Storefront Storefront Improvement Improvement Program Program by ronny19938


									C   ampbell’s Redevelopment Agency
matches private investment with
                                        Storefront Improvement
                                             Program Area
public funds to facilitate facade up-
grades under the Historic Downtown
Storefront Improvement Program. The
Agency leverages public money
with an investment from property
owners and/or tenants, for eligible
improvements making significant
storefront enhancements, where
                                                                           Historic Downtown
the property due to neglect and/or
obsolescence, has not been improved.


                                               FOR AN APPLICATION
                                                 INFORMATION                  City of Campbell
                        Before          REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY COORDINATOR
                                                                              70 N. First Street
                                                 408-866-2192                Campbell, CA 95008
 Who is eligible?                           of work; 2) performed by a licensed
                                            contractor with proper permits; 3)
 Application                                Architectural drawings provided by
                                            an Agency approved architect; 4) re-
SIP applicants must take a comprehen-
                                            quires the applicant sign a continuous
sive design approach to the storefront
                                            property maintenance agreement.
project using a combination of improve-
ments such as upgrading or replacing        Loan Program
exterior finishes, new paint, new win-       Downtown property owners (tenants are
dows, lighting, pavers, built in planter    not eligible) who own buildings with the
boxes, new sign, awnings, architectural     ground floor reserved for merchandise
cornices, and moldings. These enhance-      retailers and/or restaurant businesses
ments will significantly restore the visu-   within the boundaries of the program
al and economic vitality of the building    area may be eligible for a loan. Loan
and Campbell’s historic retail district.    funds are to be used as part of a com-
                                            prehensive plan for major storefront
Grant Program
Owners of Downtown properties or busi-      changes which significantly alter the        Eligible Improvements
nesses within the boundary of the program   building façade. The property owner
                                            may be eligible for a maximum loan up       A combination of exterior improvements
area may be eligible when they invest
                                            to $20,000 (minimum of $5,000), when        are eligible and expected under the
an amount equal to/or greater than the
                                            matched with private investment of an       program such as new: exterior finishes
grant amount for eligible improvements.
                                            equal amount, over and above the al-        like brick, wood, stone, stucco, tile,
Grants                                      lowable grant amount. Office buildings       painting, windows, light fixtures, pav-
> Funds may be used for architec-           and non-conforming uses are not eligible.   ers, built in planter boxes/areas and
tural and permit fees in conjunc-                                                       irrigation systems (excludes plants),
tion with completed improvements;           Loans
                                            For more extensive projects, the prop-      new business signage, awnings, archi-
> Grant may not exceed 50% of the                                                       tectural cornices, moldings, and res-
maximum eligible amount in match-           erty owner (not tenant) may be eli-
                                            gible for a maximum $20,000 loan            toration of historic structures. Labor
ing funds for facades fronting                                                          and materials, architectural draw-
a public street or public parking;          (minimum of $5,000), when matched
                                            with an equal amount in private funds.      ings, and permit fees associated with
> Properties with less than 50 lin-                                                     eligible improvements are allowed.
eal ft. of frontage may be eligible         > Loans: only used for construction;
                                            > Repayment term: from 1-3 yrs;             Artificial plants are not permitted.
for up to $15,000, $20,000 for 51 or
more lineal ft., in matching funds          > Pay an interest rate equal to the re-
                                            turn to be earned by the Agency over        NOT eligible are maintenance type
for the entire building and/or a
                                            the loan term;                              improvements such as any façade
prorated amount per tenant space.
                                            > Secure loan by a Deed of Trust on         repairs, roof repairs, plumbing,
Program Requirements                        the property and a Promissory Note;         electrical, structural upgrades and
All improvements shall be: 1) approved      > All documents will be recorded with       tenant improvements not associat-
by the Agency prior to commencement                                                     ed with a comprehensive upgrade.

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