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Subject: [kebab_kid] Renungan Akir Pekan
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 23:37:07 EDT
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Undecoded Letter
Ini ada artikel yang menarik yang menganalisa manusia dengan hewan dari
sisi attidu-nya dia toward life, yang menulis kayaknya orang Indonesia,
tapi dalam bahasa inggris, maklum dari jakarta post, enjoy.

Why are 'civilized' human beings worse than animals
Iendured a restless sleep tossing and turning the other night. It wasnot
because of the buzz of a mosquito flying around my stuffy bedroom.

   Nor was it because of worries about the protracted economic and
political crises that continue to squeeze the country.

No, it was the noise of a couple of cats doing what comes naturally.It's
not that I don't like cats: I find most animals cute, except thosethat

   Animal lover or not, who could stand hearing the cats howling all
night long?

Animals are animals, you may say. They never bother about
theirsurroundings. They do not understand what ethics are. They do not
knowright from wrong. They do not have any moral values.

   This is the nature of animals and, of course, it is what makes us
different from them as civilized human beings.

But I've come to think that the real animals are us. Those
bestialinstincts we ascribe to them, we have in abundance. Look at
thehorrible cases of rape reported every day in newspapers and on TV

Thenthere is the book detailing the sexual netherworld of life in
Jakarta-- the orgies, swingers' parties, prostitution -- which we all lap
upas titillating, salacious reading.

There are also the "confessional" TV shows, with people telling allabout
their life as a gigolo, for example. One woman said she was"hypersexual"
-- just could not get enough -- and another owned up tobeing a "material
girl", but not one to be mistaken with Madonna.

   A woman pimp told how her salon doubled as a place for prostitution.

"We offer the 'extra-service' for guests," she said matter-of-factly
onthe show, held in a cafe as the assembled patrons hung on her
everysensational statement.

We human beings are much cleverer than animals, because we know how
toexploit others' appetites to make money. We have a brain to
manipulateand exploit a situation for our own interests.
Of course, there are rules of the games, the laws and regulations inplace
to prevent misconduct. There is a line that should not be passed.But
again, smart human beings use their intelligence to bend the rulesand
seize their chance, to take advantage without considering theeffect on

A cat might take a fish because it is hungry, but it will stop once itis
full. A mother cat may spare some for its kittens. But human beingsare
different. We are more frightening than a pack of hungry wolves inour

People use corruption to accumulate wealth that is more than enough
tofeed their family and their offspring -- not to mention the
wholeneighborhood. But they are so hungry for money and power that they
arenever satisfied with their "catch".

We bemoan the harrowing footage of the students being hazed at thePublic
Administration Institute (STPDN) while sitting down for theabundant "cops
and robbers" TV crime shows. We pretend to be pious --parroting the words
and teachings of our respective religions -- whilerelishing the sight of
some alleged criminal (always a "little" person,mind you) having the
living daylights beaten out of him.

Yet, we steal, but we feel no shame at all in doing so, and insteadfind a
way to justify and rationalize the sin away. The law clearlyforbids
corruption and we all seem to believe that it is wrong, but itgoes on

It is like a chronic disease that is undermining the whole nation.
Themedicine is there and it is curable. Unfortunately, the condition
isgetting worse and worse as many clever doctors and paramedics are
alsoinfected by the "virus".

   Now, tell me, who are the real "animals" among us?

                                          -- T. Sima Gunawan

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