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					A Guide to Plagiarism
  8th Grade English
     Mrs. Brown

                  HOW TO CITE ONLINE SOURCES
        Is someone stealing your work? Are you stealing theirs?
With the ease of cutting and pasting at your fingertips, there are many
questions about the acceptability of using information gathered in online
research for projects and papers in school. Below are the most common
questions you may have about using information you find online.
        * What is Plagiarism and how can we avoid Plagiarism when
          researching online?

        * Why cite online sources?

        * When must we cite sources and what information does not have to
          be cited?

        * How do we cite & what information must be included when citing
          online sources?

        * What are the consequences for Plagiarism?
      I. You will view a PowerPoint presentation
         that explains to you what plagiarism is. It
         covers key points that will help you learn
         how to properly cite your sources.

         Remember – when you go online, the work
         you see and collect is still somebody else’s!

II.     You will use ‘’ to cite web pages
         that I give to you. By going to this site, you
         can simply plug in the information asked
         about your site, and you will generate a
         properly formatted citation!
III.   You will also cite an image that you find online.
       Images (pictures) are also the work of
       somebody else, you must remember to give
       credit to the owner when you use an image
       from the Internet.

IV.    Get ready to take a 10-question quiz online
       about what you learned about plagiarism. Be
       careful – you may become an expert in no time!
       See how much you’ve learned.
     Click on the following link to access the power
     point presentation...

**After you view the show, click on the X in the top right corner to close the show.
   What is plagiarism and how do I
               avoid it?

Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism
  *This is in your packet. Highlight key points
    as you read.

       **AFTER you read the article, continue to the next slide.
                Why cite online sources?

                                    Click on the link

          Why Acknowledge Sources?

**After you read the article, click on the X in the top right corner to close the page
 Ok, I understand why I must cite online sources, but
                   HOW do I do that?
1.    For websites, you need to have the following information
      about your source:
          Author. “Article/Web Page Title." Web Site Title. Date published/created/updated.
      Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access <URL>.
          Ex. Schmidt, John. "Frogs Galore." Frog World. 05 Dec. 2003. PBS.
     13 Sept. 2005 <>.
2.    For online newspaper articles you need:
         Author. “Article Title.” Name of Newspaper Date published. Date accessed. <URL>.

         Ritler, Sarah. "Cool Reptiles." National Zoo News 10 Apr. 2005. 13 Sept. 2005

3.    For all other sources, see
      for help. Or just ask!
You also need to cite any picture or graphic
you use from the internet. For school
purposes, you will need the following

To cite a graphic, picture, map or photo:

Description of title of image. [Online image]
Available: URL

*You will have the chance to cite 3 web sites
along with a graphic at the conclusion of this
                What happens if I plagiarize?

                                  Click on the link

            What Happens When You Plagiarize
                Go to ‘penalties for plagiarism’

**After you read the article, click on the X in the top right corner to close the page
       Ok, I think I fully understand what
      plagiarism is and how I can avoid it!
          I’m ready to take the online
                 plagiarism quiz.
                      Go to:
               Plagiarism Quiz

**After you take the quiz, submit your answers, the click on the X in the top right
corner to close the quiz page. Report your score to me.
   Be sure to follow the plagiarism guidelines
       for all classes. You cannot afford the
   If you have questions/concerns when doing
            research, ASK FOR HELP!

**Don’t forget to get your
  plagiarism policy signed!

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