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									“LYNDON LEGACY ”                                INDEX
                   Articles by
Virginia Campbell Downs & Harriet Fletcher Fisher
                   & Others
          "Do You Know" Photos (DYK)

                      Spring 1987
                 Sanborn House Razing
                    Memorial Days
                 LSC 75th Celebration
                 Shores Museum Opens
                Chamberlin Bridge focus

                     Summer 1987
                 Caledonia County Fair
            Stars & Stripes--LSC Foundation
                  Concerts in the Park
                   Millers Run Bridge

                       Fall 1987
      Meet Lyndon's Friendly Ghost- Cahoon House
        Jenny Trefren Leaves Fortune to Lyndon
                   Hog Street School
               Memories of 1927 Flood
             Pound at the Centre of Lyndon

                      Winter 1988
           Winter Horse Racing in Lyndonville
                    Blizzard of 1888
        Lyndon Bicentennial Celebration Committee
                       Music Hall
                    Kitchen Junkets
 Pres. Theodore Roosevelt's Campaign Stop by Dick Boera

                     Spring 1988
      Town House history and architectural appraisal
                Sugaring with Horses
      Chase Maple Candy Business sold 40 yrs. ago

                    Summer 1988
          Old Camp Meetings at Railroad Grove
                     Horse Fever

                       Fall 1988
              Gary Aubin ( LHS president)
                   New Sanborn Hall
           Storm Roars Through Town (1938)
       70th Anniversary - War to End All Wars
          Agriculture Students during WW

                   Winter 1989
           Snowshoeing for Fun (women)
                 Fires in Lyndon
          O.D. Mathewson, LI Headmaster
                Lyndon Pioneers
          Two Bicentennials to Celebrate

                      Spring 1989
     T. N. Vail, LI Commencement Speaker 1919
                1991 Bicentennial Logo
          First Lyndon Public Library, 1895
                  Bicentennial Notes
       Diary of Pembroke Stevens, Spring 1880
               (courtesy of Herb Elliott)

                  Summer 1989
          Two Centuries of Morgan Horses
            Welcome Home Boys, 1919
             Prohibition, Ill-fated Law

                    Fall 1989
        Pembroke Stevens Diary, Fall Days
       Town Bicentennial Plan Moving Ahead
            Veterans Memorial Plans
      Kow-Kare display at The Shores Museum

                   Winter 1989-90
                     LOC History
      Diary of Pembroke Stevens, Winter entries
               (courtesy of Herb Elliott)

                     Spring 1990
    Season For Tripe, reminiscence of Lois Brown
             Why Vail Came to Lyndon

                   Summer 1990
             Lyndonville Military Band
     Memories of Powers Park by Lois A. Brown
Swinging Bridge Across the Passumpsic by M.H. Parker
         Speedwell and Vail Family History

                     Fall 1990
        Mystery of the Box--1891 Centennial
                  Lions and Boar

                  Winter 1990-91
                    Ice Skating
                  Statehood, 1791
                  Should Women Vote?
                     1871 Centennial
        Hard Times, Then & Now by Lois A. Brown
                   Bicentennial Poster

                       Spring 1991
             Springtime on the Fletcher Farm
            Lyndon Bells Herald Statehood Day
              Lyndon in the Great Depression
                Bicentennial Birthday Card

           Summer 1991--Special 8-page edition
     Harold Mason's Store--A Gathering Place 1927-57
                     Granite Marker
                A Look at Lyndon's Past
               1891 Centennial Highlights
                   VIS 100 Years Old
                   The Morgan Horse
             DYK- Site of 1st Town Meeting

                       Fall 1991
                      School Daze
                  Town House Update
                   200th Celebration
                      Powers Park
                Morgans at the Fairgrounds

                        Winter 1992
        Dating in the 1920s & 30s by Allan Cutting
             Chamberlin Bridge Spruced Up
            Sunset Ballroom, Swing and Sway
                Lyndon Red Cross--WWII
          Volunteer Aircraft Observers--WWII
            Lyndon Wagons Rolled in Europe
         DYK-Shonyo stockyard on present Rt. 5

