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					                    Insert your Company name
                             and Logo

Established:     (Insert date Started – note number of years in community)

Facility Size:   (XXX) Square Feet with Retail Showroom
                 Full Inventory of Service Parts and Supplies
                 Technical & Installation Training Center

Staff:           Owner & President – (Insert Name)
                 Over (XXX) years experience in Heating & Cooling Industry
                 List other experiences and community memberships

Affiliations:    Major brands carried (list)

Fleet:           # (Trucks) Installation and Service Vehicles

Memberships:     (City) Chamber of Commerce
                 (City) Home Builders Association
                 (State) Air Conditioning Contractors of America
                 (City) Better Business Bureau
                 (National) Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America

Other:           Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
                             Insert your Company name
                                      and Logo
(Name) – (Company tag or Theme)

       (Insert Name) is the President and Owner of (Insert Company Name) Heating and Air

Conditioning Inc, located conveniently in (City). (Insert name) started (NAME) in (Date)

to provide the (Name) community with a company that provides superior customer service and

outstanding workmanship. (Name) also wanted to provide (Market name) with up-to-date

technologies not being offered in the market yet by other business, such as diagnostic systems for

your homes indoor air, air duct treatments, and specialized home comfort equipment.

       The company is growing rapidly, and (name) is looking forward to hiring and growing with the

(name) Community. Especially in providing valuable community services such as

free home energy audits, free indoor air quality exams, and new diagnosis technologies to determine

the air quality inside your home.

       (Name) has (XX) children, and a wife, and his hobbies include (whatever they are).


   Digital Photos are important – and should be
   used if available – pictures are meaningful to
   the press.
                          Insert your Company name
                                   and Logo
                                                            Contact: (Insert Name)
                                                            (Insert Phone # Office)
                                                            (Insert Mobile #)


(Insert market) – Homeowners all over the Bloomington-Normal area can cut their heating and
cooling bills by 60% using a geothermal system, says (name), President and Owner of (Company
Name) Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. The same system helped one homeowner win the 1996
Energy Value Housing Award from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB). The award
recognized the 2780 square foot custom built home for its energy efficiency, achieved in part, by the
geothermal heating and cooling system.
        Local residents of (Market) can achieve similar energy savings that helped make this home a
winner, right here in (Market). We offer the same high quality installations, energy savings, and
100% satisfaction guarantee on the products and services that help homeowners save energy year
        Geothermal units offer increased energy efficiency over conventional heating and cooling
systems, because the move heat, not create heat. The US National Renewable Laboratory reports
geothermal systems can produce savings of $300 - $1000 per year in an average 2000 square foot
home over conventional gas, electric, propane, oil or air-to-air heat pumps.
        Benefits of a geothermal system include reduced operating costs, lower maintenance costs,
energy savings of up to 60% in most cases, safer and quieter operation, and no carbon emissions such
as carbon monoxide. Geothermal systems are widely considered to provide a more comfortable home,
and there are no noisy outdoor cooling units outside the house, since the system is housed indoors.
Homeowners get heating, central air conditioning, and hot water all from the same compact, quiet unit.
        Geothermal equipment operates on a simple principle says (Name), “It harnesses the energy
from the below the earths surface, and moves it into your home as either heat in the winter, or cooling
in the summer. You save money by using the heat right from your backyard.”
        “We are very excited to be offering geothermal units to our customers in the (Market) area.”
You save money and save the environment at the same time, plus it’s safe because no flames, carbon
emissions, no air pollution, and provides better indoor air quality. Even the EPA quotes homes as
being up to 100 times more polluted inside than the outdoor air, so what better way to start a healthier
home, to go with your happy home.”
        Geothermal technology is proven, with over 250,000 homes across North America currently
using geothermal. For more information, contact (Persons Name) at (Company name, location and
Phone number).
                          Insert your Company name
                                   and Logo
                                                             Contact: (Insert Name)
                                                             (Insert Phone # Office)
                                                             (Insert Mobile #)


With summer just around the corner, the hot and humid days will be upon us very soon! During humid
weather your home can become a breeding ground for molds and mildew. When present in large
quantities in the home, these living things can cause serious health related problems, and may even
aggravate existing health conditions. This includes allergic reactions, toxic reactions, asthma episodes,
infections and even respiratory damage.

