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					                                                                      REMINDER OF JANUARY 14th PA DAY
                                                                  Please note that there is a scheduled PA Day on
                                                                  Friday, January 14th. Staff will be involved in
                                                                  Assessment and Evaluation for First Term Report
                                                                  Cards. There will be no school for students that
                                                                                  VIRTUE CORNER

               Lord, of light and love,
              let the radiance of your
               presence be a light to
             our path and a guide on
                     our journey.
                  Banish from us all                              For the month of January, our Virtue is Self-Control.
                 deeds of darkness,                               God wants us to do what we know and feel is right. A
                that we may come to                               person with self-control:
              your presence and walk                              • is patient
          before you as children of light;                        • knows how to wait his/her term
          through him who is the light of                         • can calm him/herself down and think before
         the world, Jesus Christ our Lord.                        reacting to
                       Amen.                                      situations
                 HAPPY NEW YEAR                                   • knows how t o avoid physical aggression (hitting,
          WE WISH YOU ALL OF GOD’S                                kicking, pushing, etc.)
            BLESSINGS DURING 2011                                 • can think things through

                                                                  Self-Control helps us to resist the temptation to do
JANUARY 2011: INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                   something that we will regret. It also helps us to
                                                                  resist the temptation to do something that will harm
   Virtue Corner: Self Control                Page 1              ourselves or others. Each time you exercise self-
   Artists in the School                      Page 2              control you grow stronger in the Lord and invite
   Premier’s Awards for Teaching Excellence   Page 2              peace to settle over your life as you avoid any guilt
   Bus Cancellations/School Closing           Page 4              you may feel from having made a poor decision.

                                        Together in Faith and Excellence                                            1
PLEASE JOIN US ON JANUARY 18                                       cards with pictures of the nativity scene. The
                                                                   purpose is to collect these items so that we can have
All parents/guardians are invited to an information
                                                                   children make a craft depicting the first Christmas to
evening sponsored by our BEACOM Family of School
                                                                   give to people who cannot leave their home and live
Councils on Tuesday, January 18th at 6:30-9:00 p.m. at
                                                                   in Parkdale Rooming Houses. We ask that you please
St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Secondary School in
                                                                   send any popsicle sticks and Christmas cards with the
Brampton. Key topics to be covered include: updates
                                                                   nativity scene by the end of January to school with
from our local trustees and the Central Committee of
                                                                   your child.
Catholic School Council Chairs and a presentation on
the Pastoral Guidelines to Assist Students of Same-                HEALTH MATTERS
Sex Orientation. Please call our school office at 905-
                                                                   A gentle reminder to parents/guardians that
584—2245 by January 10th to RSVP for this event.
                                                                   all communicable diseases must be reported
CALLING ALL PHOTOS!                                                to the school office (e.g. chicken pox, measles, Fifth
                                                                   disease). Students should remain at home until they
We are looking for photographs in                                  are no longer contagious. We are required to report
preparation for our 25th                                           monthly to the Region of Peel Health department any
Anniversary Celebration in May. If you can send in                 contagious diseases in our community.
any pictures with your name, child’s name and
description of photo/ year on the back, we can
make a copy and return it to you immediately. We                   ARTISTS IN THE SCHOOL
thank you in advance for helping us celebrate our                  On Wednesday, December 1st, the
history. Also our Yearbook Committee is looking                    JK – Gr. 6 classes participated in
for any Primary Concert photos. Please send in as                  "Feliz Navidad", a performance
well.                                                              from Maderaz Latin Music. Feliz
                                                                   Navidad highlighted the various
                                                                   musical traditions that take place around Christmas
                                                                   time in Latin America and Caribbean cultures. Native
                                                                   traditional music and African-based rhythms are used
                                                                   to celebrate the Winter Solstice. It was an interactive
                                                                   performance and a fun way to warm up the early
                                                                   winter months!
The Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence
recognize teachers, principals, board leaders, and                 Upcoming Performances:
support staff (secretaries, ERWs) who excel at
unlocking the potential of Ontario's young people.                 On Wednesday, January 5th, Mike Ford will be
This is your opportunity to give these remarkable                  visiting our school and presenting Canada's history
professionals the recognition they deserve. If you                 through music to the Grade 6-8 classes. Mike's lively
would like to nominate someone for this award, you                 and interactive manner engages his audience to
can pick up an application form in the main office or              reflect upon Canada's historical landscape while he
visit www.ontario.ca/teachingawards.                               performs his own original tunes as well as period
Submission deadline is January 31, 2011. We have a                 shanties, marches, satirical verse and protest songs.
lot of dedicated and excellent teachers and support                Mike uses these musical conventions and styles to
staff at St. Cornelius. This will give you an opportunity          illustrate the dynamic events, political climate and
to recognize these outstanding individuals.                        personalities identified by the Canadian History

