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food revision handout


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									        Food Technology – Revision Notes – Spring 2011

    The entire specification and exemplar papers can be found on the
     website: www.edexcel.com
    Look under GCSE; Design Technology; Food Technology.

    Students have undertaken 2 exemplar exam papers which will be handed
     back for revision purposes and for familiarization with the structure of the
     exam paper.

    Past papers and exampler questions will be used to supplement their files,
     adding to the work done in year 10.

    BBC Bitesize; GCSE; Design Technology: Food Technology, is also a useful

    Lonsdale Revision Guides for Food Technology are available from school
     for £5 to include the revision guide and the workbook.

Since we have completed the coursework, all lesson time is spent in preparing
for the exam. Students will also be given the chance to carry out some
practicals to aid with the written revision above. This will continue up until the

Topics for revision include:
Nutrition – functions in the body and sources
Functions of ingredients – use of correct terminology
Adapting recipes
Modern and Smart materials – modified starches and biotechnology
Standard Components – pre-manufactured food items
Production methods
Health, Safety and hygiene
Product Analysis
Designing to a specification; designing skills
ICT in the food industry, CAD/CAM, Specialist equipment
Quality Control
Sustainability – reduce, recover, reuse, and recycle
Ethical Design – special dietary needs and cultural differences

Any enquiries to Miss R Argrave at school on Tel: 01202 656300 or

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