         Controlling the indoor moisture levels and humidity is the key to controlling mold. The
American Lung Association recommends keeping relative humidity in your home (the moisture level
in the air inside your home) between 40-50% year round. Investing in a thermostat to monitor your
humidity levels is a prudent way to go. Local retailers like (Your Company Name) Heating and
Cooling sell these newer, more advanced thermostats that even tell you when it is time to change your
filters on your heating and air conditioning system much like the cars we drive today.

        In addition to controlling the moisture, new technology is available today to actually take a
picture of your home’s indoor air, by sampling the air inside your home up to 1400 times per day, and
determining the moisture levels, the amount of dust you have in the air, any possible contaminants
such as Carbon Monoxide, or Volatile Organic Compounds (Gases that are released from paints,
carpet, floor mastic) that can cause you serious harm. This test is quick, uses the internet to download
your homes air quality measurements to (Your Company Name), and a detailed report is provided
back to you so you understand exactly what your home’s indoor air quality is like. (Your Company
Name) offers this service test for only $ 49.00 including the detailed written report.

        The Comfort Institute recommends these proven techniques: Use a bathroom exhaust fan when
you shower or bathe, cover exposed soil in craw spaces with plastic sheets, improve gutters and
exterior foundation drainage, fix plumbing and roofing leaks, don’t store firewood indoors, do not buy
an unvented gas fireplace or heater, and ensure your clothes dryer vents to the outdoors. If you already
have a humidifier, clean it regularly and turn it off in the spring or if your winter humidity levels are
too high. Use air conditioning or a dehumidifier during hot and humid weather, and be sure to have
your home comfort equipment maintained, clean the coils, indoor and out, and that water that
condenses drains away freely.

        Most people mistakenly think a house with lots of air leakage is safe and will not trap humidity.
“This is usually true in the winter months when outdoor air is dry,” says Comfort Institute researcher
Brenden Reid, “However, for much of the Spring, Summer, and Fall, the outdoor air contains
excessive humidity in the form of invisible water vapor. While some outside air is necessary, too
much summertime infiltration raises indoor humidity levels and can lead to mold growth. The worst
air leaks are usually in the heating and cooling air duct system.” (Your Company Name) can check
the air ducts in a home and seal ducts, saving energy, and in some cases, newer, tighter homes built
with newer construction techniques, need the addition of outdoor air introduced into the home to make
the home’s air safer to breathe.

         The Comfort Institute recommends having your heating and cooling contractor perform an
“Infiltrometer Blower Door Test” on your home and duct system. This computerized test instrument
was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. The test measures how airtight or leaky the air duct
system is in your home. Most homes air ducts are very leaky, and need to be sealed properly to
reduce loss of energy, and improve the homes comfort. (Your Company Name) offers this test, along
with a “WHOLE HOUSE” Approach to indoor air quality, designed to diagnose first, recommend
second, and proceed with any solutions only after the homeowner is fully educated about the facts, and
all their options.

         Contrary to what many heating and cooling contractors say, Reid is cautious about relying on
filters, duct cleaning and duct mounted ultra-violet lights to solve mold problems. “High efficiency
filters are a good investment, and certainly help make a home healthier. But don’t expect miracles.”

        According to Comfort Institute research, the key is to look at the house as an interactive
system. Understanding all the factors that that affect humidity and mold growth is essential. Reid says
there’s a wide range of competence among contractors, “The better contractors are now Indoor Air
Quality specialists as well.

They have invested in the advanced training and test instruments to be able to insure your family lives
in a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment.”

       For more information on controlling mold, improving indoor air quality, and understanding
your homes indoor comfort, contact (Contact Name, Phone and Your Company Name).

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