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									      Central Pennsylvania                                             Quarter 2 2009 Program Class Data DUE!!
          Chapter News                                              Please submit Post-Program Reports, Participant Release
                                                                     Forms and any additional relevant information for your
   The Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program and                              program classes by Friday, August 7.
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program revised
materials will be available during the Fall 2009 training          1) Fax to (717) 763-0903 Attn: Laura Delaney
sessions. You must attend a training workshop in order to
receive the new manuals. The training calendar will be             2) Mail to: Arthritis Foundation, Central PA Chapter 3544
available later this month. Please consider maintaining            N Progress Ave, Suite 204, Harrisburg, PA 17110
your certification by attending a workshop.
                                                                   3) Complete the online version. The link can be found on
                                                                   the “Offering Programs” page at
   Thank you for your continued support of the Arthritis           programs-local.php.
Foundation. Without your dedication to the Arthritis
Foundation Life Improvement Series programs, we would               The first three instructors to submit their quarterly data
be unable to work on fulfilling our mission to improve the                             will receive a prize!
lives of those living with arthritis. It’s my pleasure
working with you. I look forward to future partnerships. I
hope you have a wonderful summer!                                          Instructor Incentive Program
                                               - Laura
                                                                     The Arthritis Foundation, Central PA Chapter is proud to
                                                                   announce an Instructor Incentive Program. The more you
      Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program                       participate in activities and events, the more points you
                                                                   will earn. Points can be redeemed for Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation is in need of leaders for the Arthritis   items, discounts on instructor training workshops and
Foundation Self-Help Program. Because of the nature of the         much more! Below are just some of the ways you can earn
program, it is in high demand all across the service area. The
Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program (AFSH) is a
                                                                      Turning in your quarterly data
group education program designed to help participants learn
                                                                      Participation in events such as the leader conference
and practice different skills needed to build their own
individualized self-management program and gain the                       calls, Arthritis Walk, Jingle In the Water, etc.
confidence to carry it out.                                           Being an event volunteer
We are looking for people to be trained as leaders to offer the       Joining an Arthritis Foundation committee
six-week program at least once per year. Please consider              Offering a new program course
getting certified in this program during the Fall 2009 training       Becoming a member of the Arthritis Foundation
session. For more information, please contact Laura Delaney
at (800) 776-0746 or via e-mail ldelaney@arthritis.org.            Please watch for more details in the next Leader Links.
                                          Program advocacy
   As of the last state budget review, the line item for arthritis funding in Pennsylvania has been eliminated.
However, we haven’t stopped advocating for a continuation and increase of arthritis state funding at $315,000 for
the 2009/2010 fiscal year. This critical funding allows us to implement the much needed arthritis programs and
services in communities across the Commonwealth. As the prevalence of arthritis grows, the reach of arthritis
programs needs to expand as well, ensuring that individuals get the education they need to best manage the pain of
   And, thus, it is so important now—more than ever—to submit your quarterly data from your programs. This
information is used to prove to the state, as well as the CDC and other funding agencies, that funding for arthritis
programs is of utmost significance. When these funding agencies can see the impact the Arthritis Foundation Life
Improvement Series programs have on people with arthritis, they are more likely to fund or continue funding these
projects. Please keep this in mind when you receive reminders for data submission. Without your crucial
participant data and numbers, we will be less likely to receive funding. Thank you for your cooperation in
submitting timely data.

     If you would like to become an advocate, please contact Ryan Lindsey at (800) 776-0746 or via e-mail at
rlindsey@arthritis.org. He will add you to the arthritis advocates list so you receive all advocacy correspondence
  including Calls to Action, notices of conference calls and notifications of legislative successes. You may also
   sign up by visiting http://capwiz.com/arthritis/mlm/signup/.

                     Jingle in July
                                                                                  Upcoming events
    It’s that time of year again. The Arthritis Foundation
     Central PA Chapter is planning this year’s Jingle in
       the Water event and hopes that you will plan to         Bone Bash
      participate. All you need to have is a pool, excited
       participants and the desire to have a good time!        Altoona: October 23 - Casino at Lakemont
                                                               Harrisburg: October 24 - Appalachian Brewing Company
    Jingle in the Water allows those people who cannot            (Cameron Street location)
   walk easily for the traditional Jingle Bell Run/Walk to     Lancaster: October 24 - Bent Creek Country Club
     still be able to participate in the event. Participants   Lebanon: October 31 - Hebron Fire Company
   are encouraged to play games and activities, walk laps      Williamsport: October 23 - Scottish Rite
        and do Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program            York: October 17 - Valencia Ballroom
                                                               Food, drinks, auctions, fun games and more for those 21 and
       exercises. Warm water pools allow people to be
    buoyant while loosening the joints, making it easier
                     for them to participate.
                                                               Jingle Bell Run/Walk:
    If you and your facility are interested in being a host    State College: November 15 – Spike’s Stadium
        site for Jingle in the Water or to request more        Harrisburg: December 12 – TBD
     information, please contact Laura Delaney at (800)        Lancaster: December 13 – Granite Run
      776-0746 or via e-mail at ldelaney@arthritis.org.

              Central Pennsylvania Chapter                           Fall 2009 Training Calendar Coming Soon!
Chapter Office                   Southeastern Branch Office
3544 N Progress Ave, Ste 204     204 Butler Ave, Ste 102
Harrisburg, PA 17110             Lancaster, PA 17601
(800) 776-0746, (717) 763-0900   (717) 397-6271

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