FATHER BOB NEEDS YOUR HELP!                                        On February 22nd, Faustwork Mask Theatre will be
Fr. Bob and the Missionary Sisters of Charity have                 visiting our Intermediate classes to present Literacy
asked us to collect popsicle sticks and old Christmas              through Masks and Movement. The Mask Movement

                                            Together in Faith and Excellence                                           2
Workshop involves theatre, mime and dance                       program for Kindergarten students for the 2011-
exercises, character development, improvisations                2012 school year. For more information contact
with masks and the creation of short sketches. The              the school office at 905-584-2245.
workshop aims to provide an opportunity for
participants to experience first hand the power of              BUS SAFETY
transformation through masks as well as to improve              Maintaining safety on the bus is
self-image and self-expression.                                 a shared responsibility. Students,
                                                                parents, our bus drivers and the
                                                                school are needed as partners to
Junior & Senior Kindergarten Registration                       ensure the safe transporting of
                     Registration for the 2011-                 students to and from our school. We require everyone
                     2012 school year will held on              to be committed to following the behavioural
                     the following dates:                       expectations of riding the bus. Those who choose not to
                     Monday, February 7, 2011 –                 comply with the safety and behavioural standards, put
                                                                all users of the bus at risk. Drivers are instructed and
                      7-9 pm
                                                                have an obligation to issue pink slips to students who
                     (**Snow Date: Tuesday,                     choose not to comply. The school in turn will contact
                     February 8, 2011-7-9pm)                    parents to work together to help students make
                     Wednesday, Thursday and                    appropriate choices. Please review the expectations
                     Friday, February 9, 10 & 11,               with your children. We thank you for your support and
                     2011 at 9-11 am and 1-3 pm                 cooperation in our effort to provide safe transportation
                                                                for your children. As well, All students are reminded
Parents/guardians are to register their child in                that there is to be NO FOOD OR DRINK on the bus at
person at their designated Catholic school. The                 any time. There are many children who suffer from food
following documents are required for registration:              allergies. Touching a seat where another child has
proof of age of the child (birth certificate or                 consumed an allergen can result in anaphylaxis for
                                                                those with severe allergies. We are also concerned
passport), original Roman Catholic Baptismal
                                                                about possible choking. In the interest of safety, we
Certificate (for parent/guardian and child) or                  remind all students that they are to remain seated at all
Baptismal Certificate of other rites in communion               times when the bus is in motion. “Indoor” voices are
with the Holy See of Rome. (If the child has not                expected to minimize driver distraction. Weather plays
been baptized, and the parent/ guardian is a                    a significant factor in the timely arrival of your child’s
baptized Roman Catholic or is baptized in another               bus. Drivers are given the right to make judgment calls
rite in communion with the Holy See of Rome, the                as required especially in rural situations. Safety is the
parent/guardian should bring their own baptismal                primary concern and all decisions are made with this as
certificate), all updated immunization records                  the highest priority. Your patience and flexibility in
(Immunization Card, Peel Health Form or Letter of               understanding this variable is really appreciated. Should
Exemption) ,proof of Canadian Citizenship or                    you have any questions or concerns, please contact the
Permanent        Resident     status     (citizenship
documentation, permanent resident card or record                Bus Cancellation Information - Please NOTE: if news
of landing), proof of home address (utility bill, bank          reports indicate that busses are cancelled in the County
or credit card statement), proof of English Separate            of Dufferin, this applies to the Orangeville schools only.
School Support (may be done at the time of                      St. Cornelius busses are cancelled if the news reports
registration by completing an Application For the               indicate either “All DPCDSB busses are cancelled” or
Direction of School Support and/or a Separate                   “Busses in the Town of Caledon are cancelled”. Schools
School Lease Agreement available at the school)                 remain open unless indicated, however, Please NOTE, if
and education records if available.                             you choose to drop your child off at school on a No Bus
*All documentation must be submitted in English.                Day, you are responsible for dropping off your child no
                                                                earlier than 9:00 a.m. and picking up your child no later
                                                                than 3:45 p.m.
St. Cornelius School will continue to offer a half-day
                                         Together in Faith and Excellence                                             3
Please visit our school website on a regular basis. There              3. “THE DUFFERIN-PEEL CATHOLIC
are important dates and information which will keep                       DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD AND
you up to date and informed. Our website address is in                    THE PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL
the letterhead on the first page of this newsletter. Save                 BOARD BUSES ARE CANCELLED.”
it to your Favourites!                                                    This means that:
                                                                          ALL Transportation services
                                                                          provided by the Dufferin-Peel
STUDENT TRANSPORTATION OF PEEL                                            Catholic District School Board and
REGION (STOPR) BUS CANCELLATIONS/                                         The Peel District School Board,
SCHOOL CLOSING DUE TO BAD WEATHER                                         including buses, vans and taxis
                                                                          have been cancelled for the entire
2010-2011 SCHOOL YEAR
During the winter months inclement
weather may cause disruption of bus
transportation and regular school                                      4. “THE SCHOOLS AND OFFICES OF
operations. A decision to cancel school                                   BOTH THE DUFFERIN-PEEL
transportation and/or to close schools is                                 CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL
usually made by 6:00 a.m. and will be                                     BOARD AND THE PEEL DISTRICT
announced on the radio.                                                   SCHOOL BOARD ARE CLOSED.”
                                                                          This means that:
We will be communicating one of four
                                                                               ALL Dufferin-Peel Catholic District
standard messages to the radio stations.
                                                                               School Board ad Peel District
The four announcements and their effect
                                                                               School Board schools and offices
on the transportation system are as
                                                                               are closed to all students and staff.

