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      Increase repeat business
      efficiently and affordably

                          We’re powering the hospitality industry.
               The MICROS Guest Services Solution (GSS) is                      and even data on birthdays and anniversaries, allow-
               an all–in–one guest marketing system, designed to                ing you to create highly targeted promotions. You
               make building guest loyalty and repeat business                  can even print a guest’s status right on the receipt,
               easy by providing intuitive interfaces and seamless              saving you direct mail costs and providing instant
               integration with the MICROS 3700 Point–of–Sale                   feedback.
               (POS) system.
                                                                                Delivery/Carry Out

               Easy to set up and maintain, GSS builds on informa-              To increase efficiency and build a strong delivery/
               tion already captured in your POS system to enable               carryout business, you must streamline the order
               you to:                                                          process. The GSS Delivery/Carryout Module allows
                                                                                you to:
                         Improve Guest Relations
                         Identify Your Best Customers                                  Create an order at the POS
                          Create Highly Targeted Promotions                            Print address and delivery information
                         Build Repeat Business                                         on the POS guest check
                          Boost Your Profit                                             Store order information
                                                                                       Retrieve delivery information for repeat customers
               The foundation of the GSS Suite is the Guest Data-                      Enter additional “notes”
               base, a powerful database that can store up to                          “DeliveryPlus” module
               100,000 guest records including names, addresses,                       Previous order recall
               delivery instructions and demographic data. It’s the                    Target delivery time
               same database used by the MICROS 3700 for POS                           Caller ID interface
               transactions. By using one database for both GSS                        Delivery area mapping

               and POS, you only have to go to one place to access
                                                                                Accounts Receivable
               guest information and order histories. This integra-
               tion makes GSS an affordable way to enhance your                 House accounts encourage guest loyalty and more

               POS.                                                             frequent visits. Create and manage house accounts
                                                                                with real–time posting, bill creation and invoicing,
               Guest Loyalty                                                    to offer preferred guests a convenient service that
               Set up a reward program for guests who return to                 will result in more visits and increased customer
               your restaurant frequently. Awards, such as cou-                 satisfaction.
               pons, discounts, and gift certificates are a proven
                                                                                Gift Certificates
               way to generate new and repeat business, as well
               as enhance customer service.                    You can obtain   Initiate an easy–to–use gift certificate management
               information about where your guests live, what they              program. Guests will be able to purchase and
               ordered, when they last visited your restaurant,                 redeem gift certificates quickly while you will be
                                                                                able to track your liability of outstanding gift cer-
                                                                                tificates at a glance. This program will make your
                                                                                record keeping job much easier and it will also leave
                                                                                your guests with positive impressions about your
                                                                                business efficiency.
We’re powering the hospitality industry.

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