Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs Assignment

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					                 Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs

Part 1 – Research and Report
Choose three people to work with for this assignment. Select a Canadian
entrepreneur and research their background addressing the following issues and

   1. Give a brief personal history and description of the person.
   2. What entrepreneurial characteristics does this person have? Explain.
   3. What is unique about the product or service that this entrepreneur is
      offering to their customers?
   4. What contributions has this entrepreneur made to the community through
      their business venture?

   Your report must be word-processed and no more than two pages in length.
   Organize your report into four sections, one for each of the areas listed above
   that must be addressed. Make your responses brief and to the point!

   Part 2 – Bulletin Board and Presentation
   Design a bulletin board which displays photos of the entrepreneur and the
   product or service they offer to customers. The bulletin board can also contain
   headlines or magazine articles written about the entrepreneur or their
   product/service. You will be presenting your report and bulletin board to the
   class in an oral presentation.

                          BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!