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					                           WORCESTER HISTORICAL MUSEUM
   The 2009 Harvey Ball Smile Award Presentation ◦ September 25, 2009
        Program Book Advertising Reservation Form
Contact Name:
Company name (as it should appear in all print materials):

Billing address:
E-mail address:

                      Advertisement sizes available in the program book:
                                                    Full Page (4.875” x 7.5”)
                                                    Half Page (4.875” x 3.625”)
                                                    Quarter Page (2.3 x 3.625”)

All dimensions are width x height. Ad may be submitted electronically (as a .pdf, Quark, Illustrator or
Photoshop file for Mac), as film, or as a slick/laser print. WHM will provide design if appropriate copy
and logo are available. Electronic layout files must be accompanied by original graphic and font files.
Program book will be black & white throughout.

 Ad will be submitted:        electronically          as film         as a printout (laser or other)
  Amount:          enclosed           to be billed (payment due not later than September 10)

Please contact the following person at my company to coordinate the details of this
advertisement. (Complete if information is different from above.)
E-mail address:

                                        Deadline August 27, 2009
                                       Ad can be e-mailed directly to
                                                or mail to:
                                                Bill Wallace
                                 WORCESTER HISTORICAL MUSEUM
                        30 Elm Street • Worcester, MA 01609 • (508)753-8278