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									County of Santa Clara
Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital
Valley Medical Center
Ambulatory & Community Health Services

HHS04 021505                                                                       .
                                                                   Prepared by:.Katherine Hamilton
                                                                                Administrative Services
                                                                                Manager II
                                                                  Submitted by:.Robin Roche
                                                                                Director, Ambulatory &
                                                                                Community Health
DATE:          February 15, 2005

TO:             Board of Supervisors


                Robert Sillen
                Executive Director, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

               Various Actions Relating to a Donation from the VMC Foundation for Maternal Fetal Medicine Services


Consider acceptance of gift of equipment and vehicle from the VMC Foundation on behalf of the Maternal Fetal
Medicine program.

Possible action:

     a. Accept gift of ultrasound and media equipment and vehicle from the VMC Foundation for establishing a mobile
          maternal fetal medicine service program.

          Adopt resolution naming the "Cypress Semiconductor Maternal Fetal Medicine Mobile" and commending
          Cypress Semiconductor, Inc. for support of this service program. (Roll Call Vote)

          Authorize Chair to forward letter of appreciation to VMC Foundation on behalf of Cypress Semiconductor, Inc.


There will be no impact to the County General Fund as a result of this action. The value of this donation is estimated at
$285,000. Approval of this action will result in increased reimbursement for maternal fetal medicine services.


On October 19, 2004, the Board of Supervisors approved a recommendation to expand and decentralize the location of
Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) services in order to enhance the delivery of prenatal care at the community level and to
increase reimbursement by providing the services at Federally Qualified Health Center sites. The expansion proposal
included the creation of a small team of MFM specialists to provide care for a large group of community obstetricians
over a large geographic region through the creation of adequate infrastructure of support personal and technology
platforms. As reported at that time, the FY06 budget impact of these actions will result in a positive variance to revenue
and the contribution margin in the amount of $1,500,000. This will be proposed as part of VMC's budget reduction

Acceptance of this gift will result in the addition of an important set of diagnostic equipment and transportation vehicle
for assessing and diagnosing fetal health and conditions, ensuring an increase in access and services to underserved
pregnant women, further supporting the Board's implementation of the Maternal Fetal Medicine initiative expanding
delivery services throughout the community. The media equipment will serve to provide continued medical education
and training to VMC physicians and ancillary staff.

The donated equipment will be used by the department of Obstestrics and Gynecology at Valley Medical Center
Outpatient Department to perform mobile fetal monitoring and assessments. The accompanying letter (attached) has
been received from the Executive Director of the VMC Foundation, indicating the Foundation's intent to donate the
ultrasound diagnostic and media equipment and vehicle, and detailing the intended use of this donation.

Adoption of the resolution for the permanent assignment of the name "Cypress Semiconductor Maternal Fetal Medicine
Mobile" to the donated equipment will ensure compliance with the donation request.


The Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Dr. T.J. Rodgers, made a significant donation to
the VMC Foundation to fund the VMC Rehabilitation Center Gym in March of 2004. In the fall of 2004, Administration
approached the VMC Foundation seeking funding to support a mobile fetal monitoring ultrasound unit. The VMC
Foundation provided Mr. Rodgers with a live demonstration of three−dimensional ultrasound technology and was
subsequently awarded funding to create a Cypress Maternal Fetal Medicine Mobile unit.

Dr. Rodgers is founder, president, CEO, and a director of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, a technology company
based in Silicon Valley. He is a former chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Association and sits on the board of
directors of high−technology companies, including SolarFlare Communications (10−gigabit Ethernet), Silicon Light
Machines (light−switching ICs), Ion America (fuel cells), Silicon Magnetic Systems (magnetic memories), Infinera
(optical ICs), SunPower Corp. (advanced solar cells), and Cypress MicroSystems (field−programmable mixed−signal

In its October 2001 issue, Upside Magazine cited Dr. Rodgers as one of the "100 People Who Changed Our World."
Financial World magazine named Dr. Rodgers "CEO of the Year" in 1996. In 2002, he was named to a list of the year's
"Top 100 Chief Executives" by Chief Executive magazine.

Mr. Rodgers has been a financial sponsor and personal contributor to a variety of successful community outreach

1. First Silicon Valley CEO to lead Santa Clara County's Second Harvest Food Bank Corporate Challenge event.
Cypress won its 12th consecutive victory in 2003 for the most pounds of food donated per employee.

2. Awards from the Healing Institute for his support of the [George Washington] Carver Scholars Program in 2000, 2001
and 2002.

3. Between 1998−2001, honors with annual appreciation awards from the Westside Kickers Track Club, a team of
inner−city athletes from Oakland, California, whose training and travel to regional and national competitions was
underwritten by Cypress. The Kickers club won the USA Junior Olympic Championship in 2000.

4. Support of a team of underprivileged students from San Jose−based Broadway High School. He helped the group
capture the Silicon Valley Regional Championship in a national competition to build robots, sponsored by the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration and NASA's Ames Research facility. The Broadway team went on to win the
Silicon Valley Regional Champion Award in 2000 and 2001; capturing the Lonestar Regional Champions Award in
2000; a Southern California Regional Champions Award in 2001; and second place in the National Championship in

5. Set up computer facilities with Internet access for economically disadvantaged Northern California student groups,
donating equipment and money to the East Palo Alto Computer Lab and the Girls Club of the Mid−Peninsula.


Failure to approve these actions will impact acceptance of this equipment donation and limit a broader delivery of
services by the department.



  • Letter of Award − VMC Foundation

  • Resolution − 'Cypress Semiconductor MFM Mobile'


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