                       Spring 1992
         Barber Who Loved the Flag, Louis Thomas
Month of Roses--Graded School Graduation by Lois A. Brown
                   Movable Bandstand
            DYK- John Bryant Chase as a youth

                     Summer 1992
           A Hay Day on the (Fletcher) Farm
                   Chatauqua is Back
     Forgotten Factory Recalled (axes, bowling pins)
 DYK- Chase Bridge So. of Red Village, taken down in 1933

                         Fall 1992
              4th Generation Descendants at LI
        East Lyndon Methodist Church (demolished)
              Speedwell Farms 100th Birthday
                    Bicentennial Time Capsule
              Bicentennial Monument at Town House
             Passumpsic Rose 11 Inches in 10 Minutes
      DYK- Damaged Lyndon RR station near turn to Red Village
                        after flood of 1927

                           Winter 1993
                   Winter on the (Fletcher) Farm
                Human Fly Comes to Lyndonville, 1932
                 Thwarted Scheme for Vail Mansion

                           Spring 1993
             Lyndon Civil War Soldiers, Dennis Duhigg
                       Cheese Box Factory
                    Cold History Repeats Itself
                        Cottage Industries
          DYK-The Tavern/Lyndon Hotel at SW corner Main,
                  Chapel, & York Sts. built 1807

                            Summer 1993
                              Play Ball!
                    Old Hand Pumper Fire Engine
                  Mr. Vermont, W. Arthur Simpson
Church Anniversaries; Free Baptist, 150 years & St. Elizabeth's, 100 years
              DYK- Canoe on Passumpsic near Wayside

                              Fall 1993
                  Camp Vail--Youth War Effort, WWI
                       More Cottage Industries
                   Washington Irving Powers profile
                 DYK- No. side Depot St. prior to 1924

                            Winter 1994
                         Our Readers Write
                      Doctors Make Gift to LHS
                          Lyndon & WWII
               Daniel Cahoon, Sr., Civic Minded Settler
              DKY- Yard shunter locomotive & crew, 1900

                            Spring 1994
                        Venila Shores Legacy
               Nature's Abundance at Vail Greenhouse
        When the Milkman Made House Calls by Lois A. Brown
             DYK- Camp Grove/RR Grove/Powers Park

                           Summer 1994
              The Old Swimming Hole by Allan Cutting
                        Perley Harris photo
       Memories of Band Concerts in the Ville by Lois A. Brown
         Eber W. Cobleigh Immortalized in Stone and Bronze
            DYK- Abnaki Clubhouse on Fletcher pasture
                       Fall 1994
        A Boy Named Lyndon by Lois A. Brown
                Elmer Darling, Benefactor
          First Lyndon wedding 200 years ago
           DYK- Park Street after 1927 flood

                    Winter 1995
                Christmas Memories
     Horse-Powered Trip to School by Dr. W. Elliott
      One-Room School Teacher Wilma G. Farman
       DYK- Bridge on 114 prior to flood of 1927.

                      Spring 1995
               A Salute to LI's History
            Memories of Martin E. Daniels
                  Tribute to Mr. Vail
 Unique Play Activities in Lyndon Center by Al Cutting
    DYK- Mud car of mail carrier Alphonse Aubin

                   Summer 1995
                May Campbell profile
             Hometown Album published
    Youth and Summer in the '30s by Pat A. Meaden
      Lyndonville Congregational 125 years old
          Kitchen Surgery by Lois A. Brown
        DYK- Terraces built by Mr. A.G. Pratt

                       Fall 1995
              200 LHS Members by 2000
              Millers Run Bridge Rebuilt
               W. Edward Riley, Banker
 70 Years Ago When Discipline Ruled by Lois A. Brown
        DYK- Shonyo later Lane meat packing,
              now Packing House Lounge

                      Winter 1996
Vermont Winters and Childhood Friends by Pat A. Meaden
                Alfred E. Smith profile
      Bean Cottage Memories by Lois A. Brown
     DYK- St. Peter's Episcopal Mission built 1898

