Kindergarten Assessment Reporting and Parent Letter

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					Kindergarten Assessment Reporting and Parent Letter
The Kindergarten Assessment reports have been modified to better analyze and report the results for the staff and
These instructions are with regards to reports for the Kindergarten Assessment that looks like the bubble sheet below
and are scanned in.

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Accessing the Reports
        1. To access the reports, log in to RTI.
        2. Click on the ‘Reports’ menu item on the left side of the screen.
        3. Click on the ‘Assessment Menu’ item.
        4. Select the ‘Assessment Report’ item.

    The Report Parameters page will display. Select the following parameters: (these parameters are based on the
    current school year being 2010-2011. Adjust accordingly for different years.)
         School Year: 2010-2011
         Assessment Type: K-Assessment
         Radio button: Currently Enrolled Students
         School: <Your School>
         Test Level: All Day Kindergarten
         Report Level: School Level (for the entire school) or select a teacher and their section
         Report By: Anchor/Eligible Content

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       The report will display with results for each testing period that have been scanned in. If a testing period has
       passed and you do not see it displayed, that means that the assessments have not been scanned in.

       There are various ‘drill down’ reports available from this screen. You can access these by clicking on:
           ‘Report By Eligible Content’,
           ‘Parent Reports’
           the report period (i.e. ‘Sept’, ‘Dec’)
           the student count number
       Hover the mouse over one of these items without clicking, a hint will pop-up telling you what type of drill-down
       report it will access. For example, place the mouse cursor over the period ‘Dec’ without clicking on it, the hint
       pop-up will show ‘Individual Student Report’.

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Parent Report Letters
To access the Parent Report Letter, follow the instruction above to get to the main report. Click on the text ‘Parent

The 1st page for the 1st student will appear in the screen. Every student will have a total of 4 pages in their letter.

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To Print Parent Letters
        Use the instructions above to access the Parent Letter.
        The following steps help to ensure the letters print properly on paper without extraneous text at the top and
        bottom and avoid wasting paper.

    Page Setup
        Click on the File menu item and the top of the web browser.
        Click on ‘Page Setup…’

               Make sure the following items are set:
                o Page Size: Letter
                o Orientation/Radio Button: Portrait
                o Shrink to Fit: Checked*
                o Margins (inches) [Left, Right, Top, Bottom]: All set to 0.5 **
                o Headers and Footers: All set to ‘-Empty-‘ or blank
                *If Enable Shrink-to-Fit is not an option, use 0.25 for all margin settings.
                **With Enable Shrink-to-Fit checked, the margins can be set to anything and internet explorer will shrink
                the page to fit. Values 0.25 or 0.5 keep the text at readable size.
               Click the Ok button to save the settings.

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                    Page Setup for Internet Explorer

                    Page Setup for Firefox – 1 tab has Orientation and Shrink to fit settings

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                    Page Setup for Firefox – 2 tab has Margins and Headers and Footers

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       Print Preview
               It is strongly recommended that you use the ‘Print Preview…’ via the File menu before you print. This
               will allow you to see what the print will look like before sending it to the printer. If the letter does not
               appear to fit on the page neatly, then you may need to adjust the margin settings via the ‘Page Setup’
               menu as described above.

               Once the steps in Page Setup and Print Preview have been followed, you are ready to print. Either click

               on the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print…’ or use the quick print button (       ) if it is available.

       Print a Letter for 1 Student instead of All Students
                1. You must continue to run the report as you would for the school or section.
                2. Make sure the steps have been followed in the ‘Page Setup’ section.
                3. Follow the instructions in the ‘Print Preview’ section.
                4. Search/Scroll through the ‘Print Preview’ screens to find the student you wish to print out. You can
                    use the right arrow to scroll to the next page.
                5. Take note the page number that the student’s first page is on.

                        Page Number in Internet Explorer's Print Preview

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                       Page Number in Firefox’s Print Preview

               6. Click on the Print button.
               7. The Print Box will open, select the radio button next to Pages and enter the page number you noted
                  in the previous step, enter a hyphen (‘-‘), and enter the page number you noted plus 3.
                       For example, the image above shows page 5 as the student’s first page. The text entered would
                       be: ‘5-8’

                       Print Box in Internet Explorer

               8. Click on the Print button to send it to the printer.

               The Parent letters should be distributed just like report cards. If report cards are being hand delivered to
               the parent by the student or staff, then these should also be hand delivered. If report cards are being
               mailed, then the letters should also be mailed.
               Unfortunately, the Kindergarten Assessment Parent Letters will not qualify for bulk mailing for many of
               the schools. Bulk mail rules require all pieces of mail must be the same weight and must have at least
               200 pieces of mail. Since SASI report cards are one page and Kindergarten Assessment Parent Letters
               are 4 pages they cannot be mailed in the same batch or the post office will return all the report cards to
               the school.

               If you wish to fold them and place them into envelopes, they can be tri-folded and fit neatly into a
               standard business envelope. If the name and mailing address needs to be visible, please use a standard

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               business envelope with a window on the left side. These are typically referred to as #9 or #10 Left
               Window Envelopes.

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Troubleshooting Tips
   Q1. On the main report, Expect to see 2 testing periods and only see 1 on the main report.
           A1. Follow these steps:
                   o Verify with the teacher(s) to see if the test was administered and the scan sheets handed in.
                   o Verify the scan sheets were delivered to the Scanning Office within the Office of Information
                       and Technology.
                   o If the previous items have been verified, contact the Call Center,

   Q2. A student is missing a Parent Letter
           A1. If the report parameters used ‘School Level’ for the ‘Report Level’
                    o Verify that the student has assessment results. From the main report, click on the reporting
                        period, (i.e. Sept or Dec) to access a drill down report. If the student is not listed, try another
                        testing period. If the student is not in any of the testing periods:
                             The student may not have taken the assessment during that testing period, the
                                 assessment sheet was not turned in, or the sheet was unable to be scanned.
                    o If you believe that the student took the assessment but you cannot find evidence of it in RTI,
                        contact the Call Center,
           A2. If the report parameters used a specific teacher/section in the drop down list for the ‘Report Level’
                    o The student may not be scheduled in that section. Verify that the student has that section in
                        their schedule in RTI.
                    o You can also try running the report using ‘School Level’ for the ‘Report Level’ instead of a
                        teacher/section. If this does not include the student see the comments in A1.
                    o If you believe that the student took the assessment but you cannot find evidence of it in RTI,
                        contact the Call Center,

   Q3. A student has a parent letter but only shows 1 testing period or 1 set of bars on the chart.
           A1. The student may not have taken the assessment during that testing period, the assessment sheet was
               not turned in, or the sheet was unable to be scanned.
                   o If you believe that the student took the assessment but you cannot find evidence of it in RTI,
                       contact the Call Center,

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