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                                          by Danielle Leithner
                   Fate has brought us here today to express our love for each other,
                                    a love like ours is love hard to find.
                         I thank God everyday that he has answered my prayers.
                           He has given me the greatest gift I could ever receive,
                                           he has given me you.
He gave me someone to love unconditionally,
someone to share my hopes, dreams, passions, and
to build a life of love and happiness with.
He sent to me someone who has shown me what
true love is really all about.
Someone who has seen many of life's turbulence, which
is a person who I will admire and respect throughout life.
He answered my prayer the day you stepped into my life,
and made it complete.
You filled that empty space in my heart,
you complete me.
You are the inspiration in my life to be who I am today.
You have made my dream a reality, a life filled with joy.
So let me tell you dear, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you,
I would lay my life on the line.
For you are my gift sent from above.

Each moment spent with you builds memories
to last out a life time, one's that will never fade.
So I thank God again for sending me you.
For you are my life, my soul, my friend.
I love you!

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