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                                                                        Language lessons

                                                                                                                           with Amy and Abby
                                                                          If you’ve ever played Mad Gab, then you’ve encountered mondegreens.
                                                                        A mondegreen is a misinterpretation of a word or phrase as a result of
                                                                        mishearing it.
                                                                          Little children in particular are inclined to mondegreens because they
                                                                        often don’t recognize the tougher words they hear in songs or phrases.
                                                                        My little sister, when she was younger, thought that “We three kings of
                                                                        orient are” was actually “We three kings of glory and tar.” After all, she
                                                                        was familiar with the words “glory” and “tar” but hadn’t previously en-
                                                                        countered “orient.” I’ve also heard that it’s not uncommon for children
                                                                        to begin the Lord’s Prayer with, “Our Father who art in heaven, Harold
                                                                        by thy name.”
                                                                          The word was coined by Sylvia Wright, who for years understood the
                                                                        last line of “The Bonny Earl of Murray” to read: “They ha’e slain the
                                  “I’m bringing a package of little     Earl Amurray and Lady Mondegreen.” The actual line ends “... and laid
                                  girls’ underwear next time!”
                                  - Professor Vander Lei, English
                                                                        him on the green.”

                “Waiting in airports is the only condition short of
                waterboarding that makes grading look attractive”
                       – Professor Van Baak, physics

  “I just finished the second book of Twilight, and I have discovered
  that I am like one of the vampires. When I look people in the eye,
  I know their thoughts.”
            - Professor Vande Kopple, English

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