Latino Behavioral Health Conference 2010 “Transitions and Growth by wuyunqing


									            Latino Behavioral Health Conference 2010
        “Transitions and Growth: Empowering the Latino Community”

                             Morning Sessions
A8   Intergenerational Considerations in Working with Latinas

     Presenter: Patricia Perez, LCPC, CADC, Great Prairie Services

     In this workshop, the term Latino/a will be reviewed to highlight the various
     cultural backgrounds that may impact the behavioral health stability and
     manifest mental illness. The evolution of the Latina identity, through the
     process of acculturation, assimilation and preservation, will be explored to
     identify intergenerational issues that may be encountered while providing
     behavioral health services. The behavioral health needs of Latinas at
     various stages in the lifespan will be discussed to identify special
     accommodations in behavioral health interventions.

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