isr_waiver by stariya


									_______________Infant Swimming Resource_______________
Wendy Law, Certified Instructor

BEFORE your child / children may participate in the Infant Swimming Resource program, both
parents must read and sign. Please do not allow your child to swim if you have not agrees to and met
the following requirements:

1. I agree to provide instructor Wendy Law with a SIGNED copy of the National Registration and
approval prior to the first lesson. If this requirement is not met, I understand that my child will not be
allowed to swim until my instructor receives the signed registration and approval and that I will not
be responsible for the fee associated with that lesson.

2. I agree to read the Parent Resource Book (PRB) in its entirety before my child participates in ISR
lessons. Should I not receive my copy from ISR National prior to my child’s first lesson, I understand that
one will be made available to me upon request. I agree to complete the BUDS sheet prior to each lesson,
for review by the instructor, Monday-Friday. I understand this is an insurance requirement for the
instructor. I further understand that I must fulfill this obligation (BUDS form completion) in order to
ensure my child’s safety in lessons. I further agree that I will not feed my child food or give my child
anything to drink 1½-2 hours prior to their scheduled lesson.

3. I agree to hold the organization (Infant Swimming Resource, LLC), the instructor (Wendy Law) and
property owner(s) (Wendy Law) harmless from any liability resulting from the use of the premises offered
for lessons. I agree to be solely responsible for the care of my child while out of the water and solely
responsible for the care of any persons I have brought to the pool with me. I do understand my instructor
carries Liability Insurance through the Infant Swimming Resource program and that my child will be
insured from any accidents that my occur DURING swim lesson.

4. I understand that I am required to pay the instructor $65.00 per week for each week of lessons. I
understand lessons are only prorated if the instructor cancels the lesson. I understand that lessons may be
discontinued in the event of non-payment. I further authorize the instructor (Wendy Law), at my expense,
to take necessary legal action for collection after 6 weeks. I agree to pay for any returned checks and /or
related bank fees for returned checks.

5. I understand that should the pool facility require closing due to any fecal accident caused by my child, I
will be responsible for reimbursing the instructor for all lost fees as a result of having to close and treat the
facility for a full 24 hour period. In addition, I agree that my child will not participate in lessons if he / she
has had diarrhea within the previous 24-48 hours. I understand that I will still be responsible for payments
to reserve my child’s time slot on the schedule.

6. Dispute Resolution: In the event of any dispute, claim, or disagreement arising from or relating to the
services and /or facility provided, the parties shall endeavor to settle the matter; however, should informal
discussions not be successful, the parties agree to try to settle dispute by mediation, using the services of a
mediator of the choosing of Wendy Law of Infant Swimming Resource.

      (Both parents sign & date please)

PARENT’S SIGNATURE                     PRINT NAME                       DATE

PARNET’S SIGNATURE                     PRINT NAME                       DATE

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