    1. “DUFFERIN-PEEL CATHOLIC                                     STAYING IN FOR RECESS
       DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD                                       In the colder weather we receive
       BUSES SERVING                                               numerous requests to allow
        ST.    ANDREW,      ST.                                    children to remain indoors when
        BENEDICT AND ST. PETER                                     students have a
        ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS AND R.F.                                cold, flu, etc. Please note that we cannot
        HALL SECONDARY SCHOOL ARE                                  comply, as we neither have the facilities nor the staff to
        CANCELLED FOR TODAY.”                                      supervise these students. Moreover, Health Officials
                                                                   indicate that the fresh air is good for children - NOT
    2. “THE DUFFERIN-PEEL CATHOLIC                                 harmful, as long as students are dressed appropriately.
       DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD BUSES                                 On extremely cold days, particularly when the Wind
       AND THE PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL                                Chill Factor lowers temperatures considerably, we will
       BOARD BUSES IN THE TOWN OF                                  limit the amount of time that students spend outdoors,
       CALEDON AND THE COUNTY OF                                   or hold recess indoors. With the exception of these
       DUFFERIN ARE CANCELLED”. This                               occasions, we expect that all children will go outdoors
       means that all runs listed under                            for recess and during the lunch break.
       announcement #l PLUS the
       following are cancelled.
                                                                   DRESS FOR WINTER
        All schools in the Town of
            Caledon and all school runs                            All of us have a more enjoyable
            that begin in the Town of                              time outdoors in the winter season
            Caledon.                                               when we are dressed appropriately. This means warm
        Individual schools will be                                coats, boots, mitts, scarves, hats and snow
            notified if this cancellation                          pants for the younger students. Always dress for
            affects their school.                                  unexpected weather activities. We suggest that