                      Spring 1996
       Charles and John Chase, Newspapermen
Gold-Leaf Lettering and Greasy Floors by Pat A. Meaden
    When Bobbed Hair was Bold by Lois A. Brown
      DYK- Deer pastured near Darling Mansion

                     Summer 1996
        Circus Came to Town by Lois A. Brown
          Parsonage Weddings by Ann Saffeld
    Tribute to Hero Jonathan Daniels by Ann Saffeld
       DYK- Grading Main St. with horses in 1920

                         Fall 1996
We Inherited Venila and She Inherited Us by Pat A. Meaden
           Life in the Parsonage by Ann Saffeld
 The Laboratory Rats of the Normal School by Al Cutting
           DYK- Railroad Grove camp meeting

                     Winter 1997
     Comrades Who Survived by W. Spencer Harris
          Memories of Prohibition in Lyndon
     DYK- Boy sells Saturday Evening Post…5 cents

                      Spring 1997
      Those Orchestra Years by Alice Cook Bassett
            Flowers That Bloom in the Spring
      Fifty Years of Teaching: Ruby Blaine profile
      DYK- Granite water tub made by L.B. Harris

                      Summer 1997
               On Stage at the Music Hall
                 Marion Dane Memories
           Plane Spotters poem by Ann Saffeld
             DYK- Pierce House built 1818

                       Fall 1997
  Grandson Remembers Dr. Cheney by Jack Cheney, Jr.
           A Family Doctor in Lyndonville
     A Forgotten Fire; May 1897 in Lyndon Corner
        Water, Water Everywhere--1927 Flood
      DYK- Remains of Thompson Hall after fire

                    Winter 1998
             Luther B. Harris, 1847-1913
       Remembering Hard Times by Lois A. Brown
              The Granite Water Trough
          DYK- Florentine Wild Boar Fountain

                    Spring 1998
               Memories of Sugaring
          Don and the Lyndon Outing Club
         War 100 Years Ago-Vermont Union
    DYK- Sanborn Bridge/Centre Bridge moved 1960

                    Summer 1998
          Charlie Lang and the Morgan Horse
         Upstairs Neighbors by Pat A. Meaden
        The Greening of the Gem -Tree Planting
       DYK- Henry Chase Home "The Colonnade"

                      Fall 1998
       A Landmark Lost -RR Repair Shop fire 1998
       Harry &Vera Geer-Recyclers by Ann Saffeld
            Historic Gravestone Given to LHS
   DYK- RR Bridge near Great Falls replaced by iron 1880s

                       Winter 1999
       Women in the Civil War by Wm. Spencer Harris
       Robert K. Lewis: Teacher, Coach, Headmaster
                 The Mighty Snow Roller
       DYK- Checkerboard Feedstore now Wheeler’s

                       Spring 1999
     Fond Memories of "Happy Town" by Lois A. Brown
                 Donald Beattie profile
                   Town Sign Planned
           DYK- The Village Shoppe--gift shop

                        Summer 1999
       Lyndon Men in Civil War by Wm. Spencer Harris
                    Dr. Charles B. Darling
       '34 Graduate Veteran of 251 Club by K. Laplant
             DYK- Powers Park swim team 1973

                          Fall 1999
             John L. Norris, Sr. & Jr.; Bag Baum
                The Kingdom is 50 Years Old
               T.N. Vail-A Lyndon Benefactor
             DYK- Remington typewriters at LI

                     Winter 2000
                Lyndon's "Mr. Vermont"
                Famous Lyndon Sleighs
         DYK- LOC 50th anniversary snow sculpture

                       Spring 2000
            Dudley Pettingill Hall, lumberman
                   Townwide photo op
          DYK- Bull's-eye glass at Municipal Bldg.

