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Dinsmore & Associates can manufacture parts with detail-oriented with detail oriented
precision using CNC machines with 3-axis, 5-axis and 6-axis lathes. As a full service vendor,
Dinsmore & Associates uses machinery with conventional fixed headstock and Swiss-style
CNC lathes that perform complex operations such as cross drilling, cross tapping, cross
milling and slotting, C-axis milling and off-center work.

Dinsmore and Associates use the latest CNC machines to produce precision parts to
tolerances to ±.0001". Programmed with CAD/CAM, these machines have the ability to
fabricate virtually any material, from standard aluminum to exotic metals and extremely
tough materials. We also have the ability to CNC machine plastics, wet or dry. Dinsmore &
Associates four axis machining capabilities will work on either prototype or production
machined parts. Machining areas are all climate controlled with filtration systems for
machining hazardous materials.

High-speed vertical CNC Machining allows us to mill, drill, and 3D machine precision
components in high, low volumes or prototype quantities to specifications. The CNC machine
permits contoured milling applications to achieve high quality milling in flexible
manufacturing processes such as running small batches of multiple parts on the same
machine, machining complex shaped parts that require innovative tooling and fixturing. The
CNC creates the capacity of holding tight tolerances in difficult to machine materials
including modern "Glass Filled" Plastics, Stainless steel, Kovar, etc.

Most of the parts made using CNC precision methods are complete and do not require
secondary and off-line operations. Each step in the component-making operation is precisely
located and oriented by computer controls. The use of live tools on CNC lathes allows
manufacture of complete and complex parts in one operation thereby eliminating handling
errors. Automatic bar loaders increase productivity.

Parts are produced from bar stock up to 1-3/8” diameter in a variety of materials, ferrous
and nonferrous. Advantages include the economical production of complex parts in medium
to higher lot sizes.

We have developed much of our experience doing the difficult and tedious work that our
competitors did not want or were not able to do. We use a modern CAM system, and state
of the art machining and measuring equipment for making such parts. We have 3, 4, and 5
Axis machining centers as well as turning centers with live tooling and multiple spindles and

Machining is possible on virtually any material. Parts are machined directly from your 3D
CAD models.

Dinsmore and Associates CNC machining components and subsystems are used in with
products that require encompassing drilling, EDM, grinding, turning, boring, broaching, gear
cutting, tapping/threading, turning centers, lathes, machining centers, and station-type
In addition to the CNC machining components, Dinsmore and Associates motion control and
positioning products can also accomplish other multidimensional processes such as routing,
water jet cutting, knife cutting, CNC machining 5 axis, and electrochemical machining. We
can customize CNC machining components and subsystems to fit any need.

Engineering expertise, experience, state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth knowledge of
process materials provide a solid basis of supplying hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, office,
agricultural, medical, and aerospace equipment to name a few.

Dinsmore & Associates supports all of the operations in precision machining with an
effective quality control program. Important elements of our quality programs include the
integration of statistical process controls, machine capability studies, a computer-aided
coordinate measuring system, incoming inspection routines and traceability of materials

Using the lastest in CAD/CAM software, Dinsmore and Associates uses CNC machining to
produces tooling and fixture components creating blocks, sheet metal, and tubes is done
with accuracy and precision.

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