it can meet your needs.
                   Angus                            consists of 100 registered and 50 commercial        We are very proud and honored to donate a
Scheel Angus, Inc, Larry Scheel, New                cows. They utilize E.T., A.I., Total Performance    heifer for the 2009 Minnesota Youth Beef
Richmond, WI on behalf of the Minnesota             Records and ultrasound data to produce quality      Experience Program at the Minnesota Beef Expo
Angus Association.                                  cattle year after year. Delaney Herefords market    on behalf of the Minnesota Shorthorn
  We have been in the cattle business since 1968    their cattle at many events such as: the National   Association.
and started breeding registered Angus cattle in     Western Stock Show and the Sioux Empire Farm
1995. We raise about 50 registered Angus cows.      Show. Delaney Herefords Inc. is proud to                            Simmental
Our cattle are sold private treaty. In addition,    donate this year's Hereford Heifer to the 2009
we have 220 Black Angus /cross commercial           Minnesota Beef Expo in memory of Jack               Krueger Farms, David & Cindy Krueger and
cows on the west coast. Our philosophy has          Delaney, who passed away in August 2007.            Paul & Cassie Krueger, Hastings, MN on behalf
always been to raise cattle with the following                                                          of the Minnesota Simmental Association.
traits: fertile, highly maternal, extra muscle,                      Limousin                            The family based operation started in the fall of
fleshing ability and performance. With this in                                                          1995 with three heifers. The operation has
mind, we feel we have developed a very high         Cripple Creek Cattle Co., Ed Bergler, Dakota,       grown to over 100 spring calving cows, 35
performing and efficient cow herd. Weaning          MN on behalf of the Minnesota Limousin              replacement heifers and 70 steers on feed.
averages are over 600 lbs.                          Association.                                         Paul was very active in the MJSA and traveled
  Our program continues to use the top AI sires       Ed and Cindy Bergler have been raising pure-      to many Regional and National Classics and
in the breed along with some of our best home       bred cattle for 31 years. They operate Cripple      held offices in the MJSA. Cindy Krueger has
grown sires. Our goal is to raise bulls that will   Creek Cattle Co. with their son, Luke. Their herd   been an important supporter to the Minnesota
add pay weight to our calf crop and leave you       includes 110 registered cows and 30 yearlings.      Junior Simmental Association.
with the best replacement females available.        They utilize leading Limousin sires through an        The Krueger cattle herd own a share of the
We are now getting into using more donor            extensive AI and embryo transplant program.         Simmental sire "Hooks Pacesetter" with Grass-
females to reach our goals faster.                  Cows are bred for docility, muscle, and milk.       Lunning Farms, Hook Farms and ABS. They
  The Scheel family is proud to be a sponsor of     They sell bulls, females, and club calves private   also use Angus genetics for out-cross pedigrees.
the MN Youth Beef Experience. Thank you for         treaty.                                             They are anxious to welcome a new little
your interest in the Scheel Angus Inc. opera-         Cripple Creek Cattle Co. is a member of the       Krueger to the family this fall as Paul and Cassie
tion.                                               National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the       are expecting their first child.
                                                    Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association. Ed is       Thanks to the Krueger Farms for promoting
                Charolais                           actively involved in the Limousin breed, serving    Simmental genetics in such a meaningful way!
                                                    as president of the Heartland Limousin
Stony Brook Livestock, Larry & Kathy                Association and vice-president of the Minnesota                   South Devon
Balvitsch, Foley, MN on behalf of the               Limousin Association. He is also a member of
Minnesota/Wisconsin Charolais Association.          the North American Limousin Foundation.             Northern States South Devon Association.
Larry and Kathy started out with a small farrow-     Ed and Cindy also own and operate Express-A-         The Northern States South Devon Association
feeder hog operation and a few crossbred cows.      Button, which specializes in advertising and        (NSSDA) was formed 15 years ago by a small
In 1989, they purchased their first Charolais       promotional items.                                  group of South Devon breeders in central-
female and soon thereafter, the operation was          The Cripple Creek family includes Ed and         Minnesota. An active and enthusiastic group of
solely based on Charolais cattle.                   Cindy Bergler along with their four children        South Devon producers from six states current-
 Their children, Rodney & Lori, were both active    Brian, Luke, Josh and Annie and two grandchil-      ly promote South Devon cattle throughout the
in 4-H and the state and national Charolais asso-   dren Tyler and Willa.                               Midwest, by participating in farm shows, 4-H &
ciations and activities. The Balvitsch family has                                                       FFA activities, and Junior shows. A strong
enjoyed showing cattle on different levels in                       Shorthorn                           Junior association participates each year at the
many different states. Granddaughter, Cass,                                                             Minnesota Beef Expo. Members from the associ-
travelled to Sacramento California for her sev-     Nelson Family Shorthorns, JDMC Cattle Co.           ation have strongly supported the Minnesota
enth appearance at the Junior National.             Alan & Cody Nelson, Renville, MN, on behalf         Youth Beef Experience Program (MYBEP) by
 They remain active in the Minnesota Wisconsin      of the Minnesota Shorthorn Association.             donating a South Devon heifer each year to a
Charolais Association where Larry is currently      Although JDMC Cattle Company was recently           deserving junior. All of the past recipients of
serving as a director. Breeding stock continues     established, its members are well experienced       South Devon heifers are active members in the
to be available for sale by private treaty.         in the livestock industry. JDMC came to be          North American South Devon Junior
  We are honored to be a part of the MN Youth       when lifelong friends Jeff Morris, Doug Bruns,      Association.
Beef Experience Program. We look forward to         Cody Nelson and families, decided to pool             In 2007 a group of the members within the
sharing our passion for the breed with the recip-   their resources and become business partners.       Northern States Association decided to combine
ient of our 2009 donation heifer.                   Along with running about 125 purebred               donated funds to make available to the winner
                                                    Shorthorn cows, we maintain a 400 acre farm-        of the MYBEP, so the recipient of the South
                Hereford                            ing operation for feed and cash crops near          Devon heifer could purchase the animal out of
Delaney Herefords Inc., Jerry Delaney &             Renville, Minnesota.                                the South Devon sale. This allowed the recipient
Family, Lake Benton, MN on behalf of the MN          In 2008, the start to our herd growth began with   the opportunity to choose from the sale offering
Hereford Association.                               purchasing a herd of registered Shorthorn cattle    and also gave them an educational experience
  Delaney Herefords, Inc. is a family run busi-     from Missouri along with a small group of reg-      by providing them with performance data and
ness. For the past 75 years they have been rais-    istered cows from a very reputable herd in          pedigree information to aid in their selection of
ing quality Hereford cattle. Jack Delaney began     Western Montana. By early 2009 we were able         an animal. The NSSDA will give the 2009
in the Hereford business in 1930 when he took       to buy another group of registered cattle from a    MYBEP recipient of the South Devon heifer the
his very first Hereford heifer all the way to the   Shorthorn breeder in Southwestern Minnesota.        same opportunity.
Minnesota State 4H Show. In 1969 he started         We feel with the combined herd, we have an           The NSSDA members are proud to have been
Delaney Herefords Inc. with his wife Dorothy        excellent genetic base to start producing cattle    a part of the Minnesota Beef Expo for the past
and their six children. Today, Delaney              with natural fleshing ability and great maternal    nine years and especially honored to have been
Herefords is owned and operated by Jack's son       traits, with the commercial cattleman in mind.      a part of the MYBEP since its inception.
Jerry.                                              Whether it be a herd bull or replacement breed-


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