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									       GOALS OF TFBC CHILDREN’S CHOIR                 Welcome to the FBCT Children’s Choir Music
  1.   Share the Gospel of Jesus to every child in    Ministry!
  2.   By the end of 6th grade, every child will be   Your child is a part of one of the largest church
       able to read music – and sing it.              children’s choirs in the Mid-West and God has a lot in
  3.   By the end of 6th grade, every child will be   store for us; whether you are in the Pre-school Choir
       able to play an instrument.                    (Lisa Ashburn), Music Makers (Brother John), or
  4.   Your child’s enrollment in S.P.A.M. upon       Instrumentalists (Melinda Massey/John Francis/Drue
       Children’s Choir Graduation.                   Kittle). Get plugged in and stay committed to Jesus
                                                      and this program.

            SCHEDULE and PLACE                        In the pages of this manual you’ll find all the
Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30
                                                      information you need to know to be a part of the
Preschool Choir, Lisa Ashburn, dir - Rm 233
Grades 1-3, John Francis, dir – W.A. Garage           team. You’ll find rules for rehearsal and performance.
Recorders, Melinda Massey, dir – Choir Room           Read them carefully with your child, and follow them
Music Makers/4th gr. –                                very carefully. I’ve also included a calendar so you can
Snack first, then to WAG or Choir Room                plan for upcoming events.
Preschool Snack later
Pickup at WAG, Rm 233, or Choir Room at 4:30          Please be sure to read my letter to you, titled
                                                      IMPORTANT LETTER TO GUARDIANS later on in
Thursday 3:15 – 4:15
                                                      this handbook.
ToneChimes, Drue Kittle, dir – E.A. Small Rm
HandBells, John Francis, dir – E.A. Bell Rm
Children Arrive at 3:00
Snack at East Annex in living room
Devotional led by Brother John
Go to rehearse                                        Pastor John Francis (Brother John)
Pickup at East Annex at 4:15                          Associate Pastor/Minister of Music, TFBC
          Rules for Rehearsal                             Rules for Performance
1. The Director is in charge at all times.       1. All Children are expected to participate
2. The Adult/Youth workers are there to help     2. Meet in office hallway for AM service, 223
   out and they are to be respected and their       for PM service.
   instructions, followed.                       3. Be on time.
3. Be on time, and in your seat.                 4. No candy or gum.
4. Keep your mind focused on business at         5. No talking allowed.
   hand.                                         6. Stand where assigned.
5. No candy or gum allowed in rehearsal.         7. Keep your mind focused on business at hand.
6. No excessive talking allowed.                 8. Do not brush hair or do anything that might
7. Have a positive attitude. Always be kind.        bring attention to yourself in the loft.
8. Do not leave rehearsal without permission.    9. Sing out to the best of you’re ability for
9. Everyone is to participate in rehearsal.         the Lord.
10. Have fun!                                    10. Have fun!