                                            Together in Faith and Excellence                                              4
students in the primary grades have a change of shoes             c.     to receive equitable funding;
& clothing at school in case they get wet outside.                d.     to have separate school boundaries enlarged;
                                                                         e.    to elect separate school trustees with all
                                                                         the powers of public school trustees.
SCHOOL HERITAGE                                                   Once section 93(1) was enacted, the Ontario separate
In 1853, 1855 and 1863 the                                        school supporters continued to suffer financial
United Legislature of Canada                                      hardship. The Separate School (Scott) Act of 1863 did
East and Canada West removed all hindrances. There                not anticipate the creation and/or growth of
was no more double taxation. It did not matter if                 corporations and public utilities in Ontario, or the
there was a Catholic teaching in a common school.                 creation of public high schools. These two omissions
The separate school board did not need the                        caused over 100 years of financial hardship and
permission of the common school board to open a                   inequity for separate school supporters.
new or additional separate school. The number of                                     to be continued....
Catholic heads of family to establish a separate
school was lowered from twelve to five. As a result,              SAFE SCHOOLS FOCUS FOR JANUARY –
the number of separate schools grew considerably.
The effect that the Canadian Constitution created in
                                                                  Conflict is Inevitable; Bullying is Not
the British North American Act (1867) (now entitled               The key message in
the Constitution Act or the Canada Act) had on                    January is “conflict is
separate schools was that when the Fathers of                     inevitable, bullying is
Confederation came from New Brunswick, Nova                       not”. The grade
Scotia, Canada East and Canada West to meet in                    specific activities
Charlottetown and Quebec, they quickly concluded,                 provide opportunity
in the words of one of the fathers, Sir Charles Tupper,           for students to learn to differentiate bullying from
that ―Without this guarantee for the rights of                    the daily conflict situations everyone faces. Students
minorities being embodied in that new constitution,               also learn how to use an assertive form of
we should have been unable to obtain any                          communication known as “I-messages” to deal with
Confederation whatever.‖ It is important to                       conflict and prevent bullying.
remember that in 1867 Catholics were the minority.                Everyone faces conflict in daily life and through it can
The Canadian Constitution still contains a guarantee              learn to negotiate and build relationships. Bullying is
for separate schools in section 93(1) that the Fathers            a form of violence that leaves no room for
of Con- federation made in 1867. It states:                       negotiation and seeks to tear others down rather
Nothing in any such [provincial legislative] Law shall            than build relationships.
prejudicially affect any Right or Privilege with respect          Tips for Parents:
to Denominational Schools which any Class of                      - help your children apply the definition of bullying to
Persons [i.e. separate school supporters] have by Law             determine if a situation is bullying or conflict
in the Province at the Union.                                              Does one person have more power than the
Section 93(1) protects all the provisions of the last             other? Is the behaviour intentional / on purpose?
separate school legislation passed before                                  Does it keep happening? (Answering yes to
Confederation, the Separate School (Scott) Act of                 these questions indicates bullying; answering no
1863. Among others, the Act provides the following                indicates conflict)
rights:                                                           - use teachable moments and ‘what if’ scenarios with
a. Catholics could establish and support a separate               your children to help them differentiate bullying and
school, but had to continue paying common school                  conflict
taxes. Thus, they paid tuition for their children in the          - talk with your children about the difference
separate school;                                                  between being passive, aggressive or assertive
b.     to receive government grants equitable with                - encourage the use of assertive communication such
       those of the public school system;                         as “I-messages” in your family

