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									Moscow State University
                              Moscow University was
                              established in 1755. In
                              1940 it was named after
                              Academician Mikhail
                              Lomonosov, an outstanding
                              Russian scientist.

   Old buildings of Moscow State University

In 1755, on 25 January,
St. Tatiana's Day
according to the Russian
Orthodox Church
calendar, Empress
Elizaveta Petrovna signed
the decree that a
university should be
founded in Moscow.
According to Lomonosov's plan, there
were originally three departments. First
all the students acquired a
comprehensive knowledge in the field
of science and humanities at the
Philosophy Department; then they
could specialize and continue at the
Philosophy Department or join either
the Law Department or the Medical
The University
buildings were
burned down
during the French
occupation, the
library, archives,
museum and all
the equipment
were destroyed.
After the war
7,500 books had
been collected for
the University
library by 1815. In
spite of the
conditions, the
academic year at
Moscow University
started on
1 September,
In the late XIX century Moscow University
contributed to the establishment of a number
of museums in Moscow, such as the
Polytechnical Museum, the Historical
Museum, The Zoological Museum, The
Anthropological Museum, The Museum of
Fine Arts, the Botanical Gardens and the
Zoological Gardens.
The Great Patriotic War against Fascism was one of the most difficult periods in the
history of Russia. Over 5000 University students, instructors, professors and staff fought
in the war, seven became Heroes of the Soviet Union. In 1975 a memorial was erected
on campus to honor over 3000 people Moscow University lost during the war. During the
post-war period the new University campus was built on Vorobievy Gory (Sparrow Hills),
where all the lecture halls and laboratories had the latest equipment available at the
In June 1992 the
President of the
Russian Federation
issued a decree, which
established the status
of Moscow University
as a self-governing
institution of higher
education. In January
2005 Lomonosov
Moscow State
University celebrated
its 250th anniversary.
MSU collaborates with the International Association of Universities and has
links with about 60 educational institutions, centres and unions in Europe, the
USA, Japan, China and some other Asian countries, in Australia, Latin
America, Arab countries.
Since 1946, when the
first international
students were
admitted, over
11,000 highly
qualified specialists
from 150 countries
have graduated from
MSU. Over 2,000
undergraduate and
students enroll every
year, with over 400
students in intensive
The total number of
STUDENTS is 40 000.
The staff includes more
8 500 professors,
associates professors and
research associates.
Currently the number of
foreign students and
postgraduates is 5000
from 80 countries
                    MSU Library           Now Moscow State
                                          University comprises
                                          29 faculties and over
                                          350 departments,
                                          15 research institutes,
                                          4 museums, Science Park,
                                          Botanical Gardens,

 the Library, the University Publishing
House and printing shop, a
recreational centre and a boarding
school for talented children.
You have an opportunity to
observe the library of
University. The MSU library is
one of the largest in Russia,
with its 9,000,000 books,
and the average number of
readers 55,000, using
5,500,000 books a year.
The building of Medical Department
Chemistry Department
The Geology Department, which you can see there, was first introduced at
Moscow State University at the beginning of the 19th century. In July 1935
the Chair of Mineralogy and Geodesy opened at the Physics and
Mathematics Department within the Philosophy. Now the Geology
Department is one of the major divisions of Moscow State University. The
Department consists of 16 geology chairs, the Chair of Foreign Languages
and five fundamental research laboratories.
In 1755 he established the Laboratory of Chemistry at
Moscow University which later evolved into the Chemistry
Department. The Chemistry Department includes 17 chairs,
83 laboratories. 1048 students and 283 postgraduates study
at the Department.

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