   school is canceled for Troy RIII District,
 Children’s Choir is likewise cancelled. Early
  release is the same, and we will not run our
                    choir bus.
IMPORTANT LETTER TO GUARDIANS                                      o Ask them on Tuesday/Thursday mornings to tell
                                                                     you about riding the bus to church.
Please excuse the “to-the-point” tone of this letter. This is      o Talk about bus behavior and rules.
about your child’s safety, and parity towards all our
children – and I want you to understand the importance I        These are just a few pro-active ideas to put in place for
place on these two principles in this ministry.                 your kids so that they won’t forget. Patterns are very
                                                                important to children. They learn by the patterns that they
At 4:30pm (4:15 on Thursdays) – children will be in their       see and do. Please remember, our responsibility begins
respective rehearsal rooms. You will pick them up there.        when your child boards the church bus. We cannot be
NO EXCEPTIONS. We are again anticipating over 100               responsible for bussing your child if they do not
children in choir this year and it is unconscionable for me     actually board our bus.
to allow them to run out into a busy parking lot. Children
will not leave the rehearsal room without a guardian. At        Bussing is a privilege, therefore if your child exhibits
which point they are in your care. Once you leave the           improper behavior on the bus, or is insubordinate to the
West Annex, East Annex or Church building, I strongly           driver, they will receive one warning then if there is
request that you do not let them run in the parking lot or      another infraction, their bus privileges will be revoked for
the church – but again they are in your care, we will not       the remainder of the year.
intervene once you have them.
                                                                Finally, a word about attendance; Other than a volunteer
At 4:40 (4:30 on Thursdays), all teachers will be checking      cost of 5.00 for a t-shirt for your children for concerts,
out. You must pick up your children on time. Our                there is no charge to you for this TFBC ministry. In
teachers are volunteers. They are not paid staff.               exchange, we ask that your child attends all concerts
Therefore, please be vigilant about pick-up.                    and singing events and maintains a strong, school-like
                                                                attendance pattern for rehearsals.
About our bussing ministry
To help your children remember to ride the bus/van              This year, because we have waiting lists for these choirs,
on Tues/Thurs:                                                  there is, for 1-6 grades, a hard, fast rule of attendance
   o Tell them that day that they are to ride the bus to        which is that 2 absences in a row without at least a call
      church.                                                   of explanation from a legal guardian will result in
   o Have them give their teacher a note to reinforce the       being taken off the choir roll and the next person on the
      change in pattern, and remind their teacher as well.      waiting list will move into the absent child’s spot.
Who’s Watching the kids!!                                                               2005-2006 SCHEDULE
Rev. John Francis (Brother John) – Minister of Music/Associate           September 6/8      Children’s Choir Begins
Pastor at FBCT. He is directing the Music Maker’s Choir (Gr. 1-3)
                                                                         October 16         Music Makers Sing in AM service
on Tuesday and Intermediate Bells (2nd yr bell students) on
Thursday. He also coordinates this ministry.                             November 6         Bells Play in AM service
                                                                         November 22        1-6 Gr. at Min. Alliance
Melinda Massey (Mrs. Melinda) – Who is a Troy Homemaker, and                                Thanksgiving Service (Tentative)
has a degree in Music, will be directing the Recorder choir (Gr. 4).     November 27        Children’s Choir Concert (6pm)
Mrs. Donna Pastor and her daughter, Nicole will take over for            Nov. 29/Dec. 1     End of Semester party
Melinda for a time while Melinda and her husband, Brad have their
                                                                         Dec. 16, 17. 18    LCT featuring Grade 1-6
fourth child this fall.
                                                                         January 10/12      Children’s Choir Resumes
Lisa Ashburn (Mrs. Lisa) – Works for the Troy RIII School                February 19        Music Makers Sing in AM service
system. She will be directing the Preschool Choir.                       February 26        Recorders Play in AM service
                                                                         March 12           ToneChimes/Bells in AM service
Drue Kittle (Mrs. Drue) – Teacher at our Community Preschool,            April 7, 8, 9      Massed Choir featuring Grades 1-6
will direct the ToneChime Choir (Gr. 5/1st year 6th grade bell
                                                                         May 7              Children’s Choir Concert (6pm)
                                                                         May 9/11           End of Choir Party
Lisa Whitehead/Cathy McMullen (Mrs. Lisa/Mrs. Cathy) will be             August 28-30 Possible dates for Choir Camp
preparing snack for all the hungry kids every week (they are what        October 31/November 1
truly makes choir work)
                                                                         Massed Choir/Children’s Choir sing at
Pam Ammons (Mrs. Pam) is in charge of transportation, and will           Missouri Baptist Convention, Cape Girardeau,
be picking up children on Tuesdays along with a representative           MO (Tentative)
from the Extended Daycare ministry of TFBC. Pam is a CDL
licensed driver and our van drivers have Class E licenses as
required by our insurance company.                                                   HYMN MEMORIZATION
                                                                         For Music Makers, we will again be doing Hymn
Our Wonderful Assistants:                                                memorization. The hymns are included in this booklet. If
Ivaughn Rucker, Lurlye Moore, Kari Shramek, Donna Pastor, Nicole
Pastor, Madelynn Francis, Tina Meyer, Debbie Christy, Virginia Surber,   your child can sing all eight hymns to me or one of my
Charlotte Albright, John Throgmorton, Alexis Thomas, Michelle Hovis,     assistants on appointed Hymn days, then he/she will
Jill King, Emily Kittle, Devin Schlote                                   receive a new 1991 Baptist Hymnal as a special
                                                                         presentation at our Spring Concert. (4th-6th graders may do
And most of all: Jesus Christ                                            this as well if they choose to.)

Troy First
Children’s Choir

 Richard Rhea, Senior Pastor
John Francis, Minister of Music

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