                        Summer 2000
       Horses at Riverside by Annette Nelson Gibavic
           Proposal for Shores Memorial Museum
               Vt History Expo Exhibit-the first
  DYK- Hill's Dept Store, Church & Depot Sts, closed @ 1980

                         Fall 2000
              Remembering Lois Ashe Brown
          More on Civil War by Wm. Spencer Harris
         DYK- Gingerbread home of W.H. McGaffey
                    taken down in 1960s

                      Winter 2001
Lyndon Landmarks Need Your Help- $50,000 campaign launched
             The Village Poet- Franklin Horatio Smith
                   Memories of the LI Orchestra
              DYK- Sterling diner, Rustic Restaurant,
                 finally Miss Lyndonville in 1978

                          Spring 2001
             The Pearl We All Know-Pearl Wilson
             Remembering One-Room School Days
      Summer Jobs After Graduation by Wm. Spencer Harris
DYK- Sunset Miniature Golf Course over Grapes Corner Garage 1930

                         Summer 2001
                 The Boundless Dorothy Walter
           Shores Update-historic preservation analysis
            DYK- Sesquicentennial parade 7/4/1941

                             Fall 2001
             I Was A Stranger to Vermont-Dr. Jardine
                      Ice-Cutting in Lyndon
                Corn, Jelly, Pickles and Pumpkins
              DYK- Meadow Garage after 1927 flood

                           Winter 2002
                  Paul Aubin- Dreamer & Doer
                       Campaign Update
                 Student to Interview WWII Vets
               LI Students Learn Hands-on History
                  DYK-Mosquito School, 1913

                         Spring 2002
                  Vision for Institute's Future
                        Campaign Soars
          The Woman With the Smile- Miss Theta Baker
            A Time for Nostalgia-Memorial Days Past
           DYK- Stern Block, Depot & Broad Sts, 1895

                          Summer 2002
            The Right is Ours- S.B. Anthony reenactor
             Hazen Russell’s Long Service to Lyndon
           300 Leave Work at Lyndonville for RR strike
              DYK- 1985 Ford Bros. Circus elephant

                            Fall 2002
           Two Centuries in Lyndon-Nathan Houghton
         A Child's Christmas in Lyndonville by A. Saffeld
                   Historic Sites Success Story
                   Pupils Learn to Love History
          DYK- Russell's replaced by several sport shops

                        Winter 2003
                   Donald Beattie-Mr. LOC
               Town House to Show its New Look
                  Contributors to Lyndon Heritage Fund
         Washington's Birthday Horse Races on Main St. Lyndonville

                                Spring 2003
                     Jack King-Volunteer For All Ages
               Tribute to Ruth Hopkins McCarty, 1919-2002
           Going to School in the Town House by Alice F. Bassett
                     DYK- A.D. Page, train dispatcher

                              Summer 2003
                 Jim Fearon - Builder of Community Spirit
                An Award for LHS from VT Historical Soc.
                DYK- 50th anniversary Lyndonville baseball

                                 Fall 2003
                          New Gifts for the Society
          I.W. Sanborn's Town Clerk's Office by Dr. Alfred Toborg
                        Railroad Official-A.D. Page

                              Winter 2004
                    The Outing Club Then and Now
                       A Grant for LI and Shores
                  Martha Titcomb, Entrepreneur of 1912
A Lyndon Landmark Needs Help- First Congregational Church in Lyndon Corner
               DYK- Lincoln Memorial ice sculpture-1950

                                 Spring 2004
              Ghosts Still Visit Cahoon Farm by Denise Brown
               Powers Park-Where the Action Is for 90 Years

                               Summer 2004
                       Half a Race Horse-Cliff Drew
              On the Banks of the Passumpsic Then & Now by
                                 D. Brown
                Harris Builds History -Model of brick house
                           A Watch in Tennessee

                                 Fall 2004
                 One-Room School Dream Being Realized
             A Century Ago In a Young Girl's Life by D. Brown
                A Family Tribute to Herb Elliott, incl. poem

                               Winter 2005
          Lyndon's New Landmark-District 6 School by Dick Boera
                   Vermont Union Started 140 Years Ago
         Finding Hidden Treasures-Charles M. Chase pub. 1865-1905
              DYK- Ski jumper in Fletcher pasture before LOC