                                           Together in Faith and Excellence                                            5
        I feel….when…and I would like (or I need)….                                  -Pizza Day
Rather than …You made me….when you…and you                                  Jan. 28- Gr. 7 & 8 Skating Day- a.m.
need to…                                                                    Jan. 31, Feb 1 & 2- Interview Call Ins
                                                                            Jan. 31- Mrs. McGee’s Class at Silvercreek
                                                                                     -Gr. 5 & 6 Science Presentation-
CAN YOU SPARE SOME TIME?                                                             Watershed on Wheels
                                                                            Feb. 1- Term 1 Report Cards Go Home
One of the R.F. Hall Secondary School art students                          Feb. 2- Gr. 7 & 8 Ski Trip- all day
has spent some time in each of our classes talking to                       Feb. 3- Evening Term 1 Interviews
students about an exciting project they will involved                                -Sub Lunch
in as part of our 25th anniversary this year. Each                          Feb. 4 –P.A. Day- Term 1 Interviews
                                                                            Feb. 7- 7:00- 9:00 p.m. -JK/SK Registration-
student is painting a 4” X 4” ceramic tile depicting
                                                                             7:00-9:00 p.m. and Wed., Thurs, Friday 9:11
their interpretation of what St. Cornelius School                            a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m.
means to them. We are looking for any parents who                           Feb. 8 & 9- Drum-Fit Workshop (JK-Gr. 8)
can come to help supervise students in small groups                         Feb. 9- Extended French Applications Due
as they paint their ceramic tiles. We are looking for                                -Gr. 4 Scientist in the School
parent helpers from January 10 - 21 between 1 p.m.-
                                                                            Feb. 10- Pizza Lunch
2 p.m. If you are available for any and/or all dates,                       Feb. 15- Extended French Lottery
please call the Main Office. Thank you for your                                      (if required)
support!                                                                             -Intermediate Boys (a.m.) & Girls
                                                                                     Basketball Mini (p.m)Tournament
                                                                                     at St. Andrew School, Orangeville
IMPORTANT DATES: PLEASE                                                     Feb. 17- Sub Lunch
PLACE DATES ON FAMILY CALENDAR                                                       -Rosary Apostalate
                                                                                     -Gr. 7 & 8 Ski Trip
January 2011:                                                                        -6:45 p.m. School Council Meeting
       Jan. 5- 9:30 a.m. -Artist in the                                    Feb. 18 – St. Cornelius Cougars Hockey
        School- Junior & Intermediate classes                                Tournament 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
       Jan. 6- Sub Day                                                     Feb. 21- Family Day- School is Closed
                -Gr. 7 & 8 Ski Trip all day                                 Feb. 22- Artist in the School-Gr. 7 & 8
                -Gr. 5 & 6 Skating Day- a.m.                                         Feb. 24- Pizza Lunch
       Jan 7- Gr. 3 & 4 Skating Day- a.m.                                  Feb. 28-Mar. 2- Mrs. O’Donnell’s students at
       Jan. 10- 7:00 p.m. Quebec City Parent                                Albion Hills
        Information Night Meeting in Gym
                                                                    On behalf of the staff and students of St. Cornelius
       Jan.. 12-10:00 a.m.-Gr. 7 & 8 Mass
                                                                   Catholic School, we wish you and your family a very
                at St. John’s Church                                          happy and prosperous 2011!
                  -7:00 p.m. First Communion Meeting @
                 St. John Albion Parish
       Jan. 13 -Gr. 1 & 2 Skating Day
        7:00 p.m. Extended French Information Night
       Friday, January 14- P.A. Day- Term 1
        Assessment and Evaluation of Pupil Progress
       Jan. 18 & 19- Dental Screening JK/SK, Gr. 2, 4,
       Jan. 19- 6:45 p.m. School Council Meeting
       Jan. 20- Gr. 7 & 8 Ski Trip – all day
                 -Sub Day
                 -Rosary Apostalate
       Jan. 21-9:15 a.m. Gr. 8 Grad. Pictures
                 -Gr. 3 & 4 Skate- a.m.
       Jan. 24- Gr. 7 Meningitis/ Gr. 8 girls HPV
       Jan. 25- Fit to Dance Workshop in the gym for
        all students
       Jan. 27- Gr. 5 & 6 Skating Day- a.m.

                                          Together in Faith and Excellence                                                  6

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