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									Some questions peripherally related to zombies

1. Movies: When someone dies, if you act quickly, you can sometimes resuscitate them
and bring them back to life. Afterwards, these people are technically zombies. Name the
1990 movie, starring Kiefer Southerland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon about students
experimenting with near-death experiences.

2. History: In politics, once you’ve been president, you rarely return to hold a major
political office. You’ve peaked, and now you’re dead to the nation. Only one person has
ever accomplished the ultimate return from political death by being elected president of
the united states for two non-consecutive terms. Who was it?

3. Music: The sound of moaning zombies can be quite melodic, imagine a chorus of
“BRAINS” over the sound of shuffling feet, shuffling like a samba beat. In 1994, a song
called “Zombie” spent six weeks atop Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks list, name the
band that released the song.

4. Nature: Everyone knows that zombies want to eat your brains. Maybe it’s because
that’s where the most nutrients are? Maybe they hope that eating your brains will help
them to restore their own intelligence? In any case, every good zombie knows about the
Encephalization Quotient. What animal, other than humans, has the highest
Encephalization Quotient?

5. (Weapon) Technology: The chainsaw is among the most potent weapons for fighting
zombies, carving though their bodies like butter. In 1830, Bernard Heine invented the
osteotome, widely believed to be the world’s first chainsaw. What was it designed to cut?

6. Sports: Sometimes, in a playoff series, a sports team is dead and buried, and yet claws
its way back to life to eat the brains of its opponent. Among 7-game playoff series in the
history of major professional American sports (MLB, NHL and NBA), how many times
has a team come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series?

7. History: In some sense, there are two major types of zombies, dead-undead zombies
and living-undead zombies. That is to say, back in the day, zombies usually started as
dead bodies who rose to walk the earth. But these days, the trend is towards some virus or
phenomenon that drives living people into a violent, zombie-like state. Your best hope to
avoid becoming a zombie in the contagious-zombie case is to find some isolated,
independent area you can stay in until the zombies go away. But, in most cases, this
separation only postpones your inevitable, eventual absorption into the zombie horde.
Speaking of independence before being absorbed, name two of the four states that were
independent nations prior to joining the United States.

8. (Weapon) Games: Another tool of great importance in zombie killing is the shotgun.
Its destructive power at close range can get you out of a tight spot, splattering zombies
into so many parts that their undead nature hardly seems germane. Which of the
following classic first person shooters did not feature a shotgun as a weapon?
Doom 2
Unreal Tournament

9. Movies: Faking your own death is an easy, practical way to achieve a zombie-like,
“but you’re dead!” reaction from those around you. In what James Bond film did 007
fake his own death in order to fall off the radar and investigate a mystery surrounding
missing Russian and American space capsules.

10. Technology: Zombies usually roam around with some rudimentary form of free will,
seeking brains, etc. But some stories revolve around a central zombie master, who
animates corpses to use as his servants. On the subject of animating unliving matter, what
is the name for the animation technique, patented by Max Fliescher in 1917, where artists
create an animation by tracing over live-action footage, frame by frame.

11. Nature: When an animal hibernates, it becomes utterly unaware of its surroundings
for months at a time. Basically, its dead. Then it wakes back up and continues with its
life. Zombie bears! Which of the following groups of animals does not have at least one
species that hibernates:

12. Ecology: Junkyards are like graveyards for your stuff. And recycling is like
necromancy on your stuff. Recycled bags may make you feel warm and fuzzy, but
they’re really dead bags brought back to life. What is the most recycled material,

13. Science: In zombie movies, you can be stronger and faster than the zombies, but they
just keep on coming. Eventually, everybody dies… even the universe itself. The heat
death of the universe is based on the ideas of Scientist William Thompson (Lord Kelvin).
This heat death describes one possible final state of the universe, where the universe’s
what is maximized?

Tiebreaker: Some people living today are not wholly unlike zombies. Perhaps the most
prominent such person is Larry King, a veritable zombie lord. What year was he born?
As a tiebreaker tiebreaker, what is his birthday?

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