                               Spring 2005
                   Where Are Our One-Room Schools?
                  Elizabeth Chase- A Woman of Action
        Schoolhouse on Vt. Register of Historic Places by Dick Boera
           Jim Fearon to be Honored – Dick Boera
                    Chautauqua Coming
       DYK- VT Home Project Club maple exhibit @ 1919

                       Summer 2005
                     Historic Gardening
            Remembering Harriet Masure-her gift
         The Short Season for Shortcake by D. Brown
Memories: The Lyndon Center Store & Post Office by Ruth Allard
              DYK- 1970s Tepee of Alma Jones

                              Fall 2005
         Generous Gift Saves a Landmark-granite marker
                    at site of 1st town meeting
          Robert K. Lewis- Teacher, Coach, Headmaster
        Luther B. Harris' "A Prison Story" to be published
            DYK-Hog St. in 1937 now Lily Pond Rd.

                         Winter 2006
          A Snowmobile Before Its Time-P. Aubin's
       Dog Sled Races Once Activity at LOC Carnivals
                A Deep Freeze Mail Delivery
Governor Aiken Guest at Lyndonville Driving Club Banquet 1939
             A Word to the Wise by Ruth Allard
        DYK- Skier "Jackrabbit" Johannsen @ 100 yrs.

                            Spring 2006
             One Room School Teachers to Reminisce
Plaque placed on School - Nat'l Register of Historic Places-D.Boera
                Good Old School Days- District 14
       Trivial Pursuit-District 6 Schoolhouse by Dick Boera
        DYK- RR workers near Freighthouse before 1958

                        Summer 2006
                Mr. Cobleigh's Gift to Lyndon
  A Personal Reminiscence of the Library and Gilbert Campbell
                 Cultural Events at the Shores
          DYK- Old postcard with town name @ 1914

                            Fall 2006
     Vermont in the Victorian Age- Kevin Gaffagnino of VHS
              Clare Sullivan, Historical Enthusiast
       Living History in Lyndon Center by Clare Sullivan
        Thirty Years of "Homey Comics" by Ruth Allard
         DYK- Clark's Meadow Brook Farm pumpkins

                          Winter 2007
                  What Happened to Winter?
                        News from LOC
             SOS for AT&T's Founder T.N. Vail
            Harris Civil War Memoir in Bookstores
          DYK- Ice-sculpture of Carnival Queen @ 1950
                             Spring 2007
              Ken Barber & Petersen RR shop photos
                     New editor, Clare Sullivan
              Harriet Fisher & Virginia Downs "retire"
                       DYK-"The Colonnade"

                            Summer 2007
                 This is Your Life-- In a Scrapbook
              Eric Paris and Dave Camber new officers
                    Caledonia County Fair history
                 DYK-Schoolhouse Covered Bridge

                              Fall 2007
      Cola and Friends: Lifelong Lyndon Residents- Farm Life
     Passumpsic Runneth Over (80th Anniversary) by H. Fisher
                    The Origin of Lyndonville
             DYK- District 6 Schoolhouse wood stove

                          Winter 2008
    Lyndonville Memories Panel, Wilson, McCann, Downs, Sears
     Wintertime Fun Was Practically Free (1930s) by V. Downs
               Lyndon Corner-Hub for Early Settlers
             DYK-Mr. and Mrs. Luther B. Harris, 1867

                          Spring 2008
           Maurice & Tony Laplant et al.-Maple Sugaring
             Remembering Cola Hudson by Eric Pris
                       Old-Time Sugaring
                Lyndon Community Story Project
                  DYK…Sugar-on-Snow, 1917

                             Summer 2008
          Lyndon Institute Student WW.Web History Project
                    Remembering a Civil War Soldier
                    Before Electricity by Fay Young
Harriet F. Fisher's Darlings of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom published
                  DYK-Merry Cyclers watering trough

                           Fall 2008
   “Tales of Lyndon One-Room Schools”- program with panelists
           Fond Remembrances of Harriet Fletcher Fisher
      DYK- Weathervane atop Lyndon Center Baptist Church

                                    [Index Prepared by Clare Sullivan 9/27/08]

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